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Greg Irvine
02-10-01, 09:15 AM
Thought it would be a good idea if we give some (a little) information about each other!!! This can be done by copying the following profile and adjusting it to suit you. Use your imagination and change at your will!

Sex: Colt.
Colour: Bay.
Foaling Date: 29 August 1979.
Foaling Place: Outback SA.
Current Paddock: Melbourne.
Breeding: Strategic (good colonial sire)-Jennifer Rush (by EP sire).
Race Record: Unraced, but does show promise in the mounting yard.
Stud Record: Unproven.
Family Comments: 1 older full-brother - yet to go to stud. 1 older full-sister - prefers dry tracks and has just retired to stud.
Good match: Imported mares with Northern Dancer blood on their sire line cross nicely with young colts by Strategic. Strategic is in form with an impressive winner in Sydney today.
Requirements: Needs to be rugged at night. Enjoys his oats - and would rather play in the hay than eat it!
On look out for: a bay filly - with good breeding and having not been to stud!

02-10-01, 02:17 PM
Got to love that one Greg!! :7

Now lets see who has the honesty to reply }>

Shan (Guest)
03-10-01, 02:13 AM
Very clever Greg img src=http://www.tnfj.com/Images/Smilies/smileysex5.gif

Sex: filly
Colour: bay
Foaling Date: 28 April 1977
Foaling Place: Country Victoria
Current Paddock: Transported back to Country Victoria after a stint in the big smoke
Breeding: 100% crabbet arabian
Race Record: Unraced
Show Record: Pretty but sometimes firey little thing that soons settles down with some lovin. Potential to make it to the top.
Stud Record: Unproven
Family Comments: 1 older full-brother - also yet to go to stud.
Good match: A tall classy TB or nice moving warmblood colt would do nicely. Must have a nice rump and well endowed.
Requirements: Moderate maintenance. Must be at least groomed and cuddled with some soothing words every day. A treat wouldn't hurt either.
On look out for: a fiery young colt - potential stud

Jen (Guest)
03-10-01, 02:32 AM
Sex: Filly
Colour: Palomino
Foaling Date: 21 August 1978
Foaling Place: Nth Is, New Zealand
Current Paddock: Melbourne
Breeding: Arab (showjumper)/Quarter horse (good stock horse) top NZ bloodlines...
Race Record: Proven endurance prospect, can also sprint. Has evented, done stock work and dabbled in western hence a good all-rounder.
Stud Record: Maiden
Family Comments: 1 younger brother currently being schooled, 1 younger sister showing promise in the cutting ring.
Good match: Good natured Australian stock horse colts but could be a tidy cross with a little Australian thoroughbred blood.
Requirements: Currently turned out so prefer a country rider with a gentle but firm hand who would enjoy a cheeky good natured filly and reprimand where required !!! :)

Waterstar (Guest)
12-10-01, 07:46 AM
Always good for a laugh! Very creative I must say ;-p Lets see if I can manage it though....hmmmm

Sex: Filly
Colour: Dark brown/black
Foaling Date: 24th August, 1981
Foaled down at: Inner yards of Perth
Currently stabled: Hills of S.A
Brands: 1 over 1 Navel ring- blue stone

Breeding: Sire- English TB, Dam- Australian WB (Irish background)
Performance record: Fairly guttless when comes to heights but has the talent for Grand prix. Elastic paces with elevation, cadence and rythm. Shows potential and willingness to listen and learn.

Stud Record: Maiden
Family History: One full younger sister who is still maturing in paddock. Has been brought in for some minor manner lessons (lol) and then put out again, allowing to grow. Has older half brother and sister, Ducth Warmbloods in holland. Currently in Holland's breeding program.

Stallion Requirements: Tall, leggy Tb or WB stallion. Athletic, well built with extravegant movement. Must love to work, have style and show talent in freestyle to music ;-p Good coat and must smell nice!LOL

Stud Requirements: Hates injections, may need to be twitched. Must be brought in at night. Rugs must be clean and colour co-ordinated and stable well organsied with fresh sawdust, big feeds and clean water. Can be bribed with sweet stuff.
Over all comment: An easy going filly, well educated with a deliteful nature. Needs to be handled gentley and patiently but always willing.

How's that? ;-p

Now it's someone else turn.......

Caitlin (Guest)
12-10-01, 10:14 AM
This is pretty funny...heres my cut (self analysis not the strongest point LOL)

Sex: Mare
Colour: Light Chestnut (dye job for shows)
Foaling Date: 15th March 1966
Foaled down at: Wheatbelt WA
Currently stabled: Over The Bridge Sydney
Brands: Nil
Other Marks/Whorls: Nil

Breeding: Sire- Australian Stock Horse, Dam- Aust bred Welsh C
Performance record: Gives anything a go, extremely trainable, endurance proven, genuine all rounder from show ring to rodeo, never out of the ribbons
Stud Record: Maiden (just the way she likes it)
Family History: One full younger brother, proven breeder in WA stock horse program to Aust pony mare (2 colts ready for breaking in)
Stallion Requirements: Solid yet athletic build, must have good straight movement, enquiring and agile temperament for ongoing training
Stud Requirements: Decent red wine, stable well maintained, clean bedding and assortment of treats occasionally,
Over all comment: Good looking type, smartens up well for showing, very sensible on the ground, will go far in right hands

Who else is game??

