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15-10-01, 01:26 PM
Come on all you western showies and cowgirls, lets not be outdone by the 'cutest showjumper' thread !! Anyhow I don't know any more than the two I mentioned !!!

There's hundreds of spunks in the western world, lets be honest and name our faves. I have already mentioned John Mitchell in another thread, he is so hot you could just spread him on a cracker. I don't mind Rod Duddy either, and I know a few other ladies who think the same, that cute smile with those perfect teeth, and that voice !!!!!!

So come on Icey and Magnet, who do you think ?? You can't mention your own men !!! What about Greg Watson, I used to think he was so hot, and in my drunken stupor one night I told his wife, oh well you get that !!!! They both still talk to me though !!!

And hot bods in the western world, well I don't think you can go past Al Briskey, and Greg Mac has a great butt. And in the thigh department, no one can beat Coney.

Come on girls, be brave !!!!!!!!!!

Hotbod (Guest)
16-10-01, 01:12 AM
Oh Greg Mac please!!!!!what about the cheeky smile of Mr T French or Mr D. Jones now he is cute...and coney has not got a bad butt either oh well only my thoughts........

Icey (Guest)
16-10-01, 09:49 AM
OH Bowerbird!!!! come on you have to be getting Desperate GREG MAC!!! MY GOD GIRL EWWWWWWWWW, that just truned me off dinner for a week. Rod Duddy is ok if he lost a little weight I spose. Jonny mitchlle, WELL what female wouldn't throw a leg over him, but then again age has caught up with him, but with the lights of I'd still have a blow errr I mean go lol. Alan Briskey yeah I reckon he'd look good tied up nakid to a tree and tickled with a few fig leaves lmao!!! (ooops sorry teresa)

Greg Watson and there was another person that lives out near bargo some where been out of horses for a while just can't think of his name, he has a bimbo for a wife. I'll think of It later. Those two had the greenest fark me eyes I've ever seen on a bloke and yummmmmmmm but as far as doing pelvic excersiseing with them I'll pass, better of on my own..lol

Now lets see...who else is there, that guy that was at the 2001 paint Nat's chris his name is, little blonde stocky guy he was worth a look. I can't really think of any others there either to old to married or just keep on walking!!! OH and there was reece he has a leathel weapon and a half and sheeeeesh can he fill a pair of wranglers from behind, but we all know his story, bloody waist. ooooohhhhh here's another MICK HANNA!!!! now thats a sort, pitty his got a sad life, but hey... u win some u loose some. Dean Jones is another not bad at all I must say, would be nice if he was a little taller though.

Thats about it I guess, I don't get the oppurtunity to perve that much, don't show that offten, and when I do, I don't take a lot of notice because there always the same old face's.


sly (Guest)
16-10-01, 09:50 AM
id have some greg mcnamara or perhaps some craig bailey !!!!!!!!!!!!

Icey (Guest)
16-10-01, 11:33 AM
yeah craig Baily was another bout time he jumped back to the right side of the fence lol

16-10-01, 11:37 AM
Hello Hotbod you are so right, I forgot about those spunks from Victoria !!! Dean Jones is hot, especially his smile it just makes you melt, and Tim is pretty cute too.

I was only talking about Greg's butt, yes Coney's is pretty nice but he won't wear belts and that detracts a bit !!

I forgot about Dave Norbury as well, that moustace grin gets me everytime !!!!!!! LOL Bowerbird.

16-10-01, 11:39 AM
I agree Sly, I just loooove Craig Bailey, I knew he would be back !!!!! Ah the power of the female magnet. Shame he's taken again, but a great perve especially in chaps !!!!

16-10-01, 11:47 AM
Oh come on Icey, don't be so hard on me !!!! I was only talking about Greg's butt, you need to have a closer look !!!

You are trying to remember Warwick Smith, I forgot him as well, probably because he's not around as much. A great spunk, how could I forget him !!! And what about the BODY of Jeff Krahe, oh my god I used to love those hot days, him out in his black speedos on the tractor !!!!!!

