View Full Version : Eventer wanted!!!!

Miss Eventer (Guest)
26-10-01, 05:15 AM
Hi all I'm into eventing.Hope to cyber chat with you all.SWVG.I'm in Vic too.

Cowgirl (Guest)
26-10-01, 06:08 AM
Welcome to the forum Miss Eventer.

:) :) :D :) :)

Miss Eventer (Guest)
26-10-01, 06:31 AM
Hi ;-)

SWVG (Guest)
26-10-01, 12:10 PM
Yeah love to chat....email me....my email isnt working to well.....i can recieve but not send any at the moment .Let me know where you are and a bit about yourself, WOuld love to hear from you

SWVG (Guest)
26-10-01, 12:18 PM
WOuld be great to speak to you email me ......email isnt working to well....actually none of the network is working very well... I can recieve emails but cant send them at the moment.

Email me and let me know some details.

Spk to you then.

SWVG (Guest)
26-10-01, 12:35 PM
and now im doubling up on messages .....i cant keep track of which ones go through...Sorry guys

Miss Eventer (Guest)
30-10-01, 02:20 AM
Hi SWVG.Problems with email so I'II chat here. Do you currently event or did you event in the past? How old r u? What level did or do you event at? How long have u been in Vic? R U going to Adelaide? :-)Horses names ? Wait to hear from U. Miss Eventer.;-)

SWVG (Guest)
30-10-01, 05:36 AM
Hi there...
My email is working better now so if you want me to email you let me know your address.

Well I will endeavour to answer some of your questions.
Yes I am currently eventing have a couple of horse on the go....one of them is novice the other is only a baby...I have ridden CCI** before but only got a novice horse at the moment.....
Yes I am going to Adelaide but not riding this year.......grooming for a couple of friends.

Now horses names......ah ha you will have to email me for those cant devolge to much information about myself on here...mainly because of work reasons Sorry.
Im in my late 20's

So what about yourself are you eventing at the moment?
HOw old are you? Are you going to Adelaide? Did you go to Geelong on the w/e?

Well im around on and off during the day maybe hear from you or chat on MSN messenger if you have it. It's the same as my hotmail address

Hear from you soon

Miss Eventer (Guest)
30-10-01, 01:04 PM
SWVG go to Go Gallops' chat room tonight 29/10. I'II be there waiting 4 u!! Dont panic I'm not a teene bopper!I'm Going to Adelaide on Wed.U can reg for free at go gallop now. Go to chat as SWVG. M/E ;-)www.gogallop.com.au I think.

Miss Eventer (Guest)
30-10-01, 01:07 PM
If ur not there tonight I'II be there tommorrow morning until about 11.00 am :-)

Miss Eventer (Guest)
30-10-01, 01:11 PM
Click on light chat.