View Full Version : Swedish horselover!!

Emma (Guest)
15-06-02, 08:00 PM
Hello, any horseloving guys out there??

Steve M (Guest)
17-06-02, 05:08 AM
mmm - do racehorses count??

Emma (Guest)
17-06-02, 09:08 AM
Of course...

ynoT (Guest)
17-06-02, 02:32 PM
Swedish Hey! ggggggrrrrrroovey..
Would a rider with a warm fire from Vic do the tric?

Steve M (Guest)
17-06-02, 02:57 PM
I just assumed you liked swedish horses...!
Then again I'm just a mug punter!

Mel (Guest)
18-06-02, 04:05 AM
Hey Ynot,

what part of Vic you from?
what horses/discipline do you ride?

drop me a line.


Emma (Guest)
18-06-02, 11:21 AM
Im from Stockholm, Sweden!!

I have two swedish warmblood...

ynoT (Guest)
18-06-02, 01:16 PM
I live on the South East side of Melbourne.
I ride Dressage.....well I try! In my youth I was a keen Eventer and Showjumper, but know love the challenge of Dressage.
I have a Dutch Warmblood horse just starting out.
Are you living in Stockholm now or over here in Oz ??

Bye for now..

Emma (Guest)
18-06-02, 06:04 PM
Im living here in sweden.
I ride dressage and showjumping with my horses.

My english is not the best, but I hope you undrestand me... =)


fedda (Guest)
19-06-02, 10:47 AM
what level do u jump at?
i am a showjumper
and i would love to go to europe to compete i think it would be great

Steve M (Guest)
19-06-02, 02:11 PM
How does a swedish girl become interested in an Australian forum?

Emma (Guest)
19-06-02, 05:19 PM
I dont compete... Im looking for a better horse...