View Full Version : Male Horsey Friend Wanted prefer RICH!!!!!!

Mamma (Guest)
20-09-01, 04:17 PM
Hi This is Mamma, I am looking for the right, man to sweep me off my feet but you will need to own a crane. I am a large cuddly woman, but ALL woman.

I have a size 24dd/e bust, I don't ride(well horses anyway)

I love my horses especially coloured ones, and I show most weekends, I am kinda shy but with the right person I would come alive with a great sence of humour.

I have hazel eyes, short curly coloured hair and am 5ft7in tall.

I have other interests also, but I don't want to devulge everything on this our first date.

Write me if you would like a friend.

mURIEL (Guest)
23-09-01, 02:18 PM
Go Mamma,
With a gorgeous bust like that - get into some spandex girl and hang round the freezer department (wink) at Coles....!!!Yes I'm being a brat on a big love hangover and glad of it!

mURIEL (Guest)
23-09-01, 03:39 PM
Ahh, sorry you said RICH...cancel Coles...so do same at DJs gourmet food section! Remember sign of a woman who wants to attract money...good shoes; cared-for-hands...
Someone successful in this area told me this and I belive her!

Mamma (Guest)
24-09-01, 04:31 AM
My bitten fingernails with blakit under them, and my rubber thongs won't do????
I only hang out at my local Woolworths, will that do?

I am pretty sad, I haven't had any replies yet, maybe there is something wrong with me?
I thought men loved big breasts?

Oh well I will keep posting i am sure someone will come along soon.

mURIEL (Guest)
25-09-01, 02:43 AM
Oh Mamma,
>My bitten fingernails with blakit under
>them, and my rubber thongs
>won't do????

Absolutely, no question about it! Personally I feel it's a sign of an unpretentious woman with a soul who actually 'has' a life! So IMHO I think it's all good!

>I only hang out at my
>local Woolworths, will that do?

I believe there's nothing wrong with hanging out at the big W matey. Personally I shop ab bi-lo so you're one up on me! loling. I beleive that in San Fransisco they actually (no bs) have singles nights at the grocery marts!

>I am pretty sad,

Oh. Huge girl-to-girl cyber-hug from Muriel who needs one too!

I haven't
>had any replies yet, maybe
>there is something wrong with

Well they're certainly not queing here either!

>I thought men loved big breasts?

Yes, so did when they're accompanied by other great qualities (a real man that is) as you obviously possess. I bet you're a great cook too as well as being honest, open and down-to-earth!

>Oh well I will keep posting
>i am sure someone will
>come along soon.

I believe what we honestly ask the univere for...if we have the courage...the universe always delivers. Also I believe (and have read) that when we share a thought for others, it works like a positive energy in their direction, like a prayer I guess (to use traditional religion as an eg only). So sending you out one. Could you spare one for me too ok?

Hope my mad sense of humour and envy of your great boobs didn't offend matey!

Luv Muriel

mURIEL (Guest)
27-09-01, 09:56 AM
Hi Mamma,
Just wondered - how are you today? Had any luck at Woolies? No seriously....how's life...just wondering?
Wuv M

mark69 (Guest)
27-09-01, 12:59 PM
hi big mamma...mmmm..no replies here either, chrissy from qld has not had any either. as i said to her be patient, you never know what is around the corner..

muriel.... you seem so nice.. like how you posted big mamma a note just to see how she is going. why some guy hasn't snapped you up seems ludicrous. you don't have 2 heads or anything like that do you? heeheehee mark

mark69 (Guest)
27-09-01, 01:05 PM
big mamma i just read your initial posting...i just worked it out.................................prefer RICH....what do you think.. mark

mURIEL (Guest)
28-09-01, 01:32 PM
>hi big mamma...mmmm..no replies here either,
Hey mark69,

>chrissy from qld has not
>had any either. as i
>said to her be patient,
>you never know what is
>around the corner..

I agree. As John Lennon said and I believe him...life if what happens to you when you're busy making other plans....

>muriel.... you seem so nice.. like

Thank you Mark. What a lovely complement. Ditto.

>how you posted big mamma
>a note just to see
>how she is going. why
>some guy hasn't snapped you
>up seems ludicrous. you don't
>have 2 heads or anything
>like that do you?

No, just one head but maybe only half a brain!!!!!!!!!lol

laughing with you

> mark
take care

mark69 (Guest)
29-09-01, 07:17 AM
>No, just one head but maybe
>only half a brain!!!!!!!!!lol

pardon my ignorance but what does "lol" stand for? i have seen it used a fair bit.
talking about a fair bit, i have a great sex life, i get it a fair bit, in fact i get it "nearly" every night!!

yeah i nearly get it on monday nights
i nearly get it on tuesday nights
i nearly get it on wednesday nights
i near.... well u get the picture.

>muriel i have seen some of the messages and some of the words that u have used... i'm sure that u have your fair share of brains.

BTW i am new at this messaging game... as i've always got a smile on my face, i would like to use some smiley faces on my messages...how is this done??? i'm such a novice..

29-09-01, 01:09 PM
Hi Mark,

Maybe Muriel is out partying (lucky girl if you are!) so I just
jumped in to answer your questions.

lol = laughing out loud.

Smiley faces can be done by typing : - ) (but dont use the spaces) and it comes out as :-)

mark69 (Guest)
29-09-01, 02:19 PM
thanks caz :-) oops don't think it worked
hopefully muriel is out on the town, but who with??
BTW hows it going caz in the big quest for a new guy???

mark69 (Guest)
29-09-01, 02:21 PM
how coooool... it did work thanks caz!!

