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06-11-02, 09:06 AM
Hello all,

Would like to make some genuine fun lovin e-friends male/female who love horses & bikes!
I am blonde 23yo 5"2' live in Nth QLD, I have a Q-horse gelding (6yo) and a t-bred mare (4yo).
I love to ride horses and my red Honda CBR600F4i just for fun.
I wanna hear what you like to do....?


Sleepy (Guest)
07-11-02, 04:08 PM
Hi Michelle,

I am 20yo 5"4'(i think) live in Victoria.
I have a 19yo TB mare and am currently looking for a new horse.

I'm currently at Uni....trying to study for exams...


09-11-02, 10:31 AM
Hi Sleepy!

Nice to meet you, isn't this page a great idea for finding people with the same interests!
Do you live in the city?
What are you studying at Uni?

Michelle ;)

Sleepy (Guest)
10-11-02, 02:54 PM
Hi Michelle

I live iin tthe Outer Surburbs of Melbourne.
I am studying Information Systems (IT) at Uni.
I tried a horse today, i am looking to buy one, he was really nice. How are your horses?

Sleepy :9

13-11-02, 10:22 AM
Hey Hello!
Wow, today is totally dragging!!
I have the rest of the week off work and can't wait to be heading home for a long relaxing weekend.. Come on 4 O'clock!!

So did anyone win anything on the Melbourne cup??
I most certainly didn't, it's the one time a year when I watch the horse racing and give away money..
Oh well, until next year.....!

My horses are fine, I hope it rains soon though it's pretty dry and aside from my two we also have two 'retired' stock horses that were given to us ages ago, they must be about 25 years old at least. I call them the 'old tractors'.
They were having trouble getting anything out of the dry grass in the paddocks so we have been supplementing them, they have lost condition but both still have plenty of energy enough to run away when you try to catch them. :P
A friend told us that we should probably get their teeth done.

My two haven't been fazed at all by the dry feed, they like treats of lucerne and pellets but it would be nice to get some rain and get them on some fresh feed again. :9

So Sleepy head how did your test ride go the other day?
I remember when I bought my mare, I went to a guys place in Rockhampton to look at a gelding he was advertising.
He had far too many horses for the small area he was keeping them in, it was dry and there was no feed at all in the yards.
He was trying to sell some because they were costing him a fortune to feed ..... DUH!!
Anyway I agreed to buy the gelding off him and as we were walking him out of the yards I saw a sad little face looking at me from another pen. :(
There was no way I was leaving without her so I settled on a price for both of them.
She was only 18 months old an so frightened and skinny she wouldn't let anyone touch her, she was scared out of her witts.
After a couple of months of good feed they were both looking alot better and they were getting to know us and the other horses, our Q-horse gelding was still a whole man back then and he thought all his Christmas's had come at once and fell in love with the little mare.
Since then we had him gelded and I recently sold the gelding to a man who wanted a horse for his daughter to ride.
So now I am left with the two love birds even though he is only half the man he was, they are inseparable. :*
It has been only 2 years since I brought her home and she is such a sweetheart, she follows us everywhere asking for cuddles.
She has got her confidence back and gets bossy with the 'old tractors' when we feed them.

I would like to start her soon but as I work away from home all week and come home on weekends I am strapped for time. :(
Work sux but I have expensive habits! Dammit!

Good luck with your horse hunting!

Michelle :D

Sleepy (Guest)
15-11-02, 04:15 AM

Well the test rides went great....the vet check didn't.:'(
But then that was the case last time as well.....back on the search again.;-)

Other than that i finished Uni exams this week so now just got work and horses.;-)

It is an expensive habit isn't it.