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Lisa an Gypsie
15-06-04, 05:55 AM
I have a 7yr old thoroughbred mare who has 2 months left to go till the big day, now she's a very fit mare who moves around alot in the day, she gets riden on trail rides every couple of days and is lunged about 4 times a week, she has to have this exercise or she becomes very stroppy and dangerous. She is a maiden and is quite tall and solid, (17hh) now she has 2 months to go and only shows a medium sized belly, like a fat warblood but further back. My farrier (who also breeds) has said because she is a maiden, her size and her activity level that she will not show much untill the last few weeks...there is a smaller mare down the road with 3 months to go who is 3 times the size and waddling everywhere like she's gonna drop any day (the mare is approx 14.3-15.2hh). My mare has been preg tested so she is in foal....is what the farrier says true?

Thanks Lisa

03-07-04, 12:09 AM
I had a big mare like yours and the first thing I knew about her foal was after it had arrived, as she had been in with geldings?? Lets say I know which gelding it was, the foal was an appy and my mare TB.
So at least you know it is comming, so you need to look to see if she has a full udder. A waxy looking substance on the nipple says that the big event is soon. This usually arrives about and every mare is different, 7 to 10 days before the foal.
The only other advice can offer is start working with the foal in the first month. It makes things easier for you when it comes time to break in or sell as your foal will be well handled. So if your brushing Mum, brush the foal.
Good luck and best wishes.

28-07-04, 10:08 AM
Hello, just to let you know that not all mares have ANY signs of impending foaling! My maiden mare had a full udder (and I mean FULL!) for 7 weeks before bubs was born. He was over due as colts tend to be (two long weeks over!), and the night before he was born I checked mare at 11.00pm, and she was fine no signs, no waxing up, no swishing tail, no lenghten vagina (!) NOTHING. Four and a half hours later he was born! Mare stood up to have him, and thank god I was there to see it, very amazing and beautiful thing to see! Nice healthy warmblood colt, four white socks and a blaze, (very proud grandma/step mum here!). Good luck with every ones up coming babies!

08-10-04, 07:08 AM
quite often a mare that has already had a foal previously will have a bigger belly earlier, i don't know if what your farrier said is true but i think that like people, horse's pregnancies and the way that they carry varies. My TB mare is two weeks behind my WB mare and her belly is about half the size. I also have a theory that it is not how big that they get but where they are carrying the foal. At two months out she should be starting to carry more back towards the hind quarters and lower as the foal takes up more room and starts preparing to turn ready for the big day. :-)
Good luck!

23-07-05, 02:04 AM
Hi my name is Brooke and the farrier is not always true i mean is she hanging and her ##### droped if so she is preg.