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19-01-04, 05:55 AM
Hi, I dont know a great deal about foaling mares but im a bit concerned about a mare where i have my horse agisted.She was served about 2 or 3 months ago. She has been back a few weeks and i am concerned that she is not getting enough food. She is kept in a paddock about the size of a house block. There is literally no grazing at all and any small bits she finds are weeds. She gets fed once a day of 1 biscuit of oaten, 1 biscuit of lucern and a half bucket of hardfeed. i dont know is she gets any added suplements. Although she isnt my horse im still concerned about her and her foal. She looks well in herself but i know that foaling mares need a lot of extras that normal mares dont need. I am feeding my TB gelding double what this mare is getting to keep condition on him so i just wonder how the foal would be developing. This mare gave birth to a still born foal last year so i dont want to see the same thing happen.
Am i worrying about nothing?
Thanks in advance.

19-01-04, 11:36 AM
Assuming that this mare is in foal (has she been tested in any way) then her nutritional needs at this early stage are no greater than for normal maintenance. The developing embryo stays really quite small for quite a long time. She certainly doesn't need to be "fed for 2" yet. If the mare looks in good condition then don't be too concerned.

As she approaches the last few months (when the developing foal does most of it's growth) then she will require added nutrition (I use Mitavite Breeda mostly) to ensure that the foetus gets all the necessary "goodies" for correct developement.

20-01-04, 05:52 AM
I agree with Alpeony, she doesn't need to be eating for 2 to begin with. Doesn't sound like a lot of feed for a horse in a paddock with no grass though, but if she is staying in good condition, she must be doing okay. Coming into her last trimester of pregnancy her conditon and nutritional needs will have to be looked at because that is the time the foal grows the most.
If she slips away in condition within the next couple of months that is something that will have to be addressed because even then the growth and health of the foal can be compromised.
I feed Mitavite Breeda to our mares and have found it wonderful in keep condition on them and taking care of all their nutritional needs.
Hope this helps.

20-01-04, 01:54 PM
thanks guys, your knowledge is much appreciated.