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john morgan
23-01-05, 02:27 AM
Not strictly on topic but does anyone know perhaps a obsecure inetrnet address or radio station that transmits gallop information and descriptions only.

I find it terribly boring and unintersting having to listen to a dog race at Angle Park while waiting for a horse race to commence.

23-01-05, 03:49 PM
Hi John,
Not sure if this will be helpful but there is a download called PMS Racing Radio 1.0 - that links to all the racing broadcasts in Australia. have it installed it on my and works well. Not sure if it will solve your problem though.


Regards, Gary

02-02-05, 04:27 PM
On this subject sort of guys, Has anyone noticed that when you listen to the races on line on the radio it is not "live" as advertised it is about 20 seconds behind. I have seen race results pop up while the race is still running???!!! They do not say that on the site, I thought at first they has gone back to shutting out at advertised starting time, it is crap because you cannot get on listening to the very latest betting market on line. STAY WITH LIVE RADIO FOLKS not the damn so called live broadcast off the net
(obviously if you are not punting on line etc it does not really matter but I am)

Good luck


03-02-05, 02:13 AM
Makadollar & Co

Yes I agree this is very frustrating and even on "live" radio they cross for an ad if there is a problem in the barriers.

I find the best solution is to watch them loading on Sky Racing and place my bets when there are only one or two left to go in.


03-02-05, 05:12 AM
Mate, here in Wagga Wagga, NSW- the largest inland city in NSW(pop 65,000) we have one measly aerial broadcasting 2ky.
It's coverage is about 2km, and you hve NO CHANCE of hearing anything in the suburbs.
So, you either get sky channel or listen in via the internet.
Bigpond broadband users can also watch Sydney Races live, with Melbourne replayed 30 mins after the race finishes.
It IS 2005, isn't it- surely the Jolly Green Giant(NSWTAB) can see there are potentially thousands of potential customers who would be tempted to have a flutter- if they could just LISTEN to the RACES LIVE!!

there, that's my 2 bobs worth for now.
Don't get me started on bloody TABATHA the computer voiced operator.
My long suffering father-in-law (too old for that computer sh&t)has broken many a phone handset trying to get on with her!