Reece is still a spunk, those tight pants and that after shave, mmmmm. He's up there with Alan Preston, who counts as he did own a quarter horse !!! Now there's a hot bodied spunk of a man, I love him to death too. My god I sound so desperate, why did I start this thread !!!!!!

But at least people are having fun with it, look at the new people here, see we are all perves deep down, after all, LUST IS A MUST !!!!!!!

I can't think of who you are referring to from the Paint Horse Show, I only noticed Rod and a spunk I met in town, mmmmmm !!!!

I like the picture in my mind of Al tied to a tree, you are such a devo !! And yes I forgot about Mick blue eyes Hannah. What about that horse dentist from Victoria, he's pretty hot too but I can't remember his name. I have to go now, my estrogen levels are out of control !!!!!! LOL Bowerbird

16-10-01, 11:53 AM
OH my god, I'm so sorry Kristy I forgot KYLE STYLE !!! Those thighs and all that power in the pelvic thrust, no wonder you're smilin !!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL Bowerbird.

Icey (Guest)
16-10-01, 12:18 PM
Yep it was warrick smith that I was trying to remember.
Jeff Cray was a good perve to, 10 YEARS ago LOL, have you seen him latley, jesus the hard years have caught up to him, but i spose his not to bad for a close 60 year old.

And by the way I don't look at gregs arse sheesh I'd get shot!

sorry to say but My horse is more appatizing in the butt section than him. ( wonder how long this will take to get back) lol I can hardly wait!!!

I forgot about kyle his not to bad (gotta love that nipple peirceing) Just waiting to see if he will get any other peirceing's a lot lower! if you do kyle I want to be the second person after kirsty to see it...LOL hmmmm no bugger that just ring me when it gets done i'll hold the ice for you to stop the swelling, beleve me you don't want that to happen for a few weeks.

Hotbod (Guest)
16-10-01, 12:19 PM
Yes I agree Allan is cute..but Teresa is a friend so do not take all that much notice....There is a new judge about (HSAA) and he is not bad either hahaha.....but I like nice smiles and Ross Gould has a real devil of a smile.....cute But's too....the worst thing is they arre all taken....going now before I get into trouble....

Icey (Guest)
16-10-01, 12:23 PM
Hotbod... who is the new HSAA Judge that is out and about?

And if you say John goodworth, I'll throw up!!!

Hotbod (Guest)
16-10-01, 12:36 PM
NO NOT JOHN GOODWORTH, sorry about shouting but I had the same thought....If I say anymore he will kill me he lurks around on this site .....all I can say is that he is a nice guy and straight so that is a bonus...hahaha..Icey.Is in it a shame that coney has gone he was a laugh....Catch you

Don't Know Why I Am In Here..BUT ! (Guest)
16-10-01, 12:37 PM
mmm, Hotbod, I think I know you & lets not say to much shall we !
(PLEASE) I like to keep a secert Identity !!!!

Icey (Guest)
16-10-01, 12:55 PM
AWWWWWWWWWWWW c'mon on teeeeeeell meeeeeeeeeeee pweeeeze!!!

LOL..... you can't keep secrets from us, we have our ways of getting information!!! guess I better start makeing phone calls. well at least we know his straight... so that means I don't have to get my boyfriend to show my horse!!! LMAO

Was quite funny watching Alan preston have a good perve on my other half, goes to show I got good taste.

Yeah poor old coney, he still calls in for a sticky beak (hiya!)

I'm sure he'll be back in his own time.

The original CONEY (Guest)
16-10-01, 01:11 PM
If Im going to come back Ihave got to have my say!You cant have it all to your-selfs!!! In the western world there is but one true beauty, SHE has all the essentials. OF course I speak of the blonde GODESS Michelle Bruce. my life time friend!!!

goddess (Guest)
16-10-01, 01:45 PM
LMFAO ... blushing* loven ur work Coney.

Icey (Guest)
16-10-01, 01:45 PM
Jesus coney, Just come right out and say it LMAO!!!

