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14-10-01, 09:20 AM
Well I'm sorry to say that Coney has vanished from the world of the Meet Market forever, got a bit sick of the harshness, he was brave enough to put himself out on this forum with all honest intentions of trying to meet someone, so as I said before, it is our loss.

Not all of us have lost, however, us who know him and show and ride Western Horses will still have contact with him. He's just a bit of a lost soul at the moment looking for someone to share his life.

Your judging idea is good Magnet, he might get to meet some new girls from Victoria that way, I know he would like to meet Cowgirl I am under strict instructions to show her to a certain other western horse trainer/breeder when I meet with her at Equitana.

LOL Bowerbird.

Desperate & Dateless (Guest)
14-10-01, 11:23 AM
been reading once again,and I'm sorry to have to say I am very disappointed in you.I am sure deep down you are a very caring and understanding person,HOWEVER,you have shown your self oppinionated side on this thread a couple of times now...Re..the humiliation of divorce,or being single with children.Until you have been through this situation and know the story from both sides,I do not believe you have a right to make any comment OR have an oppinion on what that person should or shouldn't do.If you go back and take note of your own comments you should realise from those comments that "YOU" are 37yo and still living at home with mummy & daddy.If you enjoy being single,and enjoy your work,thats great,but dont have the gaul to criticise those who have had the balls to stand up and be counted!

Everybody has a load to bare in life,some are lighter than others,but we all go through life and do the best we can.Remember a job is only a job,you are there to make a living.A quote from the past,"YOU WORK TO LIVE,NOT,LIVE TO WORK!"

Icey (Guest)
14-10-01, 11:39 AM
err what have I missed?

How come coney isn't comming back?

Who pizzed him off this time?

Browser (Guest)
14-10-01, 12:29 PM
I was wondering how long this guy could put up with some of the stuff that was coming out. What started as good fun & interesting reading was I guess spoiled by a couple of people with some...well not harsh but if it were me I would consider it private and the sort of thing that I wouldn't like shared on the net.
I think he had guts to hang as long as he did !

mark69 (Guest)
14-10-01, 12:37 PM

15-10-01, 12:59 PM
Well, D and D, it goes like this.... I have my opinion and everyone else has theirs. My opinion is that it would be humiliating to go through a divorce, and I mean nothing more than that. I am not insulting divorced people in any way at all, and I don't think that just because I haven't been married and then divorced doesn't mean that I, like how you put it, haven't 'stood up and been counted.'

I don't need a lecture about my work either, you know nothing about me or my work, and I actually do very well at my work because I care and believe that I make a difference, and through my work I know more about what relationships do to people than most people out there, except for those in the medical profession.

So I am sorry that you are disappointed in me, but I think it is a bigger call coming from you who obviously sits back and reads all these threads and then has the guts to comment TWICE !!!!

And whilst we are on quotes, try this .... Love like you've never been hurt, work like you don't need the money, dance like nobody's watching and #### like you're being filmed !!!!!!!!!!

15-10-01, 01:04 PM
Welcome Browser, and I agree with you. What started as fun has now turned into a thread where it appears to be an offence to have an opinion, unless that opinion is shared by everyone else !!!!!!

Stay tuned, some of us are trying to make this fun, beats the hell out of watching the crap that's on TV lately.

LOL Bowerbird.

15-10-01, 03:53 PM
It sometimes takes a little while for people to get the hang of writing to forums, so we have to be patient & tolerant to a degree. It's not like a chat room. Personal, private comments & in jokes have no place here as the posts may stay visible for a long time before those commented about have a chance to reply.
It is unfortunate that Coney was hurt in this way, from what I hear from friends who know him, he is indeed a lovely guy & I hope he has the courage to forgive the mistakes of some, & return.
This is a fun place, can be outrageous & risque, but we have to be careful not to hurt with comments which should stay at private email level if said at all.
I think everyone has the right to express their own views & opinions on relationships though, particularly those who wish to "meet". Better to be honest about who you are & what you feel than to just melt into the crowd.

Cowgirl (Guest)
16-10-01, 01:30 AM
I am also sorry to see Coney go I think that your personal life/past so on should not be brought to this "arena".

