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Rick (Sarowan)
28-10-04, 01:23 PM
I have an orphan foal and currently feeding him Wombaroo Horse milk Replacer. I am hoping to stop feeding him Wombaroo and start feeding him a made up formula with powdered cows milk as Wombaroo is very expensive.
He will be 50 days old when I make the change, does anyone have any Formula's and feeding programs that would be helpful.

30-10-04, 11:34 AM
hi i had a foal who was orphaned at 5 weeks(her mother died)and the vet said to put her on denkavit (cattle milk replacement) and to make in up 2 liters normal and add i liter of lime water
lime water is a couple of cups of lime into a bucket add about 20 liters water and let in settle, use the water leaving the clumpy bits behind i hope it all goes well for you

30-10-04, 11:02 PM
We also have an orphan at the moment and we're using MY LAMB which he is thriving on, it's around $35 for a 10kg bag, a lot cheaper than some of the foal specified powders. We tried some of the calf replacement milk powders and found they were too concentrated and difficult to attain a consistent mix when altering it all the time, which played havoc on his system and caused him to scour.
The MY LAMB can be made up exactly to instructions and doesn't need to be altered, and is similarly priced to calf milk powder.

03-11-04, 10:24 AM
We had a foal orphaned at 3 days and originally had him on divetalac which is horredously expensive. We have over the last fornight changed him over to a calf milk called daisyvite manufactured in Ballarat He is now 5 weeks old and thriving on it and its about $65 for 20kg.

help hint
13-11-04, 10:02 AM
at the t/bred stud i work at in beaudesert qld

we feed orphan and other foals (mums not making enough milk )

1 cup fullcream milk powder
2cups water
1cup boiling water
1cup lime water
2 tbspoon dextose

the foals love it and we have not had any drama with it

hope this helps

13-11-04, 04:41 PM

We have raised several ophan foals over the years and the best formula we have used to date is Ascend. It is alittle over $80 a bag, but is well worth the extra cost. Our last ophan is now 4 year old and matured to 17.1hh. It did not set him back been a ophan. This was also the replacer that several equine vets suggested. It can be abit hard to get but is worth chasing around for. Our local produce store was great in finding and supplying the formula for us.


Melissa L
27-01-05, 11:42 PM
Hi, our Arabian filly was orphaned at 3 weeks old. She is now 3 months and thriving on a combination of Calf Pab (calf milk replacer) and Breeda pellets soaked in the made-up Pab. I've always added a small amount of lucerne chaff for bulk, being wary of colic since the mother died from that. (The Mitavite people who make Breeda were very helpful when I rang them for advice).

She began eating grass at about the same time she was orphaned and now grazes alongside my other two horses. I started off feeding her very small feeds six times a day, and have slowly graduated to three feeds a day at 3 months. Its been worth it, as she is well bulked up without being fat. Just be careful you don't allow any disrespect from your orphan, as they can get sooky and over-bold - cute as a weanling, but not as a stroppy three year old when breaking time comes!

good luck

Greg Way
21-10-05, 02:36 AM
I hace been talking to someone that has raised foals, even a thoroughbred that has won a race at Rosehill, and she brought them up from day one on Ascend milk powder and Breed and grow pellets. The problem I have is I can't find anyone that stocks it yet.