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Cat (Guest)
31-10-02, 01:09 AM
Can anyone give me some ideas on how to restrain a foal to give it an oral dose twice a day... I am finding it quie a tough job, any sugestions graetfull!!!!

melissa (Guest)
06-11-02, 06:00 AM
we have used apple sauce to train horses to be drenched. Perhaps this will help your foal to accept oral dosing

Nikky (Guest)
17-12-02, 09:37 AM
Cat what I have found to work is to first get a foal slip on it(foal head collar). Put a shourt leangth of platted baling twine on the underneath(about 20 cms)this gives you something to hang on to. If your foal is sick(I am not sure how long your oral dosing will go on for) it may pay to have your mare and foal in a stable.
This helps because the foal has less places to go and you can use the mare to block the foal so you can grab it. It helps if some one else is controlling the mare but if nessecery you can do it your self. If you dont have stables but you have a yard complex the thory is the same.
One big tip is to use straw bales staked and tied in one couner of the yards. Foals have nasty habbiets of going trough fences so use the courner like a big padded L shape. Then using the mare you can wrangle the foal in to the corner. Try to get the back end of the foal right in the courner, grab the foal slip and squirt the stuff into the foals mouth.
Try to get it right into the couner of the foals mouth or it will just spit most of it out. Be kind but firm. Horses remember. If the foal gets tottaly stressed make sure you spend time after medicating it patting it and bonding. This is your little future star.

Good luck!!!! Hope I have helped.

Sorry about any spelling.