Icey (Guest)
03-10-01, 05:30 PM

Knock em out with those breast's, should be able slap a few with them as there walking past u, try franklins u may get your frils there, I know I do.

LMAO at muriel.... we all should get together in a shopping center and see who gets arrested first for sexual herassment!!

That would be fun, get bowerbird in on the act we will be sure to pick up, what I don't know, but hey, at least we would enjoy ourselves.

Icey (Guest)
03-10-01, 05:34 PM
OH... and leave the rich ones alone u know what they say, heaps of money, nice cars,nice house, little dicks, usually married, and trust me u don't want a little dick! You will spend a fourtune on batteries for your vibrator.

Mamma!!! (Guest)
04-10-01, 12:10 AM
Hello there
It has been a few days since I last visited, I am so glad I have had replies, even though they are only friendly ones.

Still no luck with me, and I have been hanging at Woollies, I have seen plenty of nice lookers but they all seem to be married and,well I am not into married ones, their fruit has already been nibbled at!

Oh Icey, you make me laugh, I don't really care about a little widdle,as long as though he has a good tongue!
And well I really don't care if he is rich money, rich in love is important though.

Must go have to go to work this morning, I finally got a job at the local beach shop, now the beaches are open again. Only a seasonal job but at least one I can have a perve with!!

Icey (Guest)
04-10-01, 02:24 AM
Hiya mamma!

If you need any help slipping slapping slopping the suntan lotion on be sure to let me know..lol

Have fun at the beach, I'll be thinking of you while I'm shoveling horse poo and working horse's in the hot sun sweating my a$$ off, makeing you feel guilty yet? lol

By the way you need a reasonable size "widdle" (lmao) to be able to get into some of those kinky positions!!!

Take care

mURIEL (Guest)
05-10-01, 04:33 AM
Hi guys,
I can't believe you guys!! Thought I was b-a-d!!!!!!
Yes, wasn't partying as such but yeh, the ex and I are working things out. Not living together again as such but he's really trying and he is a wizz in the garden so we made some beautiful music together in the garden on the weekend as well as...(another post)!! Ok so I got some! We do have allot in common - and especially around the property which is good...he's just not the dining-out type but did cook for me though! But the honesty thing is important to me so...I'll give him another chance - luckily he's cute - but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!!


mURIEL (Guest)
05-10-01, 04:41 AM
Hi Mark 69,
so where are the other 68 of you????

>talking about a fair bit, i
>have a great sex life,
>i get it a fair
>bit, in fact i get
>it "nearly" every night!!
>yeah i nearly get it on
>monday nights
>i nearly get it on tuesday
>i nearly get it on wednesday
>i near.... well u get the

lol (glad someone cleared that up for you!) You have to seduce her mate!

>>muriel i have seen some of the messages and some of the words that u have used... i'm sure that u have your fair share of brains.

Maybe I made them up!!!!!!!!! lol
I've actually forgotton what BTW means. Can someone remind me please?

mURIEL (Guest)
05-10-01, 04:51 AM
I'd wondered where you'd got to! Thought you might've scored a bargain in woolies!!!!!!!

>Still no luck with me, and
>I have been hanging at
I have seen plenty
>of nice lookers but they
>all seem to be married
>and,well I am not into
>married ones, their fruit has
>already been nibbled at!

Exactly and I'm sure you can find a man of YOUR very own! I never go after other girls' guys! Someone pointed out to me that the ten commandments says 'though shalt not covet thy neighbors wife' and despite the sexist assumption, I guess it means us girls won't covet the neighbors hubby either....but this person said to me (a guy) it doesn't say you can't go out and sample everything else available in the meantime!!!!!!!

>Must go have to go to
>work this morning, I finally
>got a job at the
>local beach shop, now the
>beaches are open again. Only
>a seasonal job but at
>least one I can have
>a perve with!!

Reckon and endlessly flirt!!!!!!
Good luck at the beach. Wear something low cut!

Oh and take care matey and don't be sad. :)

mark69 (Guest)
05-10-01, 07:24 AM
>lol (glad someone cleared that up
>for you!) You have
>to seduce her mate!
welcome back muriel.. i thought you were dead. "i have to seduce her"??? i new i have been doing something wrong for the past 20 odd years.lol:-)
>I've actually forgotton what BTW means.
> Can someone remind me
it had better mean "by the way"... if not, i might have upset a few people!!!

mURIEL (Guest)
06-10-01, 01:34 PM
Hi Mark,
"i have to
>seduce her"??? i new i
>have been doing something wrong
>for the past 20 odd

20 years! Yes, you definitely need a new strategy! How DOES one make a relationship last for 20 yrs? Seriously. My record is 4 yrs.

> it had better mean "by
>the way"... if not, i
>might have upset a few

Oh that's right! No haven't upset anyone!!!!!


mark69 (Guest)
11-10-01, 01:04 PM
>Hi Mark,

> How DOES one make
>a relationship last for 20
>yrs? Seriously. My
>record is 4 yrs.

hello again muriel,
(seriouly!!)you may well have read a message on one of threads that i sent to you,you may be able to pick up a few pointers there if you read between the lines. i certainly did not write it to be harsh or critical,only to help you in your endeavour to keep a relationship!!.:-) we have actually been together for 23 years and i always maintain a smile on my face no matter what the cicumstances. of course there must be a lot of love and admiration for each other as a starter. a lot of give and take,caring and sharing,and belief in each other.both must be flexible but also tough in times of crisis.you must also take an interest in each others life outside of the relationship (work, outside pursuits etc.) well, there's a start anyway!!! best of luck in your renewed relationship:-):-)...mark