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21-01-05, 02:40 PM
Hi all - Program Pro Gold + - If it look at and save the csv file, I am not able to analyse it anymore .. it does attempt to but takes forever and then it does not work (ie normally under a minute, hoever it takes 30 to 40 seconds per analysis after it has been read and saved). I have tried under Note pad as well as excel (ver 2002).

Why do i want to do it?
A couple of reasons: a) to delete fast tracks andto look at different race classes .. you canno do either under the normal rules ..

Anyone overcome this problem (or challange!!) .. ta .. fred

Slow N Easy
21-01-05, 06:21 PM
Hi Fred
Important information ---- I am no expert on using csv files, there are people much better qualified than me. However if you like to take a chance then here is what I suggest. (Silly you, trust me????)

1.Run your system on test period.
2.Run sys analyser.
3.View csv file.
4.Sort on Column G? (Track condition). Data menu/sort/col G.
5.Delete complete rows with track condition "F". Probably all W Aust.
6.Save file "YourSysName.csv" (whatever it is) in Price (should come up in save box). "Yes" to there may be a format problem.
7.Close analyser summary. May free up memory which is the cause of your computer working at a slower rate.


8.Rerun Sys Analyser which should analyse your amended csv file. Summary should now exclude Trk Con "F"

When you rerun your system it will be the same rigamarole again because your csv will again include TC "F".

There may be other ways to do it but until someone comes forward you have a means to an end.

An alternative could be to just take the Fast track data from the analyser and adjust the summary details manually for the Win and/or place.

22-01-05, 12:19 AM
Hi Mel,
Thanks for prompt reply but unfortunately that did not work either - based on your response I also tried to re-sort in back into reverse order - but that did not make any difference - I am beginning to suspect that my excel is not compatiable ie either too old or too new.

any other suggestions welcome !!! ..


Slow N Easy
22-01-05, 01:55 AM
Hi Fred
I did try on mine before I posted to make sure it was ok.

You say it did not work, but not what happened.

If it works with system analyser before you make an amendment then it should work on the amended csv file. I would doubt your excel is not compatible.

There were 3 options in the save box which one did you take.

Need more info, cant understand why it wouldnt work on the amended file.

Did you get any report from sys analyser?
Did number of records found change?

Did you save file after deleting Fast trk records???? After this, go to Price folder. Right click on "YourSysName.csv", open and check if the "Fast" records have gone.

To simplify the process amend your system rules to venue "W" only so it is easy to see whats happening. Then run Sys and check at each stage.

It must work surely.

Let's know how you go. I love a problem, it's the best way to learn trying to solve it. It's more than half the fun.

Cheers MEL

22-01-05, 02:24 AM
Hi Mel,
Once again tks for reply ... ok I now know what the problem is ..

a) When Betselector writes away the csv file, it does not write anything away at the end if there is no result in the Qn Ex Tri FF fields (they are the last fields).
b) However when excel writes it back, it places a comma for these fields - which probably is the correct thing to do, however this cause the analyser to crack a wobble about it all.
c) so I went in and removed the commas at the end of the records (wiht MS Word using replace, and it now works.

so there it is .. so once again tks - it was ur response which got me going again - so thanks ..

What I cant understand is why it works on yours ???


22-01-05, 03:32 AM
The reason for this is that System Analyser creates a data file from the CSV file - it is therefore very important you don't modify the CSV file before running System Analyser.

Regards, Neale Yardley

Slow N Easy
22-01-05, 03:43 AM
Now doesnt that feel better. It's good for the soul if you chase down a problem and solve it.

The files in the system that I tried on, were all past results and all would all have had results/divs. Obviously yours had some records that were either future (no divs yet) or past (missing result/divs).

I dont know (because I havent looked) but I wouldnt have thought any selections would appear in the analyser if it had no results/Divs.

I dont understand why you are in xxx.csv and deleting those commas.

I didnt go into that area. You must have used Word to get there.

When I said, Go to Price, select "YourSysName.csv", right click, open. "Open" meant the very top "Open" not "open with" which allows you to use Word, Excel etc.

My way lists every selection by every field in columns, not separated by commas as in "Word" version. If you delete the complete rows from here and save, then they wont be in the "Word" comma separated scene so you couldnt see those records to delete the commas.

Keep at it we will both learn how this works.

The cavalry is not coming so your stuck with me like it or not. Im not giving up until some help arrives or we solve it together.

Whats the name of your system. Is it the same name as the file you are stripping commas off?


Slow N Easy
22-01-05, 04:20 AM
Hi Neale
There you are again just like my personal Genie waving a magic wand.

Thats two things I've learnt this morning by sticking my nose in where I dont have the expertise.



22-01-05, 06:24 AM
Neale & S&E

Whoops posted this thank you in the wrong thread.

Eureka! You picked it in one Neale.

Fixed when I associated LOG files with Notepad.

Now I have to get my achine running ME to retain the setting even though I have got the box ticked where it says always use this program for these files it seems to lose it on shutdown and the same box in Control Panel/Foldes is greyed out?

Many thanks


Michal M
07-02-05, 09:51 AM
Hi there,

I too have had this problem but mine is in that I want to delete
horses from the system eg ones that have last CiS rating below 50
and it does the same thing realy slow.

I could understand that if there is a vertical field missing then
there could be a problem but how does it know that I deleted one
of the horizontal fields in a system there could be 10 horses or a 1000........

Anyway if anyone has a solution that will fix it.......

Michal M

08-02-05, 03:11 AM
Excel is probably not saving it in identical CSV format - just an extra comma or one less can cause problems. If you open the CSV file in notepad or wordpad, remove the lines you want removed and re-save in text format, then you'll have a better chance of it working.

08-02-05, 08:20 AM
Hi Michal,
Yes, Neale is correct - Excel does write it back in a different format with extra commas - the way I got around it was to read the csv file in excel, do the sort and deletes etc and save it. Then open it in MS word and remove the commas - the stray ones are always at the end of each record. The easy way to remove them is by replace. You will need to go to "special" and in the find line enter: ,^p (the paragraph symbol from special) and in the replace line enter ^p (just the paragraph symbol. You will need to press replace all until there are 0 replaces. It will take about 4 runs to achieve this. Then one last thing, at the end of the file you will find there is a blank line - delete this and save and it should work!

Good luck!

Slow N Easy
08-02-05, 09:24 AM
Hi Fred
Come a long way in few weeks. Well Done. MEL

08-02-05, 12:14 PM
Thanks Mel .. also thanks for ur efforts - gave me the encouragement to continue !! cheers .. fred