Hotbod (Guest)
16-10-01, 02:19 PM
Well I guess we know who coney has the hots forrrrrr, good taste anyway......really can not say about the new judge...good to see coney back on ..........hope he keeps giving cheekkkk...makes life interesting ........no personal stuff this time I hope....see you all.......

Icey (Guest)
17-10-01, 03:32 AM
Well, I've done some searching, and as far as I know no one from NSW has done there HSAA ticket in the last 12 months and passed.
So I guess Hotbod the person you are talking about is from another state, whom I probably wouldn't know anyway. SO I guess we are going to have to wait untill "he" is invited up or down here to do some Judgeing.
So who ever you are Mr Lurker, you will be the one on show when that happens, so be prepard to be groped when you finally come out on display...LOL

I was thinking about doing the HSAA ticket, but I'll have to go to Victoria to do it I spose.

So Bowerbird, now that we have exposed all the nice butt's and cutie's in the training world of western, what about the owner's of horse's like the A/O's and so on... can you think of any?

17-10-01, 11:13 AM
I 'spose you'll all find this amusing, but most western showies know anyhow, that John Goodworth has a crush on yours truly !!!

Oh well, he's human I guess !!! Even though he was caught in McDonalds at Dubbo by a fellow showie talking to himself !!!

I'm just fighting them off !!!!!! LOL Bowerbird.

17-10-01, 11:20 AM
Well, I just wouldn't be the Bowerbird if I haven't got a few Amateur owners to perve on !!! Again, Craig Bailey fits right in there, so to speak !!! Then there is that hot guy that rides Kel Arthurs old reining horse The Doctor. He's got black hair and blue eyes to burn.

OH MY GOD I FORGOT KEL ARTHUR !!! Girls, forget any butts you have ever seen till you see his, you'll be amazed at your will power not to sink your teeth into those little cheeks !!! Sorry, got a bit enthused there !!

Okay, back to A/O's, what about sexy old Steve Leggett !! Gotta love that voice and the moustache, you know I love the moustaches !!! Might have spotted a few spunks around Tamworth, here they all get to the Cutting Futurity, hey Goddess remember that yankee voiced guy with the specs, I think he was the president of the NCHA !!! He was so hot, I can't think of his name.

So that's about it for me tonight, got a call out at 2am this morning so I'm feeling quite ordinary. Got 5 days off anyone going to St Ives Show ????? Always a good perve on the showjumpers there, just quietly.

LOL in Lust always, Bowerbird

17-10-01, 11:22 AM
I'm so disappointed, Coney, for a moment there I thought you were talking about me !!!!!!!

But then aren't I your life time love !!!!!!!!!

One who Knows!! (Guest)
17-10-01, 12:51 PM
}>}>YES he is from another state and he is young and would die if girls groped him at a show HEHE Hotbod knows what I mean;-):O

17-10-01, 01:22 PM
Bad luck Bower,maybe in the next life. You know though, you will be my friend!!!

Icey (Guest)
17-10-01, 03:34 PM
LOL....@ Coney awww thats a sweet way of saying to bowerbird
"get real" "dream on"....well bowerbird I guess its back to the battery opperated tools for you!!!! but hey don't loose sight of the big picture they say good friends do f*c*!! (jokeing coney we all know who your one true love is.)

SOOOOOOO back to you Mr HSAA Judge, I have to tell you that I have no shame and WILL gope your butt if its gropable... so BEWARE off wondering hands at shows you maybe at. I'm I scareing you yet? lol come on you have to start dropping hits, as It won't take long before we find out who you are, remember you are not safe when there are sex starved women on the loose. And if your single you might want to bring a chastity belt, and a string of garlic just incase someone sinks there teeth in.

Bowerbird, don't you think kel Aurther is a little scrawny in the bum department? he ain't got much to grab hold of last time I looked and that was two weeks ago. I think I'm going to have to lend you my glasses old girl, STEVE LEGGETT??? that hair thing that covers his mouth is a breeding ground for flea's.
YUCK, sorry folks can't help speaking my mind, I guess thats why I'm always in the poo, its only the depth that varies though.

