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11-04-05, 06:11 AM
I purchased my first horse this week and did not know she was in foal. but I discovered she was when she delivered the foal today. The foal was dead and it looked premature. I have no idea what to expect from the mare now. She has been laying down most of the day and when she stands after a few min her back legs get wobblie and she lays back down. she has been eating and drinking good through it all.Should she still be bleeding, and if so how much? Is it ok for her to be laying down so much. she seems depressed is this normal and what about her milk , how long does it take to drop and what do I do about that if anything? I did take pictures of the foal becasue I would like to get an idea of her gestation. Can anyone give me some pointers on any of this. I dont know much about dealing with any of this. Thank you LIz

11-04-05, 06:57 AM
Get a vet out fast that is not normal

good luck

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12-04-05, 04:20 AM
I have a mare currently at the vet clinic. She had been blood spotting for the past few weeks, and last week went down in the paddock with high fever and in a lot of pain, and continued to go down. No rolling or thrashing about, but lying quiet on her side and in obvious pain. Needless to say, we were lucky to get a brilliant vet out within 20 minutes. He gave her many injections and within an hour she was up and nipping at grass. Not her normal self but a significant improvement to what she was.

During the week she went completely off her food and the vet was called out again. Many blood samples were taken and she was given appetite stimulants.

On Sunday (yesterday) she was in a very bad way, not eating, pawing the ground every few moment and lifting her lip to the air constantly. She was in pain. I spoke with the vet on call and gave her 10mls of Bute and she then had some ACE for her float trip to the clinic.

Shortly after arrival she urinated -- it was thick/syrup-like and of a mustard/orangy colour.

One of the tests from Wednesday has come back saying she has sustained liver damage . . . in line with that of a horse who has O/D'd on Pattison's Curse. Only there is no PC where I am.

She was still not eating as of this morning and they are doing more blood tests on her as I write.

She is just over 3 months in foal.

A negative-foal scan was done yesterday and she was clear . . . which is what you want to see (apparently).

Though, it is not looking too great and this has been a hell-of-a-experience for me and this poor mare.

Your post made me think of my mare who is also lying around a bit too much for everyone's liking.

Though, she is at the best place she can be for instantaneous care.

I hope your mare makes a full recovery and you manage to get the vet out there ASAP. I just hope that we are able to help our girl in time too. :( :( Sad faces all around I'm afraid to say.

12-04-05, 07:13 AM
Oh spelling I did read about you and your mare and have been wondering how you both are know that our thoughts are with you mate.


"Lessons learned in youth are as if carved in stone, while those learned at maturity fly like leaves in the wind."

12-04-05, 07:43 AM
Thanks so much Liesl. I just hope she picks up soon. I probably am thinking the worst as far as the foal goes, but I would like to see my mare make a full recovery. Thanks again for the kind thoughts. K

12-04-05, 02:24 PM
Thats alright mate just let me know if you need to talk about it none of it is easy but if you can get the mare right then you have something to work with.

Shai Arabians

"Lessons learned in youth are as if carved in stone, while those learned at maturity fly like leaves in the wind."

14-04-05, 03:51 PM

What was the outcome?

Did you end up getting the vet?

How is your Mare?

15-04-05, 02:23 PM
Liz how is the mare? My mare aborted her foal at 7 months gestation. Don't panic too much when a mare aborts early there is usually no complications and its natures way. If you are considering rebreeding the mare then it is adviseable to get her swabbed but if the mare cycles normally after this trauma then there is usually no reason for concern. Good luck and keep us posted.


16-04-05, 08:56 AM
Hi mate good to see ya Zoo. Liz has another post here the mare was down had a not the ordinary colour discharge and the pacenta was brown instead of translucent. But so far she hasnt got back so none of us know how she went. I do hope the vet got there for her.


"Lessons learned in youth are as if carved in stone, while those learned at maturity fly like leaves in the wind."