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Aussie Darren USA (Guest)
09-11-01, 06:17 AM
Ok all i'll be on a plane for 57 hrs so give me heaps to read on the BORING flyt, I will save it all the day prior to flying and then i can have some laughs on my way back. Saves me having to worry about high jakers so anything HOT,JUICY what ever.

Cowgirl1 (Guest)
09-11-01, 08:14 AM
Well Aussie Darren I known that we can all contribute to keeping your mind off the flight. Im sure that a read of most of mURIELS threads will do the trick and have you laughing all the way lol. When is our deadline?????

:) :) :)

mURIEL (Guest)
10-11-01, 03:30 PM
Oh really,
Oh, poor little jetsetting horsey playboy wants to be entertained while on board!! Not my job darling! Entertain me - stuck out here in the wilderness alone!! You guys...(scoff).."give (you) heaps to read", get real, I have a life you know!!! ;)

Well on second thoughts...If you read any of my posts you'll know I'm a bit of a book worm - so my question is, why didn't you take a copy of Erica Jongs 'Fear of Flying' with you? You know,the avante garde work of art written in the 70s about the "zipless f$%k"!!!!! Excellent and enlightening read if you're after something, as you suggest Darren, "hot and juicy"!!!!!!!!

lets romp (Guest)
18-11-01, 06:02 AM
hey darren,
hows it going? get any interesting messages i dont really know why im doing this but i gets its out of curriosity. im 20 blonde, blued eyed female who works with horses always has and hopefully always will,guess i want someone who likes my intrests to turn me on , city boys just dont do it for me they can spoiel u rotten and shower u with gifts but they dont share the shame excitment that i do when i want to go ridding through the forrest all day and camp under the stars. ##### or even a roll in the hay no ther're to worried about getting a splinter in the arse! anyway i am seeing one of these losers at the moment he is a big smotherer and cant find it in myself to break up with him. anyway thanks for letting me relive some stress anlthough there are better ways to relive it .keep smiling regards LETS ROMP!