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Newcomer (Guest)
01-10-01, 02:13 AM
Not sure if this qualifies to be here but here goes anyway. I am a 17yo girl and go out with a 17yo as well. The problem is that he seems to wish to choose my friends, I had a crush on him for two years and recently he asked me out, but he can be quite weird. Sometimes we can not talk in a decent conversation as he is quite reserved at times, he has a weird way of doing things he would rather act upon something than to talk and discuss it, like he cannot express emotion. The other night he dumped by best friend out of his car because he hates her, but it didnt seem to worry him that she is my friend. I am just a little confused. Should I give it time and see how it goes or dump him now??

My parents are not happy as they believe he is a " fu**ing physcopathic bas**rd". He does not have a good reputation for some of his behaviour but when he is around me u couldnt find a sweeter person, and is very respectfull towards me (except for dumping my mate). He comes from a very well brought up family with money flowing every which way and his parents are very strict also. How confusing.... Thanks

01-10-01, 03:38 AM
Do your self a favour and get rid of that one!

Money can't buy happiness and though you may not think so parents have a pretty good jugement on people.
I wish I had of listened to them back when I was younger.

We live in a "freedom of chioce" society, no one has the right to decide who you can or can't talk to or be friends with.

Imagine how your best friend must feel, betrayed, hurt and all the rest. Real friends are few and far between these days.
I can guarentee a friend will stick around longer than a boyfriend.

If you think the guy is weird now imagine what he will be like when you really get to know him.

Life is too short to stay with someone if your'e not happy.

Keep your mates (Guest)
01-10-01, 03:55 AM
Hey Newcomer,

I don't want to sound harsh or inconciderate but boyfriends come and go.I understand that you have liked him for so long but your mates are there through thick and thin. Stick with them, it's his loss of a great girl. (this is a guy writing this. We're all not a@#$holes)

Rebel Yell (Guest)
03-10-01, 02:06 PM
My advice is without knowing him,ditch him hard and fast. your to young to be putting up with crap like that. life is short, play hard and enjoy it.