Lil Filly (Guest)
13-10-01, 02:49 AM
Sex: filly
Colour: Copper chestnut
Foaling date: 30 October 1984
Foaling place: Angaston SA
Current paddock: Callington SA
Race record: yet to be raced but shows good style
Stud record: Unproven
Family Comments: 2-older brothers-running with mares at the moment but no offspring yet. 1-younger sister, not going anywhere for a while.
Good Match: Handsome colt with good lines and manners. With great movement.
Requirements: Needs to be rugged and loved, likes to play around with potential mate.
On the look for: Handsome colt, with good lines and manners that has not been at stud.

WB Filly (Guest)
16-10-01, 02:04 PM
LOL, i wouldn't normally do anything like this, but it looks interesting and fun. So i'll give it a go...

Sex: Filly
Colour: Black
Foaling Date: 30th November, 1983
Foaled down at: NSW
Currently stabled: NSW
Brands: 1 over 1 Navel ring- sometimes plain, sometimes purple or pink.

Breeding: Sire: Feiner Stern. Dam: De Niro/ Don Schufro Mare...also has Olympic Ferro somewhere in the blood lines
Performance record: Never unplaced at competition, has cadence,amazingly elevated trot, Rythmical and balanced paces. Definately Grand Prix material. Kind and willing nature...very loveable.

Stud Record: Maiden
Family History: Only foal this season, has no brother's or sister's...lots of cousins. Dam, top quality mare with out standing performance records would have proven top quality stud book mare. Sire, also outstanding performance records.

Stallion Requirements: Tall, muscular colt/stallion. Athletic, with extravegant movement. Must love giving attention, have style and be open minded. Also must be kind, have a sense of humour and like to please. Well groomed and must smell nice!

Stud Requirements:Must at all times recieve lots of hugs and kisses, fresh food, clean water and Clean and presentable rugs..

Over all comment: Outgoing filly, very playfull and athletic. Love's to be loved and is also very loving herself. Doesn't like stallion's who think they are 'the best'.

SWVG (Guest)
16-10-01, 02:42 PM
Sex: Stallion(well colts are still babies aren't they!!!!)
Colour: Flaxan.
Foaling Date: 29 August 1979.
Foaling Place: River Country SA.
Current Paddock: Sth West Vic.
Breeding: Australian T/B with Irish/English bloodlines
Race Record: Range of starts, lasting various distances (I dont mean in the serving barn)Last startback a few months ago, bit of a short race.....out run and left behind by younger runner.
Stud Record: No foals running
Family Comments: Full brother about to go to stud (permanently)
Good match: Fine built mare suitable for eventing, showjumping general allrounder
Requirements: Very little, maitenence free,
Form Guide:Well presented, Turned out well, Pleasing confirmation, Earns his keep, tidy in the stable, travels well
On look out for: Flaxan mare. good confirmation. looks not nec.for the royal showrings but must be appealing and with character

"striking young colt" (Guest)
17-10-01, 02:22 AM
SEX: colt

COLOUR: rich mahogony bay, 2 back socks, white blaze

FOALING DATE: October 10, 1983

FOALING PLACE: Sydney, NSW, Australia


BREEDING: Riding Pony x TB
By the stunning RP stallion, "Royal Command of
Beckworth", out of a TB mare by "Credibility" (sire of
"Pure Caste")
Shows excellent breeding lines, related to top show
horses and ponies - "Royal Minnete of Beckworth"(Champ
Pony Brisbane Royal 2001), Chippenham Warrent (quality
producing RP stallion), and "Pure Caste" (arguably one
of Australia's top saddle horses, and a mega champion)

SHOW RECORD: Has been shown for many Champions and Supremes up
to Royal Show Level. Winner of Grand Champion Led
and ridden RP stallion at Riding Pony Nationals.

STUD RECORD: Just commencing service duties to select mares. Not
yet available at Public Stud. Yet to be proven.

FAMILY COMMENT: 1 full brother, yet to be proven as a sire.
2 half brothers, both with foals at foot.

SEEKING: Top quality mare/filly with correct conformation, good
front, well moving, pleasing to the eye, with a
commitment to work, who will be successful in the
showring. The 'quality' element is essential, along
with agility, athleticity and trainability.

REQUIREMENTS: commitment, dedication, with plenty of fun.

COMMENTS: Well presented, well conformed, genuine show quality
who will prove himself to any mare who shows potential.

CONTACT: For service fees and information regarding this
stallion, contact Johnarobbo@aol.com.

WB Filly (Guest)
20-10-01, 01:01 PM
Come everyone, where's your stats?? There's not many on here

22-10-01, 09:52 AM
Ok, i'll be daring!

