View Full Version : Does Mr. Right really exist?

lonely heart (Guest)
23-11-01, 02:03 PM
Howdy guys, so tell me does Mr. Right really exist or is it a myth???

mark69 (Guest)
24-11-01, 01:56 PM
>Howdy guys, so tell me does Mr. Right really exist or is it a myth???

hi lonely heart,

mr right does exist....but he is already married!!!


Caz (Guest)
24-11-01, 04:15 PM
Hey there Mark,

Yes, your married, we know!!!! :D :D :D :D

Lonely heart,
It depends on what your looking for, I believe there is someone
for everyone, sometimes its Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now! :-)

26-11-01, 09:09 AM
Its a myth....they either have to much bagage or they are already screwed up in the head from the last relationship they had!!
OR there slef centered, up themselves, snobs that think there to good for anyone.... there the ones that turn out to be gay.

SWVG (Guest)
26-11-01, 02:19 PM
Gee ICey thats a bit COLD...lol
Sorry Im trying to think whether I fit into any of those categories....bit scared now.

27-11-01, 12:39 AM
LOL Mark are you saying you're all of our Mr.Rights??? :) Better put that Mark Jnr into training!!!

Icey - I have to agree - I'm a bit cynical like you LOL once bitten twice shy - but hey it can be fun looking for Mr Right or Mr Right-For-A-While...!

mark69 (Guest)
29-11-01, 07:32 AM
>LOL Mark are you saying you're all of our Mr.Rights??? :)

>>>hi jenna, no not everyones mr right....only mr right for mrs right!!!. another female might find me obnoxious, boring, uncouth, totally non compatable for them...totally mr wrong. it all depends on what constitutes mr right in the eyes of the person looking for him!!!!!

>Better put that Mark Jnr into training!!!

>>>mark jnr has been in training for a couple of years now :-)
he has trouble, not only finding "miss right"...but trouble finding a "anywhere near miss right" at the moment.


mURIEL (Guest)
02-12-01, 06:15 AM
No. I'm convinced Mr Right is merely a temporary state of mind but while it lasts it's all rather blissful!!!!!!!!

06-12-01, 01:50 PM
Hey Icey you are so right, in fact if they didn't have dicks we would throw rocks at them !!!!!

There's a book available at service stations called Looking for Mr Right, I couldn't help myself and I had a quick look, it's full of photos, but what I can't understand is how someone could waste precious time on compiling such crap, and get paid for it !!!!!!

It is a myth. LOL, Bowerbird.

PS: However there are some exceptions to the myth, unfortunately they are very far and few between.

06-12-01, 01:54 PM
Hi Muriel. It is definitely a blissful temporary state of mind while it lasts, however it never lasts long enough due to man's ability to exercise their selfish self centred minds whenever they damn well please.

You go girls, and yes, I AM BACK !!!!!!!!!!!

LOL Bowerbird.

PS: To any decent men out there, if they do in fact exist, I give you the benefit of the doubt and I apologise for my attitude, which has been moulded by years of hurt and mistreatment by men. Sorry.

mark69 (Guest)
07-12-01, 10:12 AM
hi there bowerbird,

it is definitely a blissful temporary state of mind while it lasts, however it never lasts long enough due to man's ability to exercise their selfish self centred minds whenever they damn well please.

>PS: To any decent men out
>there, if they do in
>fact exist, I give you
>the benefit of the doubt
>and I apologise for my
>attitude, which has been moulded
>by years of hurt and
>mistreatment by men. Sorry.


Steering Wheel Attendant (Guest)
08-12-01, 03:46 AM
"I"M SHATTERED" here I was thinking I was in a good honest relationship and now I find out that the "MR RIGHT" I have been aspiring to be for all these years is but a "MYTH"
I am completely at a loss for woords,which is really unusual for me,but I guess there is only one thing to do now and that is to pack up my gooseneck and horses and become dare I say it"GAY".

No just kidding!!!!!!!!lol
It seems to me that a few of the"LADIES" in this forum may have been hurt at some stage or another,but lets not forget who took the first bite of the apple mmmmmmmm.........EVE!!!!!!!!
So please ladies there are some nice guys out there as well for the fella's there are some nice girls.Good luck to all of you and I'll just go and start packing now!

Hoo Roo

08-12-01, 04:47 AM
Hello Steering Wheel Attendant,

I bet Adam gave the apple to Eve !!!!!!!!!!!!