Sorry to say that we dont have very males here which is a shame.(But we do appreciate the ones that are here) :*

:( :(

twkash (Guest)
16-10-01, 02:46 AM
Yes I agree with u. It was a bit of fun, shame other people take it another step never mind.......bye

Icey (Guest)
16-10-01, 09:57 AM
HMMMMMM...well its like this, I thought coney had more balls than that, guess I was wrong, but never mind don't worry i'm sure the sorrows will be drowned, The november show looks to be a good party weekend..... What ya think Bowerbird, lets get him drunk and do naughty things to him!!! lol

bowerbird (Guest)
16-10-01, 11:32 AM
Sounds enticing, but I'll be in equitana. LOL

The original CONEY (Guest)
16-10-01, 12:28 PM
Well, Well <Well,Icey, you know how big my balls are,you perve enough!There is not a Rhino with skin as thick!!!And as Im not into sympathy,I thought I had better return.Anything that has been said on this forum HAS'NT offened me the least.Dragoness, it is such ashame I am not 10 yrs younger or a trip to Locinvar would be in order.ha ha!Any way lets keep the harmony here and contiue with the forum !

Icey (Guest)
16-10-01, 01:21 PM
CONEY CONEY CONEY!!!!!!! there you are!

Yes I have had a look at your balls, there tuff little suckers lol.... Glad to see ya still lurking around! Also happy as larry that to know that you wern't offened by some of the crap that was said on here, I know you know most of us and we all joke around, we know who's got the sense of humours!! :P


17-10-01, 01:46 AM
Coney, Dear, age is not really important between consenting adults LOL. A trip to Lochinvar may still be in order, I happen to know a very pretty Flamingo as well.....

coney (Guest)
17-10-01, 12:13 PM
I agree dragonlady,a mature mind is way more important than age,&as I feel much younger than my birth date,I know what you mean.Iam sure I will visit my brother kyle in the near future, so it might be well worth the trip!!!!

mark69 (Guest)
17-10-01, 12:42 PM
>Coney, Dear, age is not really
>important between consenting adults LOL.
>A trip to Lochinvar may
>still be in order, I
>happen to know a very
>pretty Flamingo as well.....

hi there dragonlady,
forget about the flamingos, swans and whatever other "birdies" you know... how about you get some of the guys that you know and get them onto this forum...lol;-) all the girls are getting restless!!!:-)

hi there coney,
yes i think the dragonlady is a very wise person indeed, and i can't but agree with everything that she said above. welcome back!!


Icey (Guest)
17-10-01, 03:42 PM
Well I have to admitt I'm not into the younger blokes myself (relationship wise) as they can't handle a good spanking like the older blokes can!! but go for it dragon lady as they say "you can't rape the willing" yeah forget the birdy's get into the down right kinky stuff its better }>

17-10-01, 11:53 PM
I'm with you Icey.
The older blokes do love a good spanking!LOL!

18-10-01, 04:31 AM
Coney, Brother Kyle is exactly 13 minutes from my place & is currently breaking in 2 Shameless fillies for me, been meaning to take the Dragoness over there for ages. We're about ready to have another party at the Lochie Pub, come up then, will let you know. Just have to get all the mares foaled & rebred first, can't plan anything with that going on. Couple more weeks to go.
I don't really know many single guys either, sorry, & the ones that I do know I like to keep as toys. They may not like a good spanking, but then I prefer to be the spankee myself....
Oh, Mark, these young'uns....you don't know what kinky is unless you grew up in the 60s & 70s like we did LOL.

Icey (Guest)
18-10-01, 06:06 AM
LOL.. I can just see the 6pm news "FLASH" "dominatrix turns lochinvar hotel into a rageing orgy" two males get taken to hospital needing treatment to there buttox!!!

Cowgirl (Guest)
18-10-01, 06:21 AM
LOL Icey

18-10-01, 06:57 AM
LOL, Icey, dont encourage her!! Poor Lochie Pub would never be the same again!


19-10-01, 01:20 AM
Hhmmm, since when have I EVER needed encouragement LOL.

mark69 (Guest)
19-10-01, 09:15 AM
>I'm with you Icey.
>The older blokes do love a
>good spanking!LOL!

well i ain't gunna touch that one!!!!;-):-)....mark

mark69 (Guest)
19-10-01, 09:19 AM
>Oh, Mark, these young'uns....you don't know what kinky is unless you grew up in the 60s & 70s like we did >LOL.

sing it "those were the days my friends" mark

19-10-01, 03:52 PM
and "Memories" !!!!!!