007 (Guest)
10-04-02, 02:54 PM
Doesnt anyone have any useful tips/advice for foaling?
useful tips would be appriated in anyform, whether the foal wont suk, imillical cord wont break naturally, what to put on a stump? what works best...blah blah blah you get the picture.

Lis (Guest)
13-04-02, 09:29 AM
Gosh not asking for much are you LOL.

I find that if I can't get a foal onto the suck, the best thing is to, once the foal is under the mares flank, to goto the other side and 'tickle his whiskers" towards the teat. This works best with two people as one person can keep the foal in place and rub his bottom like mum does.
Never spend more than 5-10 mins trying to get the foal onto the suck at a time. Everyone ends up with the shits.

Everyone knows how important colostrum is to the foal. If you can't get the foal onto the teat within 3 hours, using a nomal baby bottle and teat you can get from the supermarket. If the foal has no suck reflex, get a vet to tube the foal. Never syringe milk down the mouth, or force the bottle to run milk, as it can get into the lungs. Having said that, putting a SMALL amount into the foals mouth (5 mls) sometimes will trigger the sucking action.

Never never never, put your fingers in the mouth, unless it is to check for a reflex.

If the umbilical hasn't broken, and the foal is dragging around the placenta, you lie the foal down, hold the umblilical in you fist as close to the abdomine as possible for support. With the other hand, grab further down and pull apart. There should be a thin area where it will break.

The books say not to worry about putting anything on the stump as the veins and arteries have retracted into the body and the hole in the stump has closed. But everywhere I have worked puts iodine, diluted 60/40 with either water or metho onto the stump with a spray bottle.

Enemas. I don't like to give them unless the foal needs it, but places that I work tell me to give every foal an enema within 15 mins of being born so I do.

If you think something is wrong, call the vet. Never wait and see, unless you are very experienced with foalings. Most vets prefere to come out and find a live foal on the ground than find a dead mare and foal next day.

Don't try and fix positional problems unless you are confident that you can fix it without rupturing your mare.

HMMM I think that's enough of the don'ts.

DO have fun with your foal,
DO ask that mares permission before handling the foal.
DO have someone experienced on call to help with advice.
Do post if you have any specific questions.

I'm sure there is plenty more do and don'ts but the best teacher is experience. Most large studs are happy for you to do some work experience with the foaling down attendant. I know I'm always greatful for the help <GRIN>.


Peter J. Hurst. (Guest)
16-09-02, 10:06 PM
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