Sex: Mare
Colour: Skin Fair - Mane false flaxen
Foaling Date: 1962
Foaling Place: UK
Current Paddock: Melbourne
Breeding: UK TB/Welsh Cob
Family Comments: Family spread throughout world. Younger brother - as yet no stud record known.
Performance record: Many tries, no wins
Good Match: Older sire who may or may not have proven stud record. Kind, Friendly. Loves to watch the stars with sounds of horses grazing in the background.
Requirements: Warmth
On Look Out For: See above

mark69 (Guest)
22-10-01, 11:39 AM
>Sex: Colt,although wife would like to get me gelded
>Colour: Bay or brown with a hint of grey
>Foaling Date: (back in the dark ages)
>Foaling Place: inner sydney
>Current Paddock: outer western sydney
>Breeding: by prolific sire "dadscumagain" out of a mare "ohmygodnotagain!"
>Race Record: quick off the mark,quick at the finish, but really good in the middle.
>Stud Record: proven with 1 filly and 1 colt
>Family Comments: 4 full brothers all been to stud. and 4 older sisters all having finished stud duties.
>Good match: already have it
>Requirements: only requirement is a really good nurse because i am a really bad patient....otherwise vice free.
On look out for: any guy that mistreats my little filly

Caz (Guest)
22-10-01, 02:16 PM
>Well, Im up for it....:)
Sex: Mare
Colour: Dark palomino

>Foaling Date: June, one year in the 1960's!!
Foaling Place: Melbourne, Vic
Current Paddock: Beautiful Macedon Ranges of Victoria.

>Breeding: By Imported Scottish stallion out of Welsh mare

>Race Record: Raced in earlier years for many wins, but now retired from racing.
>Stud Record: Proven, 2 stylish colts and no longer wishes to breed again.

>Family Comments: 3 older full brothers who have produced nice offspring, and have now finished their breeding (I think!!)

>Good match: Ideally imported UK stallion, but good Australian stallion will do just as well (as long as hes breathing)

>Requirements: Loves a cuddle, and requires understanding handler when mare in season (read : box of choccies}>) No fancy stables needed, paddock agistment is just fine. Rugging essential as tends to get cold in winter and a weekly massage is a must!

>On look out for: "Naice" stallion in Vic who knows how to handle a sometimes fiesty mare, and is up for a little horseplay now and again!! ;-)

Waterstar (Guest)
22-10-01, 02:55 PM
O.k so what is the deal with all these so called good looking, talented stallions from S.A heading interstate? Grass greener over there?? Shame, us filles have to miss out hey :-p Well, I guess we'll just have to keep a look out for those hunky imported ones hey girls LOL Heard they are better anyway .....;-p

23-10-01, 01:52 AM
Whoops, forgot to "log in" for the above post, so here I am again....:O

Prospect (Guest)
23-10-01, 02:36 AM
Sex: Filly
Colour: Palomino
Foaling Date: 20 September 1983.
Foaling Place: Melbourne, Vic.
Currently Stabled: Western Vic, but moving to a training centre out of Shepparton in a few weeks.
Breeding: Imported English lines, by Bay TB stallion (AUS).
Performance Record: Showing talent in showjumping, done PC, EFA SJ, Dressage.
Stud Record: Maiden
Family Comments: 1 older full brother (foaled 2 June 1978), yet to prove as a performance or stud prospect. Currently being educated.
Good match: Showjumping or dressage stallions in full work.
Requirements: Must be stabled and rugged with hard feed twice per day. Enjoys being out in the paddock with others for a short period each day. Must be worked hard at least once per day.
On the look out for: Mares and stallions to showjump with. Approved stallion already selected (for the time being).

beyond the glen (Guest)
29-10-01, 03:10 PM
These are all really hilarious !!! Since I'm a first-timer to this forum, seems like a logical place to post some initial details, so I'll give it a go !

Sex: Colt.
Colour: Dark Brown.
Foaling Date: 3 May 1967.
Foaling Place: Busselton, South-West WA.
Previous Paddock: Denmark, Europe.
Current Paddock: Western Sydney, Australia.
Height: Around 6 ft +/- an inch.
Breeding: Sired by TB Aus Stallion out of WB Aus Mare (Spanish bloodlines - hence a passionate streak!).
Race Record: Proven stayer on international track. Flexible, agile and faithful. Local record unproven recently.
Stud Record: No foals in paddock.
Family Comments: 1 younger full-sister - finished stud duties, with two 'well-protected' fillies in paddock.
Good match: Experienced mare or adventurous filly. Independant, playful, passion for life, fiery temperament.
Requirements: Low maintenance. Minimal rugging. Occasional 'vegetarian' treats to supplement staple diet.
On look out for: any suspicious low flying aircraft !

At stud???? (Guest)
29-10-01, 05:07 PM
Wondering where you found your stallion Prospect
tell us about him????

Wheres he standing!