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blazer (Guest)
06-10-01, 01:22 PM
ok ladies i have been sitting back for awhile reading about all your problems finding a REAL aussie man. sit down and start taking notes. im in QLD but have lived in nsw too and i only have one word CAMPDRAFTS!!!!! Any one in vic who was at the snowy mountain challenge would no what i mean. the guys from up here who went down are only a small sample. they can ride like all hell most are also pretty good farriers(saves money) know how to treat a girl and still party hard. go out and buy the australian horseman mag and have a sticky beak at a few of them.
any draft that you go to is one hell of a good place to have a perv on lots and lots of wranglers. just dont make the mistake of refering to them as cowboys! you should all make the pilgriage up to the warwick gold cup the end of october. over 600 cmpetetors and about 20,000 spectators if a girl cant fid somthing to her liking there she needs to give up .

Icey (Guest)
08-10-01, 02:31 AM
I gotta agree with you there blazer, they are a pretty good perve, but what I have found over the years, that a lot of them are also married and don't like to tell you that before they jump into your pants, but then again most men do that.

I saw one of them at the Quarter Horse Nat's 3 years ago that has been campdrafting for a very long time and is well known, he had a great time over 3 days banging anything that didn't shut there legs!!

ps (Guest)
08-10-01, 02:07 PM
thanks for another good excuse for a trip to QLD . i agree campdrafters are hot,the whole rugged aussie male thing aarrrr .if were not to call them cowboys do tell what should we call them ?i think more info is required about the alure of the mighty campdrafter ?????????

blazer (Guest)
09-10-01, 01:11 AM
i know who you were talking about at the nationals and what can i say!!!! men are men are men! but please dont judge all our "drafters" on this fleas performance. there are a hell of a lot of them that are single and have a great attitude to women. we have heaps of single guy friends who are always looking for a great girl come on you guys if your serious get on some of the campdraft web sites and let these guys know that you are out there or better still go to a campdraft school, great place to learn a few new skills AND meet some guys.;-)

ps (Guest)
10-10-01, 01:19 AM
hey blazer think your right .you get the good ,the bad, the ugly with every breed ,male and female. such is life.

Info time (Guest)
15-10-01, 05:57 AM
So where are all these so called campdraft websites blazer??? Gives us girlies some details!

ps (Guest)
16-10-01, 09:37 AM
yes i was holding my breath waiting ...actually past out ,woke up hours later with a big egg on my head. so the sad part of this b*!!**!t story is there was no one there to revive me and with a big egg on my head i wasnt going to get lucky anyway......LOL

blazer (Guest)
16-10-01, 01:40 PM
hi guys. sorry about the wait but what can i tell yu i have been out there in the big wide world of drafting and just for the benefit of all you ladies out there(i of course received nothing out of this) decided to take a really unbiased look at all 'our' blokes. WELL! not much successin the camp this week but did i have one hell of a weekend!!!!!!! you will be pleased to know that my totally unselfish 'servey' of available males at campdrafts would make any hot blooded aussie girls head spin. it was a really tough job but hell one of us had to do it. what a perv fest!!!! these guys give a whole new meaning to wranglers. the girls and i have decided that we must be the luckiestwomen in australia. just type in campdraft and hit search there a a coupl of different web sites. must go now need sleep after all our tough research, hope you ladies appreciate the effort!!!!
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ps (Guest)
16-10-01, 02:00 PM
keep up the good work blazzer.