View Full Version : Floating foals, good or bad idea!!

24-02-05, 04:25 AM
I live on a stock Station and due to no rain thinking about possible moving my horses out back closer to civvy street to make hay and feed more accesable. I have this foal which has picked up in condition thanks to advice hear,he's about 4 months now, how would he cope with a 4 hour float ride, we have 2 hours on the dirt before we hit the sealed roads, my float has fixed middle partition , but on the lower half just a piaece of rubber attached to partition, so it moves which doesn't afect my big horses, but surely the foal won't be able to stand on thses dirt roads, so should I move the patition over and pack out the floor with hay for a safe ride...any help with this would be so appriciated.J

24-02-05, 05:19 AM
Is this the orphan? If he is travelling alone, I would suggest pushing the divider over to the side and blocking off the little 'V' area it makes. Put plenty of bedding in the float and leave baby loose. You should use a cover (like a storm cover made of shademesh) at the back of the float to stop baby thinking about jumping out. Try to travel at the coolest time of day. Take water and a small amount of hay or chaff for breaks. Would be good to stop and check him during the trip. Bonus if he can come off a couple of times for about 1/2 hour. Good luck with bubs. Pagan

24-02-05, 10:07 AM
I float my foals interstate once they are weaned. I agree with comments by Pagan but for the stopping and starting - just prolongs the whole things if he gets stressed. However the best insurance you can have is ulcer protection. Foals that, for any reason, don't take adequate fluid or get stressed develop ulcers very quickly. Ulcer activity will look like colic, quickly developing to the grinding of teeth and then downhill FAST.

Ulcer protection is easy to get these days. I prefer gastro gard but ulcer guard or propin paste are just as good. Cheap insurance.

Probiotics before travelling is also great insurance.