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17-11-01, 04:38 AM
Congrats to everyone over 1000 posts here in such a short time, I must say though they have almost all been "naice" which is a pretty good effort.

Jenna (Guest)
17-11-01, 11:51 AM
Hey cowgirl1 - thats still cowgirl right??? :) Have to catch up just had a week in NZ got some photos of me with my old neddies down at the beach, have to send them to ya! Hows things at your end?

mark69 (Guest)
17-11-01, 12:51 PM
hi there cowgirl and jenna,

>>>Hey cowgirl1 - thats still cowgirl right??? :)

i was going to ask the same question!!!

>>>Have to catch up just had a week in NZ got some photos of me with my old neddies down at the beach, have to send them to ya!

i hope you had a good trip:-)!!!

yes,cowgirl1, 1000 posts....150:-)(15%) by me..... i think i spend too much time on here!!!!!


rappie (Guest)
17-11-01, 02:06 PM
lol - pretty quick stuff really...quite impressive for having nothing (much) to do with the geegees, only the riders (of all types :) )

hi mark!

i reckon theres a fair few posts in there from me too - wheres that son of yours then?


20-11-01, 02:02 AM
Yes its me................still.
I had to register so I could email Bowerbird and someone already had taken Cowgirl.

Jenna please email me with the pics cant wait to hear all about it **and more** Fill ya in with events this end...........

mark69 (Guest)
20-11-01, 02:23 AM
hi rappie.

>i reckon theres a fair few posts in there from me too - wheres that son of yours then?
as i put down on anoher thread... mark jnr is around... he just doesn't stand much of a chance to get on this computer when i'm around!!! i'm not around tonight(monday) so ***cross fingers** he catches up with you!!!:-)


Jenna (Guest)
20-11-01, 03:07 AM
LOL no worries, we've just moved offices and the scanners in bits but I'll have a crack at it an email you tonight :)

Mark I had a ball in NZ food poisoning included free of charge. Also a speeding ticket so I think my country is trying to tell me not to go back, last trip at queens bday I broke a friends arm and then crashed my car reversing out her driveway...:) :)

beyond the glen
20-11-01, 06:33 AM
.... so you're the real original cowgirl !!! ... since I'm a bit green to all this western scene, please tell - do you give lessons ?? I have a cowboy hat and spurs - now what do I do next ? .... (lolol)

But seriously welcome back !

20-11-01, 06:48 AM
Well Thanks BTG,

I think my only prerequisites were the hat and spurs.........

The only lessons I give are private not group!!!!!!

mark69 (Guest)
20-11-01, 07:08 AM
hi there cowgirly;-)
>Mark I had a ball in NZ food poisoning included free
>of charge. Also a speeding ticket so I think my
>country is trying to tell me not to go back,
>last trip at queens bday I broke a friends arm
>and then crashed my car reversing out her driveway...:) :)

>>> well next time you are visiting sydney...let me know!!!.......i like my arms just the way they are ...and my car in one piece thankyou**big grin**. i'll be heading off in the other direction thanks!!!:-)

Jenna (Guest)
20-11-01, 08:43 AM
LOL well it was a case of holding a horse for her while giving her a leg up, the horse bucked as soon as she touched the saddle launched her into the air, I tried to hold the horse, I fell over/on her and broke her arm (I'm not a big person either LOL) and so the next day when I took her the "I'm so sorry pack" of chocolate, flowers, cigarettes and pain killers I wasn't looking where I was going when I backed out and this mad fencepost jumped out of no where and viciously attacked my rear door...gotta watch out for those posts...they're mad!!! :) Don't worry I won't be anywhere near sydney for a while LOL...

Jenna (Guest)
20-11-01, 03:21 PM
LOL cowgirl we need to find someone with the hat and the spurs who'd give us private lessons!!! :)

beyond the glen
21-11-01, 10:58 AM
(LOL) Damn ! I knew I should have got some 'experience' in western events before taking up this dressage stuff !!!!

Jenna (Guest)
22-11-01, 01:08 AM
LOL its never to late to don a pair of spurs & a cowboy hat LOL I'm sure you'd figure out what to do...!

beyond the glen
22-11-01, 12:02 PM
(LOL) OK, well I've got the cowboy hat and spurs ... but must warn you - I can be a bit accident prone myself (damn mad jumping fenceposts are over here as well !!), so maybe you might need to give me a leg-up to get me started ...... er, um, well, on second thoughts .... don't think my insurance covers broken limbs under instruction !!!!!!!!

