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Humbug (Guest)
30-06-02, 04:50 AM
Alfred was telling me that the Canning Stock Route is really worth going to see/trek along and he was thinking that a group of CH riders might all ride it together. So I put my collective brains together and thought that maybe in lou of doing it physically, we could ride it together through the thread. You can come and go as you please and we could 'ride' together, dicuss our horses,our love lives (Al like that sort of thing), drink at night (les likes that sort of thing) and stuff like that. The only problem is I have no idea where the Canning Stock Route is or what it looks like, so I thought I would start at "Tubbies hut" the place where we all agreed to meet. I got there first being a very punctual and organised person - but Les is less enthusiastic about this trip and has taken refuge in the local pub. I'll leave him for Al to deal with when he get here.
My horse is a 12 year old gelding named is Colac . He is about 16h.h. a part bred stock, gets a bit go-ey when he's with other horses. I'm not a real confidant rider, so I need you better riders to help me out when he gets silly. He was quietly grazing in the paddock as I wrote this but has heard the arrival of someone, who is it?

Alfred Crumpetpumper (Guest)
02-07-02, 03:19 AM
Humbug my dear it seems you may well have to undertake this massive journey by yourself.
The canning stock route runs roughly from kalgirlie to halls creek in western australia. You may even want to unshoe Colac, as I did Tess, as the sand will do a good job of wearing down his hoves naturally... and the horn should harden in the sun. at least i found my horn hardened quite significantly.
Also be aware that you will experiece significant chafing on your inner thighs, so take plenty of lubricant or hand creme along with you, and massage the area deeply every evening. I often had a helpful lass massage my crumpetpumper for me, which I must say I found that to be quite relieving. Anyway, I know how you feel about other people handling your crumpet, so I leave it in your capable hands.
good luck

Minxy (Guest)
02-07-02, 06:23 AM
My dear friend Humbug

I think that sounds a fabulous idea of getting people riding together through the thread along the Canning Stock route. Don't listen to the despondant Mr Crumpetpumper, he is burning that candle at both ends and living by the motto live fast die young. I myself ride a steady stede along the lines of thoroughbred breeding. 16 2 1/2 HH steel grey dappled horse to be exact of pure intelligence and ready to please known as the great Slimwood but Slim to those he likes! So lets get on our stede's and giddeyup!

Humbug (Guest)
02-07-02, 12:31 PM
Hi Minxy, thanks for your encouragement. Alfred and I understand each other pretty well now and take each other's idiosyncrasy's as they come. He will eventually join us if only for a short time ( he's easily diverted, the mere thought of a bit of crumpet on the side and he's gone) aside from the fact I have his horse Tess here so if he wants her he will just have to come and get her.
I think we should wait a little while longer before we start, there's always one who's late! Anyway I have to somehow prise Les out of the pub now that Al won't come and help me. We have to give Les some practise on Turbo the retired Clydesdale before we go. A slug could go faster than Turbo, which might the ideal speed for Les but not for us more enthusiastic riders. I WISH Al was coming - typical... full of hot air and nothing else :(.
Talk soon Minxy. Humbug.

Minxy (Guest)
03-07-02, 01:29 AM
Alas Humbug you are very true to your friends and patience and tact is the key to all successes. I agree one shouldn't rush off as there are always the stragglers..... Besides it is going to be a full time job getting Les out of the pub especially if you haven't got the support of the in and out of form Mr Crumpetpumper. Your great supporter.... Minxy

Alfred Crumpetpumper (Guest)
03-07-02, 03:17 AM
Hey there's no way I'm riding that bloody stock route again so soon.. I just did it! I can't believe you've kidnapped my Tess.
I'll definitely be getting out of this pool soon and returning... just need a bit of r&r after my adventures of late.

Also I must allow my crumpetpumper to recover.
I can't believe that minxy.. burning the candle at both ends indeed! In and out of form! Well you should make up your mind, am I one or the other? I'm just keeping a good, steady pace is all. I must admit my admiration of your grey, sounds v. nice.

Humbug I'm distressed you haven't humbugged that slanderous monger.. leaving Les to defend our good selves against such lies and fiddle-faddle. I tell you it's nothing but jealousy!

Anyway, I wish you all the best on your journey.. and hope you can find yourself some more companions to accompany you along. I can't believe youknowme and interested and co. haven't decided to join. And what about that Moochie? And the swedish girl and her admirers who were here earlier? I think you should all get behind humbug and minxy and get this party started.

humbug (Guest)
03-07-02, 03:47 AM
oooh Al, you have no idea what it does to me ( or maybe you do) when you get all fired up like that. I have hopes for you yet.
Think about it, your greatest desires will be realized if you come with us surrounded by so many women and well... basically all to yourself. I don't think Les will come. He came out to have a look at Turbo and Turbo ran off - well trotted very slowly off - but it was too fast for Les and he raved on and on and finally went back to the pub to drown his liver.
The only way you'll get Tess back is to come with us. By the time you get here we'll be gone anyway so you'll have to follow us.
I thought the rumour monger was quite amusing and probably more truth in it than you want to admit (hee, hee)
By the way how long does it take to ride the route, there and back?