I can never forget the yank judge that come over here about 8 years ago that Judged an srac futurity show, my god I near had to go change my undies after I saw him, I can't remember his name its a wonder because he place me 1st in the weanling halter futurity, I think it was because he over herd me telling someone in the class what I'd like to do to him ..lol, now all we get are judges that are old enough to be our fathers, damn shame.

I remember when coney first hit town and he had all the ladies drooling, untill he mentioned he was getting hitched, but it was a good perve while it lasted. I knew I should have gone for the grab that day we where in the tack room at Sydney Royal a few of years ago.... bugger I'm getting to slow in my old age!!!

Anyways i'm of out of here
Catch ya's later ;-)

Hotbod (Guest)
18-10-01, 12:57 AM
Oh Icey you are naughty.......The new Judge is a SHY GUY Yeah like I reckon told me he does not mind being gropped and is into kinky sex so I've been told..........that will bring him out of lurking around poor boy.....how about that NO WHO KNOWS!!!
Now talking about cute USA judges we had one a few years a go by the name of Mr Charles Hemphill and I would have carried his bags any time for him man did we party did not drink much until he came here boy did we teach him well hahaha

Mr Lurker (Guest)
18-10-01, 03:17 AM
Dear Icey, I hate to see sex starved women racking their brains trying to work-out who someone is.

You want a few hints, so here we go.I don't live in your state, but I do pop up (not always in the pant department) at a few shows all over the place. I am the kind of guy that takes a back-seat, keeps to himself and tries not to be noticed. But as they say it is the quite ones you have to watch!!!!!!!!!

If I was single, no I would't bring a chastity belt, and even though I am taken, I always keep a spare key in my pocket anyway.
So no you haven't really scared me yet.

I might be heading into your area sometime, so you will have to keep your eyes open. But in all honesty I think Hotbod has given you an over rated impression of me and I would hate to disappoint you. so it would be best if you accept this as a few clues, forgot about who I am, and notic me when you meet me........

Icey (Guest)
18-10-01, 06:23 AM
I should re-frase myself I'm not sex starved YET!!!

OK..... there is no way we will forget someone that easy Mr lurker, get that one straight!!! I can wait till you show your face but you have to remember one thing you have no idea who I am and as soon as we know there is another Judge in town strutting his stuff at a show, expect to get a few weird looks, I'll probably be the one doing naughty things with my tounge while you are Judgeing a halter class, and bowerbird...you will notice her straight away as she has very definate features that most people don't forget!! lol

And hey...so what if you taken I'm sure wifey or girlfriend won't mind watching her man get a little attention!! it brings a relationship closer so they say. ya never know she might even share! lol...I'm always watching the quiet ones they usually turn out to be nympho's...woohooo

Cowgirl (Guest)
18-10-01, 07:46 AM
Dont know their names but they have my vote



Cowgirl (Guest)
18-10-01, 07:48 AM
Sorry about the link but I have tried and tried to post the pic here and cant quite manage it..................

18-10-01, 08:36 AM
Some one break me off a piece of those three :) :) :) Why...hello!!!

So cowgirl have we got a chance of finding any of those kinda guys hiding in VIC ??? If wishes were cowboys....

Mr Lurker (Guest)
18-10-01, 12:35 PM
Icey, you seem to have a great sense of humour !

I wonder how many judges you are going to give the old tongue trick too before you find the one it was aimed for ??

Hotbod, your life is safe ! (at the moment anyway)But I don't know where you got hold of the Kinky Sex. (expect a call from me in the next couple of days!)

One Who Knows, you have me worried. I think I will have to keep an eye on you.

Mr Lurker (Guest)
18-10-01, 12:53 PM
Yeah ok it's me again. I think you girls should get back to coming up with your Number 1 Man. I am having trouble workingout who seems to be the hot favourite. But then again I sometimes have trouble working out *#(%& fullstop.
(why I am interested in this I dont know & no I am not gay!)

Cheeky little bugger Aren't I.

Coney (Guest)
18-10-01, 01:41 PM
Gosh Cowgirl!!! I hope you aren't one of those three!

