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20-10-03, 08:48 AM
I have a shetland maiden mare who delivered what we believe was a still born fully developed foal this morning (19 Oct). The sac was not perferated and the foals front legs were bent back and head tucked in. Its hips were twisted at 180 degrees. The foal does not seem to have any obvious signs that it was distressed. The mare was showing signs she would deliver last weekend, but did not fully bag up. Today the mare is dry and there was no waxing nor release of any milk whatsoever in the past few days. Has anyone else heard of this occurring.

03-04-04, 01:17 AM
By the way you describe the foal it may have been breech and the mare has not been able to foal down properly. Usually when this happens the foal becomes tired and suffocates within the bag. You may of needed veterinary assistance for foaling.
Mares do not always bag up prior to foaling and is not always a good indication that paturition is about to take place.
get some help if you are going to breed again..

06-04-04, 01:18 AM
We have had a still born foal, there was no twisting as in your case. Our mare did have milk though. I have had many foals since and I think perhaps that the foal just had not yet started breathing, and we could have assisted it to start, so we are now better prepared, but it is hard to know if it would have made any difference. The mare has since had healthy foals.

02-07-04, 02:15 PM
This actually sounds like a contracted foal (not to be confused with a contracted tendon) where the foals skeletal structure is contracted and fused. The majority of gross mispresentations are a result of contraction and the foals are usually DOA. "Blessed Are The Broodmares" Phyllis Lose DVM has a very large section about this problem.

Hope you have better luck next time.