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mURIEL (Guest)
09-10-01, 07:59 AM
Subject: the ex
Ex = no longer the ex but currently holds status of 'back on scene'.
Muriel = careful not to succumb to such frivolous things as promises but seeking action not words.
Subject = now taking Muriel's demands much more seroiously as subject knows that 'back on scene' status will otherwise be terminated.
Muriel = enjoying this short and to-be-savored period of being listened to and cooked for!
Subject = responding well to traiing. For example: cooking; tidying up; sanding the upstairs floors tomorrow; going and buying Muriel large quantity of hay with boss' car; borrowed boss' 4wd so Muriel can have horse float registerd;
Presently - Subject presently planting new grivilleas in garden and watering horses! Progression is very satisfactory.
Problem - subject now expressing wish to perhaps want to learn to ride one of the horses. This is obviously a sign of too much education; being allowed too close to the arena etc. Muriel shall redirect subjects interests back to garden and stable area for more currently 'essential' duties.
Luck = subject cute; easily trained and eager to retain 'back on scene' status; subject buying new car soon! :) ; subject intends to build Muriel's stables and various other structures like a chook shed; asap!!!

Oh I'm terrible (Muriel)! Don't get the wrong idea, there are feelings involved too!!!!!!

Integrity (Guest)
09-10-01, 10:36 AM
Well u know the saying; treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen.....i'm not sure i totally agree with it but sometimes it sure works!! Of course he may become totally useless within a week, but u never know your luck... :-)

09-10-01, 01:28 PM
I think we can say with some certainty that "subject" is not, never has been and never will be, a lawyer. :-)

09-10-01, 02:20 PM
LOL, Bill !!

mURIEL (Guest)
10-10-01, 12:20 PM
>Well u know the saying; treat
>'em mean and keep 'em

Oh no integrity! Subject: 1. seems to enjoy duties and 2. subject is keen!

>keen.....i'm not sure i totally
>agree with it but sometimes
>it sure works!!

It sounds awful Integrity I know, but there is some history there, which other cyberhorse forumites know of!!!! This is merely the horsey girls' version! Please feel assured that Muriel is appreciative of subject's efforts, ie thinks he's wonderful!

>course he may become totally
>useless within a week, but
>u never know your luck...

Agreed: Muriel: completely aware of this fact hence savouring moment!

mURIEL (Guest)
10-10-01, 12:31 PM
Bingo! Subject: promptly and without hesitation cancelled all law studies when Muriel explained how important property and horses really are to a good relationship! Subject now poor; over-worked but happy 'cos Muriel = so "naice" and appreciative of subject's good qualities!

pookiesgirl (Guest)
11-10-01, 03:41 AM

We girls never leard our lessons do we? Good luck and take advantage while you can!

mURIEL (Guest)
11-10-01, 05:53 AM
Pookiesgirl, Pookiesgirl, Pookiesgirl,
I know, I know, I know!!!

So girl, how's the young dude with the 'property' going?

mark69 (Guest)
11-10-01, 08:17 AM
well hello muriel,
welcome back to the forum, we missed you...:-)

>Subject = now taking Muriel's demands
>much more seroiously as subject
>knows that 'back on scene'
>status will otherwise be terminated.
maybe you had better not be "too" demanding or he may decide to be no longer on the scene himself.:-)

>Muriel = enjoying this short and
>to-be-savored period of being listened
>to and cooked for!
every male needs to be a good listener!!....i don't know about this being cooked for though!!! i actually do all the cooking in my household because i enjoy it and because my other half has a very hectic day at work... does your 'back on scene' ex do the cooking because he wants to and enjoys it or because you are demanding!!! it.. look out:-)

>Subject = responding well to
>traiing. For example: cooking;
>tidying up; sanding the upstairs
>floors tomorrow; going and buying
>Muriel large quantity of hay
>with boss' car; borrowed boss'
>4wd so Muriel can have
>horse float registerd;
is this a boyfriend that you have here or an unpaid farmhand!!!:-)

>Problem - subject now expressing wish
>to perhaps want to learn
>to ride one of the
>horses. This is obviously
>a sign of too much
>education; being allowed too close
>to the arena etc.
>Muriel shall redirect subjects interests
>back to garden and stable
>area for more currently 'essential'
any partner should take an interest in your "hobbies, pastimes" etc!! but here you look like you are saying.. get the job done first then we may think about a little bit of play:-)

>Luck = subject cute; easily trained
>and eager to retain 'back
>on scene' status; subject buying
>new car soon! :) ;
>subject intends to build Muriel's
>stables and various other structures
>like a chook shed; asap!!!
oops.... a bit demanding again!!!:-)

>Oh I'm terrible (Muriel)!
>Don't get the wrong idea,
>there are feelings involved too!!!!!!
well i'm so pleased that you have feelings for "back on the scene"... i was starting to think that you were only using him!!!! i don't know what gave me that idea though??:-)

i really hope that this renewed relationship works out for you but i'm a little bit concerned... maybe it's only the way you have projected the image of what is happening there. i am not trying to preach here but i have to question your motives for having "back on the scene" BACK ON THE SCENE!:-)
i have used smilies all the way through because i am not having a go at you, i dont' want to see you unhappy because "he walked out on you" and then you questioning why! :-)mark

bowerbird (Guest)
20-10-01, 12:37 PM
Hi Muriel, and welcome back. Hope everything works out well with your subject, but most importantly I hope he has gotten over that horrible little habit you told us about in another thread.

Hang in there anyhow, but remember you can't change people and you can't make things happen, you have to let them happen. Good luck, LOL Bowerbird.

pookiesgirl (Guest)
25-10-01, 07:26 AM
Just thought I'd make a quick "appearance"!

"So girl, how's the young dude with the 'property' going?"

Usual story mURIEL, he never called. I should have just taken him advantage of him when I had the opportunity! lololol

mURIEL (Guest)
25-10-01, 01:27 PM
Oh Pookiesgirl,
You s*(t you!!! Yes the young spunks are good for a good time - not a long time!!!!! I'm a shocker like 'yall!!!!!
I'll stay in touch ok!!