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Jodie (Guest)
09-05-02, 06:12 AM
Looking for a night in shining armour. Age early to mid thirties and sick of life as it is and want someone to sweep me of my feet.

Sir Alfred Crumpetpumper (Guest)
09-05-02, 07:39 AM
Goodness me Jodie.

I was going to remark that i'm sure every women wants to be swept off their feet, and that I'm sure every man would like to find a woman worthy of being swept.

If someone out there is trully a kindred spirit of yours then surely they will be just as sick of life as you are, and will probably not be in much of a sweeping mood.

I think the whole sudden flood of romantic feeling is surely a fleeting - and illusionary - experience. Probably you would be better off looking for someone who you found you liked more and more with each passing moment.

Great bursts of love and lust are unsustainable.

Then again maybe I should take you at your word and assume that that is really what you are looking for; a brief, whirlwind romantic encounter. Yes, that would certainly be nice... but are you really worth all that sweeping, not to mention the putting on of that bulky & uncomfortable armour? :p

wayne (Guest)
19-12-02, 03:48 PM
hello jodie I feel as you do at the moment.thanks to this service our feelings can be seen and herd love to keep in touch

Antonio (Guest)
22-01-03, 06:17 PM
Sure I can do that..."sweep u off your feet" as long as you are not after long-term commitment, are the jelous or demanding type and are just interested in being spoilt...lchuquip@hotmail.com

Tic Tac (Guest)
27-01-03, 03:34 AM
Hi Jodie I am a 40yo Australian guy & nwould love to correspond with you a bit more.

I live in the Parramata area & agist at Rouse Hill If you would like to email me my addy is hotguy4u1962@hotmail.com hope to talk

james (Guest)
12-02-03, 04:57 AM

check out my ideal woman, in the "dreaming of your ideal" posting and if you meet any of what im looking for drop me an emial