View Full Version : HELP!!!!!!!!Possible pregnany

12-07-05, 04:40 AM
Will someone please give their opinion on if my horse has a chance of being pregnant? She is about 14.2 hands, and we think she was bred at the end of last september. We got her pregnany test (reach inside kind) 5-6 monthes after she was bred. The vet said he felt nothing. But I think she might be. What is you opinion? I need HELP!!!:(

Thanks, Yvonne :)

12-07-05, 07:00 AM
Hi Yvonne all you can do is get vet out again too palpate and be certain then ride the pregnancy out if she is. If you are concerned with the size of the foal due to stallion size then you need to have vet on hand as a just in case. If you are really not sure about foaling her down yourself then do a ring around of studs or ask the vet who they would recommend to foal your mare down as there are some places that do this each yr. all the best

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