Icey (Guest)
18-10-01, 02:53 PM
hmmm cowgirl... there boys, a real man can hang a damp bath towel of his stalk!!! LOL

Hi again Mr Lurker, I do have a pretty good sence of humour but most of the time its warped, some people take it the wrong way, But I don't really care, as long as I'm amused I'm happy lol

Now about the tonge thing, I can only think of two judges that I'd attempt to do that to and there both married BIG TIME and neither share there men, and the other thing there to short, I like them to be taller than me or on the same level, short men give me the horrers. I hate looking down at them :P

There is only one hot man that I can vow to spank and bonk for the rest of his eternal life, and can hang a towel!!

Cowgirl (Guest)
19-10-01, 01:42 AM
No Coney sorry to disappoint just checked I dont have the bits to hold up the hat.

Cowgirl (Guest)
19-10-01, 01:57 AM
Hmmmm Icey like to see that :) :D :9

Black Duck (Guest)
19-10-01, 05:22 AM
talk about an action packed thread! ive been reading for a few days now, and have just about picked a few of you out, Coney come on, is that the best you could do with a disguise, or maybe just maybe you wanted all the girls to know who you were,are things getting lonely down in that part of the country? Im sure you would get a few takers to keep ya warm at night,Ive been out of action for a while, so im not too sure who's with who these days, but im sure this thread will keep me posted
keep up the good work girls, and giv them boys "heaps"!!!!!!
heaps of assurance I mean"

Cowgirl (Guest)
19-10-01, 05:51 AM
Why Coney I am still on the hunt for a pic of you to perve at, I have made it a mission of mine to find one........

19-10-01, 06:18 AM
Now is this where we ask for a pic of Coney holding up the towel rather than the hat??? :) :) :) What do ya think Icey?

Caz (Guest)
19-10-01, 12:33 PM
Whoa baby.....now can I have one of those to hang my hat on? }>

Although I prefer them in nice jeans, no shirt on, nothing sexier than that....mmmmm....;-)

20-10-01, 12:13 AM
Ive been reading this thread since it started holding back but I just can't take it anymore.

I have giggled and GAGGED at your responses and would just like to answer the first thread with:

THERE AREN'T ANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are all bald and got norm bellys or thunder thighs or they bat for the wrong team.
or god bless them they are married.

Keep looking!

20-10-01, 11:34 AM
Now Magnet , that isn't very true.Just because you found someone that suits you well,does'nt mean THERE AREN'T ANY!!!Isn't that right Patto!!!

Buckle Bunny & Trailer Trash (Guest)
20-10-01, 12:14 PM
In previous threads you have been at it again (WHICH we thought, you would know better, being a so-called upholder of the law and all), slandering and insinuating absolute crap about a certain gorgeous vivacious girl - you know who we mean.

We didn't realise that Conehead needs you to fight his battles for him - what a stud muffin he is, but he's getting a bit on in years now... And the reason he's single is because he just has too much emotional baggage - and there's only so much a girl take!!

As for your comments stated below:

"So by now you're probably wondering why Coney and I aren't together, well Coney knows why, he had his chance and he chose someone else, ERRRRRRR YUKKKKKK, and he regrets that now, but we all make mistakes." - WHAT A JOKE!! YOU WERE NEVER IN THE RUNNING!! NEITHER OF THEM WERE INTERESTED IN A THREESOME WITH YOU! GET OVER YOURSELF LISA!


Bowerbird (Vulture), have you looked in the mirror lately? Maybe that's the reason YOU are single and still living at home? Hmmmmm?


Ta Ta Dahling xxx

21-10-01, 01:23 PM
Karen why can't you say this crap to people's faces?
Don't think that people will stick up for you because they won't, you and your trashy friend can say and do what you want but its better said face to face not over here.

N0 one had mentioned you at all, so you have come here and given yourself away, and also have made yourself look like a complete moron.

If you wish to discuss anything with bowerbird in PERSON please do so as we don't want crap being slung here, this is where we come to have fun. You already know who we all are, SO SAY IT IN PERSON!!
This is the end of the disscusion no more is to be said and if it continues matters will be forced to get nasty!!