Steering Wheel Attendant (Guest)
08-12-01, 09:43 AM
Hey there Bowerbird

Sorry to burst your bubble,but Adam was sitting back having
a VB.All he told Eve to do was go and get some food so he
wouldnt get brewers droop and have her nagging at him all
night.Dont try to pin that one on the boys!
Got to go play in the traffic now

Love always

08-12-01, 03:51 PM
Well how typical ..... even back in the dark ages men were sitting on their arses sinking piss and expecting women to pick up after them !!

What a shame the women's movement wasn't around then !!!

And as for the nagging, I bet it was the usual 'pick your clothes up off the floor', 'put the lid on the tooth paste', 'put the toilet seat down', 'put the garbage out' crap that we still have to endure !!!!! And then I bet the woman got dragged by her hair into a cave and clubbed !!!!!!!!

Gee how times have evolved, NOT !!!!!!

LOL Bowerbird.

PS Good luck in the traffic, don't let the revenue raisers spoil your night.

Steering Wheel Attendant (Guest)
09-12-01, 09:12 AM
Crikey Bowerbird,theres a typical example of nagging at its best......lol
You've really blown me away here.......I thought you would be the soft passionate type,not a submissive into B&D and role playing.
I guess my concerns about the nagging may have been a little selfish,because after a skinfull and the headache that follows,the last thing you need is to be nagged.If my statement was leaning in that direction I do appoligise.I was more concerned with being unable to perform to my partners expectations,and I do believe that if a job is worth doing it's worth doing well.

10-12-01, 11:31 AM
Hey SWA, you were right ..... I am soft and passionate, however variety is the spice of life, hence my long hair !!!!!!!

LOL Bowerbird.

22-12-01, 05:53 PM
Yes Bowerbabe, apology accepted, of cource Mr right exists?????? Im just already taken!!!!!!

23-12-01, 01:58 AM
You need to find Mr Wrong first then you will appreciate Mr Right. Above all do not settle for second best. And if you are bitter & twisted , get over it & move on.

I married Mr Right! :-)

p.s. Men are like carparks, they are either taken or disabled.....lol

23-12-01, 02:55 PM
Hi Coney, do we have to go down that path again !!!!

Merry Christmas, what will you be doing, apart from the obvious !!!!

LOL Bowerbird.

23-12-01, 03:21 PM
How many hours ago? yes the obvious will be spending 4 days with my girl in a truely wonderful part of Aus. Have a good chrissy & I will talk to U soon!

25-12-01, 09:00 AM
Dear Lonely Heart
I am sure a "Mr" exists, and whether he is "right" or not, only time will tell. I have just broken up with my man of 3 years. Nice guy, lots of fun, but a little baggage (child and horrible ex-wife). Anyway, I'm sure you will meet your match, both intellectually, pyhsically and emotionally... sometimes re-inventing certain things about yourself or expanding your circle of activities, will get you there. Chin up....

09-02-02, 07:52 AM
mr wright here.

39 slim, tall , handsome,dosn't spit,swear, puts the toilet seat down, keen on horses, competent horseman,
e-mail me at schooter12345678@hotmail.com

ps. (i lied about the toilet seat)

pookiesgirl (Guest)
18-02-02, 12:57 PM
Hi everybody, long time no lurk in here for me. Thought I'd drop in and see what's happening, just a quick visit as I'm off to Canberra Royal this week. Having a relaxing wine and reflecting on some recent "Mr Rights".

I guess there are never really any guarantees in life and if you do meet the person who you think is Mr Right, enjoy it while it lasts, you never know what tomorrow will bring.
You could get hit by a bus! (in the extreme of course!)

Anyway, whatever happens, happens for a reason and don't forget when you are going through pain there is always somebody worse off than you are.

Some little sayings which have a permanent home on my fridge -

No man is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.
There's always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.
Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful.
Never frown even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.
Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

These little sayings have helped me "get through" when I have been hurt - even though sometimes I feel like tearing them up and throwing them in the bin too! lol My motto has become "Same #####, different bastard!" lol

But seriously folks, we go through so many emotions because the so-called Mr Right has "done the wrong thing", we just have to try and move on and learn from the experience. Easy to say - hard to do.

We females also have to remember that we think differently to males in that we are alot more emotional. Sometimes the blokes really don't realise how much hurt we are going through, if they felt that pain then most of us females wouldn't have to go through what we do. And I'm not saying they are all like that, there are some guys who really do care about our feelings and don't want to hurt us, they behave accordingly.