Jenna (Guest)
23-11-01, 03:30 AM
LOL...broken limbs under instruction huh? :) well I think cowgirl and I were thinking more along the lines that you'd be instructing us LOL hat & spurs included...

LOL I don't know if I'm accident prone but they sure seem to find me! Provides everyone else with a laugh though so I guess its not that bad! Doesn't help that I'm a blonde :)

beyond the glen
23-11-01, 06:26 AM
(LOL) Oh, what the heck, I'll have a go at this instructing stuff ... but again I must warn you I'm pretty green at that as well .... so hey, maybe we can take turns of playing the role of instructor ..... sure we all have a few skills to learn from each other !!!

Jenna (Guest)
23-11-01, 03:46 PM
LOL this is hilarious...er what skills would you be lacking LOL or do you simply need to know how to wear the hat & spurs? Or what to do with them !!! Aren't you the dressage man...you'd be familiar with spurs and their action no???

beyond the glen
24-11-01, 05:13 AM
(LOL) Hard to answer your first question in 25 words or less .... so, let's just start with the mounting procedure and take it from there (lolol) ... but hey what I may lack in skill ... I make up for in enthusiasm !!! ...

OK seriously now .... yeah, know how to use spurs and I do own a cowboy hat .... but (LOL) just thougt you might have some 'creative' uses for the hat and spurs in particular western events (always willing to learn!) ...

But before we get into all that, maybe we can talk insurance. (LOL) Judging by how you accidentally broke your poor friends arm in NZ (oops!) ... if we do start instruction with the mounting procedure (!) .... and you accidentally manage to damage one of my limbs (yikes!) ..... please tell me I'm covered for the period I'm 'out of action' !!!!!! ..... (LOL)

mark69 (Guest)
24-11-01, 01:46 PM
hi jenna,
the horse bucked as soon as she touched the saddle I fell over/on her and broke her arm.....I wasn't looking where I was going when I backed out and this mad fencepost jumped out of no where and viciously attacked my rear door...gotta
>watch out for those posts...they're
>mad!!! :)

well you DID have a good holiday didn't you!!lol:-)...i know who the mad one is!!!!;-)

Don't worry I won't be anywhere near sydney for a while LOL...

yes, the streets of sydney are safe again.:-):-)


27-11-01, 07:36 AM
Beyond the glen I have no idea who you are but this just gets funnier...Okay well lets see...

With the mounting procedure do you have trouble with:

A. Your balance while mounting?
B. Holding your filly secure while mounting?
C. Getting your leg over? (LOL)
D. All of the above?

I would suggest the only remedy is practice, again and again, of course with a good instructor. One particular western event I would suggest would be the showmanship class, only requirements would be a good hat and spurs, of course again myself and cowgirl would have to judge/instruct. In the course of damage to any of your limbs, ambulances would be at hand, they are skilled in dealing with injuries sustained from rough riding of wild fillies...(LOL)

27-11-01, 07:58 AM
Well hello guys I am back oh Jenna did you miss out, those reiners at Equitana - what can i say!!!!!!!!!

The World Championships were a hoot even managed to get to Merricks yesterday for the show there. Heaven Cowboys everywhere!!!!! he he he

Bowerbird where were you??????? Email me when you read this. I asked the F****** orgainisers to page you they say that they did but I couldnt see you anywhere nor did I hear your name mentioned. Did have a good look at the QH, Paints & Appy stands. Got me a new hat. but then again everybody had a new hat. Loved it!!!

27-11-01, 08:39 AM
LOL reiners huh - where are the photos !!! LOL

Sorry but I was at a volleyball tourney at the Australian Institute of sport...plenty to perve at there trust me LOL glad you had fun tho!

beyond the glen
28-11-01, 08:45 AM
By way of background, I'm a dressage guy and most of my riding occurred in Denmark .... but always looking to gain some local experience in exciting new discplines ..... So as for the mounting procedure with western riding, do I have a problem with :

A. Balance while mounting ? Sometimes - if it's very windy and we're practising outdoors !! (not normally a problem in indoor arenas)
B. Holding my filly secure while mounting ? No - always gentle here ... besides don't want to hinder my filly's character (might reduce that all important action under seat .... LOLOL)
C. Getting my leg over ? Yes - have pulled an awkward muscle (or two) especially with a frisky filly. But I guess nothing that a little more intense warming up wouldn't fix !!
D. All of the above ? OK looks like I've struck out on 2 out of 3. Oh, what the heck, I'll choose D ..... I'm inexperienced in this western stuff ... so as far as the mounting procedure goes ..... maybe it'll be much easier for both of us if you just show me how it's done (!) and start me out ... er, well .... at the bottom !!!!!!! (lolololol)

As for practice makes perfect, I respect your judgement here - as an experienced instructor ... so before I tie you down (!) to a contract, please tell .... I assume all your instruction is extremely personalised and tailored to meet my particular needs !!!!

