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Sarah (Guest)
11-06-03, 09:53 AM
Later on ( 1-2years) I would love to buy a welsh weanling. Are there problems taking on a weanling? What age is a good age to buy? I would like a weanlin because I know a lot of ponies that have had bad experience when they were very young and now have problems and don't trust you 100%. Also are there any quality welsh A pony studs around sydney?

08-07-03, 02:10 PM
Generally there are no problems with taking on a weanling, but if you want to be sure to pick out a real nice pony, i would buy one a little later on (Yearling etc) as you have more of an idea as to how they will look, foals can change dramaticaly from 6month to 1year. if you know what you are looking for you should be safe, and if you would like to be sure of all the risks of taking on a weanling, i would suggest contacting a vet.

12-07-03, 08:22 AM
One of the best studs in my opinion is Woranora stud in Windsor NSW. Helen has some of the loveliest ponies and if I ever wish to buy a Welsh A or B, I would go to her.

I would buy a weanling too.

23-11-03, 06:33 AM
Hi Sarah we breed wels A's and assure you they are great ponies fiesty and a little opionated at times but gentle loving little guys leave you email address and I will send you some photo's.