Minxy (Guest)
03-07-02, 04:06 AM
Here here Al, don't panic about your Tess she is in good hands. She is getting acquainted with my Slim the legendary grey. You should kick back with a few ales and definately rest your crumpetpumper. Ok Al, I didn't mean to offend you with "form" but at least you have the capabilities to burn the "so called candle". Which one would you like to be? In form/out of form. Hmmmm I know which one I would be if I were you....

We will have a toast to you along the way Al.


the ravishing Minxy

PS come everyone the more the merrier for this great adventure

Humbug (Guest)
03-07-02, 12:30 PM
Hey Minxy, I think you and I are going to get on really well. This trek is going to a lot of fun.
Current status - Les has dipped out on us, but I don't care. He's a wet sod of a drunk anyway and Turbo never went any faster than a snail in dry weather, so they are no loss. My poor horse Colac went lame so now I have Tess. She's a right little peice I can tell you, but its not surprising considering who her owner is. Al refuses to budge from wherever he is bunkered at the moment, probably in someones bunk, but I have hopes that your 'willingly' charms might just lure him up here. He can't resist a willing woman.
Well, now all we need is some other people(complete with horse)looking for a bit of adventure in their lives and we'll be off.

Minxy (Guest)
04-07-02, 02:02 AM
Dear Humbug

Life to me is like one big adventure! I do agree with you - we get along very well and now that you will ride Tess and my Slim has developed a ah well quite an attraction to the lovely Tess I think the trip could be a great success. Al forgets it wouldn't be the same trip twice espcecially in the presence of my company. I have one request tho, we must pack plenty of Vino for along the way as there may not be too many pubs to kick back and have an evening bevvie. I wouldn't panic Humbug about the lack of interest to date, we don't want any lushful bores on the trip.

The lushful Minxy

humbug (Guest)
05-07-02, 01:49 AM
Minxy, Al, I'm sorry I've lost all interest in our adventure at the moment. In my real life, my son's horse is not working out the way we hoped. She really needs someone more experienced than my son to work her and daily at that. The problem is that I don't want to sell her on because she is the sort of horse that people would abuse. I deeply suspect she has had abuse earlier in her life, not by the people I bought her off, and this is at the root of some of her problems, but its always difficult to know the exact history of a horse I suppose unless it was born, raised and trained by the one person. How can I sell her and not know if someone is abusing her? I would never be able to sleep worrying about it. What would I do with her, put her in a paddock forever? It means my son would not have a horse to ride because he needs supervision, he has some problems rather than lack of any riding ability.
I'm really upset about it all, I can't sell this horse and my son won't have one to ride. He loves doing dressage and I feel like I'm destroying all his dreams. Everyone has to have dreams, a goal to work towards and I'm so upset at the moment. I have to find some way around this but at the moment I don't know what it is. She is currently being agisted and I'm not sure how much longer she can stay there.
I can't sell her Al, someone will abuse her, I know they will.
I have to go I'm too upset.

Minxy (Guest)
05-07-02, 05:00 AM
Oh you poor dear Humbug

What a dilemma your in but alas you shouldn't have to worry about Al or I, one must put family first! Im sure Al wouldn't mind postponing the trip (we actually have to get him on the trip again) and I as a parent myself can see your moral dilemmas.

Hold your head high Humbug and ride it don't fight it!

Your faithful friend Minxy

Alfred Crumpetpumper (Guest)
05-07-02, 05:05 AM
Humbug! Why on earth would anyone abuse your horse? I mean I'm sure it happens, but it would have to be the exception rather than the rule, and I hardly think you would be likely to sell her to anyone who would.

So you want to sell her because you think she needs a more experienced rider, one that would ride her more often? You could probably almost trade horses with someone who had one that was no longer challenging enough for them, and required less work.
You can prob. find another agistment place easily enough, depending upon where you are. You should post something in the general forum about this. What problems does she have?

Hum (Guest)
05-07-02, 05:49 AM
I don't want to sell her and I'm not in any financial position to have two horses, one is enough. Forget it, I'll work it out myself.

hum again (Guest)
05-07-02, 07:21 AM
Well I went away having the shits with you Al, but I realized from your comments that I probably need to discuss this with people who know the horse, who know why I am so concerned about her future.
Over the next few days I'll try and get this thing figured out and then watch out, I'll be back to give both of you heaps.
Thanks guys.
Keep your pecker up Al.....

Minxy (Guest)
06-07-02, 04:41 AM
I do tend to agree somewhat with Al but get yourself and the horse sorted before making any more decisions Humbug.

humbug (Guest)
06-07-02, 09:37 AM
thanks for your post Minxy. It's all pretty depressing at the moment. Hope the next few days will sort things out or at least give me some better options. I appreciate you posting me again.