View Full Version : Any guys or girls in Sydney area????

Zig Zag (Guest)
22-08-02, 06:42 AM
Hi everyone, just wondering if there are any guys or girls in the Sydney area who are interested in Q/horses, paints or appys?
I am wanting to meet some new people who have similar interests!!
I am a 24 year old single gal who is new to the western show scene!!

Jason (Guest)
22-08-02, 09:07 AM
I like to bet on horses?
How's that?

23-08-02, 08:08 AM
Hi Zig Zag. I'm a 32 yo female who lives in St Marys. I've had appies all my life and have shown a few times as well. Unfortunately though I lost my fellow in April due to cushings disease.

Do you have a horse at the moment?

Zig Zag (Guest)
24-08-02, 01:06 AM
Hi Tab,
Yes I have two horses at the moment. I have a yearling Q/horse & a paint mare. I have been showing the Q/horse all last year & I am preparing for the show season to begin again!!
Sorry to hear about your Fellow, it must have been hard for you. Do you have any plans to get another horse??

Tabitha (Guest)
24-08-02, 01:54 AM
Yes I'm actually looking for something from the bloodlines of Chargers Pistol who was from J Rock Stud at Bundanoon. I was actually looking for a while before I lost my boy but haven't had much luck. It's such a fantastic bloodline!!!! I'm in touch with a breeder who has 3 foals due next month, so fingers crossed there. Are you going to Penrith show? I hear that Greg McNamara is judging.

Zig Zag (Guest)
24-08-02, 04:26 AM
My Filly is currently on holidays at the moment, I am hoping to bring her back in shortly, she is a wooly mammoth at the moment so I don't think she would do to well!!
I might be going out there with a friend, she may be doing some photography at the show.
How exciting about the foals!! Are they all Appy babies? Hope they are what you are looking for!

Tab (Guest)
24-08-02, 05:29 AM
Yes of course they're appies...lol. I probably wouldn't have anything else, cept maybe a Clydie

I'm supposed to be going with RDA to the show but I'm sort of taking a break from that at the moment as there's waaaaay to much politics involved in that organisation. I'm going with a friend who's got buckskins.

It'll probably rain though, always does when Penrith show's on.

Where do you live?

Zig Zag (Guest)
24-08-02, 05:44 AM
You are probably right about the rain, I want to go see my horse this week end and it always seems to be bad weather when I go see her!! I live on the northern beaches.
I have never been to penrith show, is it an Ag show??

Tab (Guest)
27-08-02, 01:54 AM
Hi, didn't end up going to Penrith Show. Had a better offer which was going to see the Man from Snowy River. It was alright, the horsey bits were great. Otherwise there was too much singing and no real storyline. They had some beaut stacks though.

Did you get to see your girl?

Kylie (Guest)
23-04-03, 03:27 PM

I work in Parramatta, im 29 and i live and keep my horse out west.

I have a quarterhorse/stock horse that i do dressage with.

You can contact me at misslaugh_@hotmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon.