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19-10-01, 06:20 AM
Hi All, thought I'd start a new thread, gets too hard to read them all when we get to 'view all'. Well thank you Black Duck, I am glad I started this little thread, I was a bit apprehensive, and a bit drunk !!!, when I made my posting but I'm glad to see the responses from people who haven't been on here before, this is what I see the 'meet market' to be about, people being open on their views and likes, and having fun at it !!

Not like another thread on here, where it was an offence to have an opinion !!

Well girls I know who Icey is talking about, and I'm yet to see him do the towel hanging thing, though I would like to !! But sorry girls he is taken, and my god you would never dare to go there, fancy having Icey hunting you down man I couldn't sleep thinking about those implications !!!!! LOL Icey.

Cowgirl my god where did those photos come from !! I am in love with all of them, especially the one in the middle I just loooooove hairy chests, its a primal thing with me, that's why I have long hair I have this fantasy about being dragged into a cave and clubbed into submission !!!!!!!!

Were you there when they were taken ??? You lucky thing you, lets hope we can get some similar photos at Equitana !!!

Come on Mr Lurker, not all of us are showing so you will have to work out a signal for us spectators !!!!!

Welcome back Coney, I am heartbroken that you broke that news to me in such a public forum, but never mind I'll build a bridge and get over it !!!!!

Catch you all later, yours in lust and perving !!! Bowerbird.

Cowgirl (Guest)
19-10-01, 06:34 AM
Well Bowerbird I think the one on the left is the go a little short though, but check out that arse!!! (well what you can see)

Glad you all liked the pic, it was sent to me by someone else it is called "boys night out".
I am hoping that we can get a line up at Equitana?? Should make interesting viewing.

Cowgirl (Guest)
19-10-01, 06:45 AM
I am sure that Jemma would be happy with the one on the right providing he doesnt like some "sports" and is happy to have a chat - LOL

Icey (Guest)
19-10-01, 12:19 PM
Bowerbird...I have told you before I'll share!!!! LOL

Well come on Mr Lurker, where are you??? getting slow in your old age!
hmmmm come to think of it coney hasn't been on either, maybe there all behind closed doors doing the unspeakable, kinda rude guys doing that without us there :P

19-10-01, 12:30 PM
Hi Cowgirl, I agree the one on the left has a great butt, look at the big dimple in it as he's squeezing !!!!! MMMMMMMMMm

I hope we find this and more at Equitana. I don't know where I'm staying down there, only that it is quite nearby, within walking distance. What about yourself???

LOL Bowerbird.

Jenna (Guest)
19-10-01, 12:46 PM
:) LOL I'd be pretty happy with anyone of those guys LOL Give me the body of the one on the right with the head of the one on the left...but then who is looking at the face right!!! Check out the thighs on Mr.Right! Pity manpower isn't touring when Equitana is on, I could envisage one hell of a girls night....!!

19-10-01, 02:03 PM
Icey, you said you wanted to see the towel trick, well I dont have a clothes line here,& I dont have to stand around long to get all the washing dry lol!call over on washing day sometime!!!

19-10-01, 02:10 PM
Hi Cowgirl, If you still haven't seen my mug shot,I am in the appaloosa magazine, Breeders issue july/aug 2001. There is an article on Lord Ben Farm, pge 30,32. wouldn't say they are great, but its a start. Shame I cant make Equitana, Had a great time 2 years ago!!!

19-10-01, 02:28 PM
Now Black Duck, It's good to see you figured out how to find this forum!!!I thought you knew me better,Im not like you think, I spent all winter alone every night, just me & the leckey blanket!!I didn't need a disguise as I am up front,sorry to hear you are single now,but I bet the local pub rocks. see ya

Icey (Guest)
19-10-01, 02:45 PM

You would poop your pants if I turned up there waiting for you to start hanging out the washing. you can do the towel trick any time any place, I'll bring the web cam and you can bounce it up and down and show off your tricks to the world, that'll pull the chicky babes in...lol

You spent ALL winter on your own? I hope you didn't short circut the eletric blanky doing what men do best :P :P :P

AND SINGLE IS FUN!! whats wrong with you lot, jesus you all should be out there partying your little hearts out, bonking& drinking till ya drop.

Icey (Guest)
19-10-01, 03:19 PM
Coney I just had a better thought!! Have you got any saddles that you want to sell?, if so... you can hang it on for size and I'll come over and and see if it fits ok LMAO!!!!!

Black Duck (Guest)
19-10-01, 03:41 PM
Jesus Coney, the pub?
I think the wildest night ive had for a while, was at the cutting nat's, with one of the sexiest old guys getting about,
Bo,we danced till my hips couldn't take no more "
and I do mean danced" speaking of dancing,
ive seen you out at a number of show's now,
and never have I seen you dance?
is there a reason for this? Mmmmmmmmm
Ive seen you ride, so I know your hips work?
maybe you can catch up with me at a show,
but don't look for the blonde, its red and wild,
well for now anyways!!
I think im gonna get to like this thread
and I see there are a few that have changed over
from the "other" thread
I hope there's nothing wrong with having a bit of fun!!!!

20-10-01, 02:31 AM
Hey Coney, I'll be over on Monday, after all 'Monday is washing day' !!!!! You'd be able to hang a few saddles, after all you told me you wished you were black so you wouldn't look so abnormal naked LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Icey (Guest)
20-10-01, 03:16 AM
LOL @ Bowerbird....Wait ya turn girly I'm gettin first :P

Cowgirl (Guest)
20-10-01, 03:17 AM
Hi Bowerbird

Ill be driving in everyday with a friend to the MEC accom is too hard to find in Melbourne at the moment and bloody expensive we have thought about parking our float near the Yarra so we have a water view a "bathroom" and bedroom and walking in.

I think it is kinda cute that he is sucking his cheek in, god knows Id like to bite it........

LOL Cowgirl

Icey (Guest)
20-10-01, 03:21 AM
Black duck, yes there are a few of us that come here from the western showies threads, only because if someone farts and gets upwind of it you get threatned with crap, like lawers and so on, you can't voice an opinion or joke around, there to political and into themselves, I don't mean all of them but most!!!

So we are here to have fun and want to keep it THAT way ;-)

Hotbod (Guest)
20-10-01, 03:29 AM
Hope he is worth all the fuss!!!!!

Cowgirl (Guest)
20-10-01, 04:04 AM
I agree Icey but how long until the masses migrate and this one is moderate then we will have to find somewhere else to go to conduct our fun times........hopefully they will read all of our replies and s**t themselves and decide that they wouldnt be able to keep up with us anyway, (or at least our standards)

:) :)

Cowgirl (Guest)
20-10-01, 04:05 AM
Is that the Aust. Appys Journal???

Hotbod (Guest)
20-10-01, 04:17 AM
Yes it is hope, u can get one.

20-10-01, 04:44 AM
One really cute guy you have all left out is Bill Ricketts, blue eyes, blonde hair, moustache...........Hummmmmmmmmm.
What do you all think????
Could he park his shoes under your bed???????

Cowgirl (Guest)
20-10-01, 05:15 AM


More than three words in one sentence......YES

Nice looking backs (& bums)........YES

he he he :9

Cowgirl (Guest)
20-10-01, 07:13 AM
And I am sure that the girls and I would show you a good time if you were down this year for Equitana - oh well maybe next time
;-) ;-)

Cowgirl (Guest)
20-10-01, 07:15 AM
for some reason I am looking a little silly as I cant reply to the original posts :(

Icey (Guest)
20-10-01, 08:10 AM
Hi there "gotta join in" and welcome to our little thread ;-)

Sorry but bill ricketts isn't my cuppa tea, but I'm sure the older gals would find him attractive I spose.

Bowerbird... I'm of to work tonight with his lordship, gonna go perve on some truckies :P

If you need me for some reason phone me on my mobile, It will be turned on all night ;-)

Catch ya's later

20-10-01, 12:22 PM
Yes I agree, Bill is kinda cute, and I love the moustache. But Bill is also happily taken, isn't he 'gotta join in' !!!!!!

LOL Bowerbird.

Yertle (Guest)
20-10-01, 05:27 PM
live next door to coney. have seen him hanging out his washing.............

Icey (Guest)
21-10-01, 06:26 AM
ok....yertle we want pictures taken from EVERY angle and a video if possable, the pictures can be posted in the "for sale" section of the forum, 2nd hand "clothes line for sale" LOL

21-10-01, 07:37 AM
Went past the Lochinvar hotel lastnight to, there wasn't any screaming or astranged men begging for mercy as we drove through.

Cute little pub though ;-)

21-10-01, 03:47 PM
Still foal watching around here, but drive past in a couple of weeks when we all get together & watch for the sparks !!! Better still, come join us. Date yet to be fixed.

22-10-01, 12:26 PM
Icey, that should read Reconditioned,2nd hand clothes line,with GUARENTEE!!!

22-10-01, 12:54 PM
LMAO @ COney ..... yep just like a female gettting a re-sleave!!

OK OK I know that was rude, but hey!! I can't help it :P

22-10-01, 01:05 PM