I'll get off my soapbox now!
James and all other fellow single cyberites - good luck in your quests! Personally I have given up!

pallylee (Guest)
22-02-02, 09:59 AM
oh dear....

Pookiesgirl don't give up...Im told there is somebody out there for everyone :D just wish I knew where he was hiding LOL

If all else fails you still have Pookie he is tall and handsome and good company, someone you can argue with that won't talk back, never tells you you don't look good in that, you spend too much time/money on your horses and the classic you love your horse more than me :D hehe we have all been there....

Question is is Mr Right usually horsie or non horsie when you have a horse or two or three?

pookiesgirl (Guest)
23-02-02, 02:44 AM
hey pallylee - aren't you competing at Canberra this year? I saw Tim's bucky entered in Pookies class, what about your young one? and the Welshie? I have been down to C'berra but have had to come home as I have a pinched nerve in my neck and am in quite a bit of pain. BSR is giving me a lift back today or tomorrow and I am going to try and do my classes on Sunday if I'm feeling OK.
On Mr Right, the latest one didn't have an issue with the horses at all - far from it - loves all animals and even mucked out my stables for me a few times too! He wants to get out of Sydney as I do and get acres etc - said I could have a maximum of 20 horses!!!! He has other issues to deal with and he's disappeared to deal with them - I am trying to be understanding but it's difficult, I don't even know if he's still in NSW or not as he was planning a trip away - he hasn't let me know whether he's left or not or if he has, where he was going.

pallylee (Guest)
01-03-02, 10:06 AM
BAST*RD.....lol oh well lets hope when he returns everything is settled and you guys can get on with it! There is ALWAYS a catch lol

Bad luck about your neck hey...I heard Pookie did ok anyway. Is your neck better now? Tim's Bucky was entered and Ive busted my knee so won't be going anywhere for a while. I get operated on next Wednesday at RPA yikes!!! I have got somebody to look after the reg -pally cob and take him to the Royal for me as he is in 3 classes and the bucky is out on agistment while I'm out of action so Im not tempted to do anything with either of them too soon lol Its been bad enough hopping around them feeding up etc on crutches for the past 6 weeks...never mind will be for the best! Hoping to go and watch pally at Sydney, not sure if I will be able to get around enough to watch Reg in the cobs but I'll give it a go anyway...will you be there? Not sure if Tim is going he wasn't sure last time I spoke to him.


18-03-02, 10:24 AM
Well it depends on what Mr Right need's to be Gay Str8 or Bi you'll need to let me know leave me a message ok !!

19-03-02, 03:28 PM
if there is a mr right for everyone there would be no need
for anyone to be lonely, but alas mr right only exists for
a certain amount of people. ( Im not one of them) so the rest
of us have to be content with either our own company or go
out and meet new people.Suggestion Live life for today, because you never know whats around the corner, who knows if It is mr
right of not, take the chance and look

shyguy (Guest)
20-03-02, 05:17 AM
of course i do silly,your just not looking in the right places.........keep searching....u never know you could get lucky

20-03-02, 08:00 AM
that all dependson what ur definition of mr right is
if he's a handsome knight in shining armour riding in on a white steed then i'm sorry to say that tose guys are just myths, i aint' seen one yet
sorry to dissapoint

Penelope Bonkerpenis (Guest)
20-03-02, 12:54 PM
I think the opportunity for Mr. Right (or Miss.Right for that matter) to come into our lives happens only when we are RIGHT for ourselves. Then we can open the doors and attract our hearts desire. Often we tell ourselves we are ready for the 'one'. Fact is when you really ARE ready and no longer dependent on Mr/Miss. Right to be the 'fix all' that's missing in your life - he/she will come in good time.

The term Mr.Right however could be now more accurately described as 'Soul Partner' or Spirtual Partner. Someone who is there for you on ALL levels - to grow WITH you (not eventually apart from you as time goes by).

x (Guest)
20-03-02, 01:47 PM
Have you ever heard about working at relationships Penelope? The soul mate bit you wrote about is fine but it won't hold a relationship together. Trust,negotiation and communication build a strong, working relationship.
The starry eyed ideals that you are talking about are probably all that is required for a short-term sexual encounter.
I must say your'surname'is somewhat at odds with your sentiments.