View Full Version : Equitana anyone??????

08-11-01, 09:10 AM
Whoooo Hooooo..........

After the biggest sicky of my life I am finally back, How is everyone????

Well Equitana is coming up lets orgainise something a get together of sorts..........

Love to hear from who is going to be there

08-11-01, 12:08 PM
Hi Cowgirl. What I thought of doing re Equitana is to get everyone who is going to send me an email in my inbox on this thread ( to do that you just click on the yellow envelope next to my name ) and give me your mobile phone numbers and email addresses and we can work something out.

Of course I will have my phone down there so if we can exchange numbers we can arrange to meet up.

I will be there on the morning of Thursday 22nd Nov, till late on the following Sunday. I am staying at the Victoria Hotel, where that is I have no idea as I am driving to a girlfriends place at Albury and we are getting the train down, apparently our motel is not far from the train station. I hope not, as I hate carrying and I never travel light !!!!

So to all Equitana goers, send me an email and lets get this happenning !!!!!!!

LOL Bowerbird.

PS Welcome back Cowgirl, I thought too had been insulted and had the s***s with the Meet Market !!!!