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26-02-05, 01:44 PM
How does one win the trust of a foal? Are there any do's and don't's. Our filly ( now four monthss) still will not let us near her. Everyday we brush and pay attention to mum and getting her familiar with us, talk in soft tones and bob down low to the ground as she approavhes. We can just touch her muzzel once before she retreats behind mum. Yesterday my daughter received a hing leg kick into her thigh from the filly through and under neath mums neck.
We know patience is a virtue but any ideas would be appreciated.
Mum is quite relaxed and enjoying the attention herself.
Deb and Alecia

26-02-05, 02:02 PM
A pity you weren't able to do this when baby was just a day old. I suggest not having your daughter in the enclosure - foals can be quite dangerous. Reckon you need to take the 'bull by the horns', so to speak. Use the mare to hold baby into a corner whilst you catch her and put a halter on. I think the way you are going - good you are not pressuring or frightening the foal - will not develop into much apart from maybe the foal eventually getting too bold ie. kicking, approaching and then running away.
I'd catch the little darling, halter on and off, short sessions of being held and rubbed all over and so on. Good luck with bubs. Pagan

01-03-05, 11:34 AM

I have tried to respond but my posting does not appear to be successful....so here goes again.
Pagan...upon your good advice we have sought the assistance of help from a stud down the road so we can quickly but reassuringly get the job done. then she wont stress by us stuffing it up. al set for next weekend. last year we had no trouble with our filly and colt becuase they were handled fomr the beginning, but in this case she was born at a stud far away, mare serviced at this stud and we waited for 45 day preg. test before we breought her jhome again. in hine sight this is too long a time in a foal's life to be left without attention, but we have learned and will be ready for this year
p.s. my daughter is 17 and this was a one off caught unawares incident. normally mare will put herslef between my daughter and unruly youngsters.
thanks again, deb and alecia

01-03-05, 04:06 PM
glad you have called in the 'cavalry'. Look forward to hearing about bub's progress. Good luck with the little darling. Pagan