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05-01-05, 12:14 PM
I've only been using Bet Selector for less than a month and am wondering how other people make use of the software. How many systems does each person have that they make use of? How much time is spent each day/week using the software? Do people concentrate on their own state. Do people use BR$, C.I.S. or PS$ exclusively or do some use various combinations?

By the way Neale, when do you update the Results File?

05-01-05, 01:36 PM
I use about 8 systems. 6 of them only pull up about 2 or 3 bets a month but have really really really good pot/sr so between them all a few bets each week. The other 2 systems pull up about 4 to 10 bets per week. So overall it is manageable. I use BR for a couple, otherwise ones most of these guys here and on other forums share between us all, I am not too good at making my own yet, but some of these guys are genius'. Listen to em and learn :)
Good luck with it all.

Will happily share info if you would like to mail me

Far Canal
06-01-05, 02:25 AM

Don't you subscribe to www.racemate.com.au for your race results.

Mate, it's FREE and normally emailed to you on a weekly basis....haven't had any sinse before Xmas, but they'll turn up in due course.


Far Canal.

Grey Fox
06-01-05, 05:40 AM
>I've only been using Bet Selector for less than a month and
>am wondering how other people make use of the software.

In that case, welcome to the Bet Selector community! I first bought v1 of the program (then called just Price Predictor) back in 1987(???) to run on my shiny new Commodore 128, so I guess I would qualify as one of the 'old hands' -- my friends prefer the expression 'old f**t', but that's another story! ;-)

When I have the time to study the form properly, I usually print out the Top 6 Report -- to see how closely rated the horses are -- the full Ratings Report (can't remember the actual name at the moment), and the In-Running Report -- to see where each horse is likely to try to get to in the pack in today's race. Then I try to work out which horses are value at their rated prices and look for horses in the top two to three rated in normal races, or top six in feature races which are likely to be on or near the lead and at better prices than they should be.

However, at the moment I don't have the time to do this properly, and the quality of animal going around at this time of year doesn't warrant the time anyway, so I run eight systems on Saturdays and six midweek to get my bets -- they only take a couple of minutes to run through after I have got the scratchings and track reports. On saturdays I have six systems which all give around the 40+% win strike rate longterm, but usually only about five or six bets a day between them and these I bet straight out at best Fluctuations or Best Odds. The other two are mostly for fun, and to stop me from looking for more bets -- they only throw up around 24% win rate, but almost 50% place strike rate, about six to eight selections and a LOT of double-figure odds winners and placegetters, so I back them each-way with the online bookies. The midweek systems are all win only bets, and average around the 36-40% win strike rate longterm.

>How many systems does each person have that they make use of?

As I said above, six to eight in use at any time, and probably another fifteen or twenty that I am testing, or watching in real time to see how they go AFTER they have been 'born'.

>How much time is spent each day/week using the software?

As I said above, at the moment all I am doing is importing the TVF form files and processing them, on raceday a few minutes updating the scratchings and running my systems, then in my 'spare time' I run a lot of systems through for other people who don't have the amount of backdata that I have (just on five years now).

>Do people concentrate on their own state.

I live in Newcastle so when I do have the time to spare to study the form properly, I tend to concentrate on NSW Metro and major NSW Prov because I know the tracks and they are all reasonably similar, unlike Vic or SA, but I would suggest to anyone just starting out to concentrate on Perth racing -- only two major tracks, nearly always fast or good tracks, and not too many feeder tracks to worry about so the horses are pretty consistent -- and not too many people on the Eastern side of the country take WA racing seriously, so you can still get some amazing overlays over there -- I backed Blevvo a fair while back when it was rated somewhere around 3/1 or so from memory and it paid something like 40/1!

>Do people use BR$, C.I.S. or PS$ exclusively or do some use various

Partly because I am more familiar with the 'old' ratings, the C.I.S. ones, most of my systems are based around them, but recently I have been testing some AMAZING systems for one guy in particular, who uses all three, depending on which works best for each system, so even this old fox has learnt some new tricks! :-)

>By the way Neale, when do you update the Results File?

To answer this one for Neale, USUALLY at the beginning of the month, but don't be surprised if they are a few days late this month -- actually, they already are, so disregard that! Both Racemate's weekly service and Neale's monthly service are running a bit late, but don't panic, they WILL be back soon, and bearing in mind the amount of work they save us, and the cost, I am happy to wait until they are back online!

Bye for now,
Grey Fox

07-01-05, 08:37 AM
Thanks guys for the insight into your method of operation. Mr. Fox, or can I call you Grey, would appreciate knowing how to get an In Running Report.
I have also been referred to as an Old F**t, (I assume they mean, in both our cases, Flirt). Being new to the Sport of Kings I'm on a huge learning curve however I have a last reached the stage of knowing that I know nothing, apart from how much it has cost me to find that out.
Regards and thanks again to both of you for your openness.

07-01-05, 09:36 AM
In-running Report
Start Bet Selector program
Select Run from drop-down menu
Select meeting
Select View/Print In-Running

That's it, you can then print or view the last five starts of each horse's in-running positions (if available).