Now this showmanship stuff sounds pretty interesting .... any more info !!! ... qualifying rules ? judging criteria ? scoring system ? prizes for consistent performance ? .....

And about the medical facilties to support your instruction .... ambulance at the ready !!! for a private lesson in showmanship ???? .... Yikes !! I guess some western fillies are wilder than I thought !!! .... But in case the ambulance gets called away to another emergency ... I assume you know how to restrain and dress a limb 'manually' ... lolol .... and CPR (AKA the kiss of life) may also be useful - in the event of unconsciousness !!

BTW, Thanks for your inbox message .... replied as asked ....

Jenna (Guest)
28-11-01, 12:38 PM
Oh my god ROFLMAO !!! Hang on I have to go away and think how am I going to top this one LOL :) :) Sorry I didn't log in so didn't catch your msg - will do that now...

Jenna (Guest)
29-11-01, 03:19 AM
Beyond the glen heres the next chapter...

Dressage guy. Hmmm rumour has it they can take a good deep seat and have plenty of rhythm, although dressage riders prefer warmbloods to kiwi thoroughbreds…although Australian & European eventers appear to go well on a NZ thoroughbred. Have you ever ridden a NZ bred?

Yes practice would be the answer…I have been tied into a loose contract before but would prefer a more rigid binding type with some set guidelines. All instruction is one on one and meeting student needs would depend on the areas the student is weak in and the enthusiasm to learn new skills.

The mounting procedure revisited…now I was given the infallible advice of to steady my balance on mounting “hold on to the horn”…this has never failed me…It is my experience that reining types have long horns, roping have short fat horns and pleasure types are a combination that would be just right. What type of horn does your saddle have? (LOL)

Instruction could be taken indoor or out. Instructor has a preference for using outdoor arenas with plenty of natural obstacles. This of course tests the student’s ability, versatility and his control over his mount. The rider would be commended for a gentle but firm hand, of course not restricting his mounts action but working towards a better position producing the correct lope. The warm up is particularly important. The student must not attempt to pressure or work his mount until the mount is sufficiently warm and supple, accepting the bit readily and willing to commence work.

Showmanship would of course require the student to have to correct gear. A decent pair of chaps, a good hat and a nice pair of spurs…You would of course be expected to show your mount to the best of its ability, and have it turned out in top order. For a beginner though I would recommend some in hand showing classes to start, when gaining more experience, progressing to some beginner trail classes where you will be expected to demonstrate your skill in persuading your mount to negotiate difficult obstacles. The instructor of course would be expected to assist her student where required. Rewards would of course be given for outstanding performances.

The instructor has a first aid kit…contents have been checked but are not available for publication. She is trained in CPR although might be a tad out of practice, some refresher type practice on her student could be required. She is proficient in her first aid, has been known to take extra care when working on damaged limbs. A thorough physical would of course be required from the student before undertaking instruction.

LOL…your turn…

beyond the glen
01-12-01, 03:48 AM
Well Jenna, it appears that you are indeed an instructor with many hidden talents ....

Yes, us dressage types are prepared to work hard with our mount in the hope of developing that elusive seat to produce that all important distinctive action. But at the end of the day it all comes down to taking every opportunity to improve your skills and acquire experience ....

As for breeds and their bloodlines, generally your observations might be true. But to me, and this is a personal decision here (as a rider not a breeder), it's all about how much pleasure you derive through your riding. And in my view, that is a factor of two things when considering an appropriate mount - trainability (how well you train together) and performance (you much you achieve together). And in determining that optimum mix, as with anything there is always an element of good fortune involved, but we all need to get lucky on some occasions. As for competition at the higher levels, well some judges can be harsh critics, but as as long as you and your mount are well pleased and satisfied with the performance - that's all that matters. So to answer your question, no I have not ridden an NZ T/B, because I do not know enough about their trainability and performance characteristics .....

Well it is refreshing to meet an instructor who is clear about the requirements sought in an student. This should help foster a closer and better understood student/instructor relationship over time. In return I can assure you that I am committed to improving my skills, and am prepared to make the necessary sacrifices (as difficult and strenuous as they may be).

But before you take me as a student, I must warn you that I am extremely passionate about my riding. I assume my instructor can cater for my increasing needs and desires as I learn new technical skills and develop more practical experience. I also take a wholistic approach to my learning so in addition to technique, I am also interested in the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of rider development. And as for the geographic location of my instructor - this willing student travels very well - with significant experience in domestic and international travel.

In relation to payment for your services, I understand that you do not support casual arrangements so I would be happy to pay in advance and agree to more stringent conditions - assuming we are both bound by them. And although we will be tied to a rigid structure for learning, I understand there are specific exit clauses which if triggered could allow either party to pursue a more flexible approach as required. I assume all major forms of payment are accepted.

Finally, I am realistic about the challenges I face - I accept it will take many hours of intense work to learn the skills my instructor has to offer me. So even if I don't reach me desired destination and achieve my goals ... well I'm sure the journey will be enjoyable and satisfying ......

Choice of an effective and practical saddle combination is of course an extremely personal decision, which is often reached only after many trials of possible configurations while assessing comfort to my mount and correct action under seat. Without revealing too much here, I might start at local shows in western pleasure next year, so I have chosen a saddle accordingly.

I would be pleased to fulfil my instructors desire for outdoor work in a natural setting. There should be little problem with the warm-up nor willingness of the mount to commence work under such circumstances. In addition to improving control and versatility, it appears that there are also tests of stamina and endurance for both mount and student. It must be very satisfying and rewarding for the rider and his mount to successfully negotiate each and every natural obstacle. For indoor arena work, the student would like to request special instruction with downward transitions (due to a long standing technical fault with attempting to use the leg and the hand together). I understand one important rule is never hold more than you can push, and never push more than you can hold. The student may need some help to correct this flaw through diligent practice.

Showmanship is a completely new area to me, but I do possess the required equipment to get started. I accept that I am a beginner in this discipline and will need special attention from a caring and committed instructor. So I'd like to request some direct hands-on assistance from you, with the initial in hand showing classes, at least until I am confident enough to hold my own at the higher levels of showmanship. As for the beginner trail classes and those technically challenging obstacles - for gentle persuasion of my mount, I hope I can use my whip (ever so lightly of course). Also, I assume the rewards would be structured in a way that continues to motivate, satisfy and inspire me - towards the ultimate goal of reaching my full potential.

I have been very fortunate to date that my riding has kept me (relatively) fit. However, I acknowledge that the physical demands on my body of this whole new world of western pleasure riding are completely unknown. Therefore, I whole-heartedly agree with your suggestion about regular physicals. Perhaps we can come to some private arrangement of warm-up physicals before each and every lesson. This will definitely improve my fitness and may also provide you with an opportunity to brush up on your CPR technique.

And finally, thank you for confirming that the contents of the first aid kit have been checked. Based on your experience with other medical emergencies, in the event of limb damage - it is reassuring to know that I would be in safe and well-trained hands.

Perhaps it is time for a private lesson ? (LOLOLOL)

beyond the glen
01-12-01, 03:56 AM
Oh, and I almost forgot ...

On another matter, a friend of a friend (* wink wink*) might be able to recommend a powerful vehicle that may meet your needs to be 'moved' (!) - complete with a fully functional towing 'accessory' (!) ...... definitely has the muscle to get the job done properly .... a discreet referral can be arranged at your convenience ..... but you may need to provide further performance specifications ????

beyond the glen
01-12-01, 04:08 AM
Hey Cowgirl,

Welcome back from the Equitan party !! Well, now you've had a chance to recover ..... perhaps you can share what you may have learnt (LOL)

So .... about those private reining and cutting lessons ...... have the initial equipment (!) but just want to confirm what level of experience you're looking for (being a simpleton I get confused easily!) ... (lolol)

Any details floating around ......


04-12-01, 12:20 AM
LOL alright you got me...I can't possibly think how to reply to this and errr...keep it a family show. Better do as you suggest and call a time out...switching to email...let the battle begin! :)