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Far Canal
06-02-05, 01:30 PM

Would it be fair to say that when using BR or PR as a heading and back testing a system prior to about the time you introduced BR to your clients ( would that be about February 2003) would the results tend to fall off as you were perfecting the process ?

Is it possible to combind these two headings in a single system ?

Cheers mate,

Far Canal.

06-02-05, 01:39 PM
Well done Far Canal

You'r onto it

BR$1 & PR$1 in the heading does give selections that comply with both

regards Tony

06-02-05, 02:06 PM
I believe the Better Ratings(BR$--) were a "work in progress" during 2002-2003-hence the "flat spot" during that period, performance wise.
I've found the PLUS RATINGS, particularly the top 5(PR$5) in my system titles produces FAR BETTER results overall- but I've just opened a can of worms, haven't I!

FAR C, If you try a system with, for example, PR$3 BR$5 PP 6 in the title it would select from the top 3 PLUS RATING horses, the top 5 Better Ratings horses and the top 6 Price Predictor horses, providing the horse was in EACH of those lists' rankings.
I hope that helps you.

Far Canal
06-02-05, 03:27 PM
RAILHEAD (love the name) and YUCKIE (fishy name that)

Thanks for that mates, you've both been very helpful....but before I delete 3 systems that decide 1 system I shall await Neales answer to determine which situation delivers the better result....opening up cans of worms is what this forum is all about don't you think....if what both you fine jokers say is correct I've gone about it in the long-hand way, what I want to determine is, which situation delivers the better result for me.

Bed O' clock,

Far Canal.

Michal M
07-02-05, 04:41 AM
Far canal,
Excelent question, one that I was going to ask couple of weeks ago
but then never got around to it.

I too would like to have the 1st question answered.
There are three ways to think

1 The ratings are calculated during import! then they would NOT exist before the updates that introduced then. If that was so where are they stored?

2 The ratings are calculated as the system is being run. Im starting to belive that that is the case and so the ratings DO sort off exist in all the past forms that you have before the upgrades. This I think would make more sence then the first option BUT may be it was not possible to do. There is one further point I have noticed that now when I run a system with PR$ it takes substantialy longer then BR$ or plain system. So the computer is calculating something.

3 The third way may be that PR$ is calculated during system run and BR$ is calculated during import?

Subnote: May be the slump you are refering to Far C is more result of the form changing on 1/1/04 from 5 to 10 last starts...........

OK I have steem coming from both ears, "CPU overload" flashing before
my eyes and a headach to boot. I think I'll leave the thinking to Neale from now on

Michal M

Thanks Neale, Far Canal.

Far Canal
07-02-05, 09:40 AM

A few beers will cool the 'head-of-steam'....I'm still on the 5 start form mate, the mind boggles though at times trying to decipher the intricacies of this program, but no doubt over a few decades we'll finally succeed....at this stage I'm still not convinced that lumping BR, PR and (as me ole mate YUCKIE calls it) PP all into the one header is the way to go. By doing them singley and then cross referencing them horse wise a better result may be had....so before I take me chainsaw to some of my systems I shall await Neale's reply to my, and your questions Machal.

Have not enough cooling yet to my 'head-of-steam' so I'm off.

Far Canal.

07-02-05, 09:45 AM
In answer to Q1, BR$ and PR$ essentially just invoke simple formulae for determining base ratings and as such are not fine tuned to any time period.

Michal M
07-02-05, 11:46 AM
Thanks Neale,

I guess that that means that PR BR is calculated during the run of the system irrespective to age of form.

So Far Canal may be the slump you have is just the up and down and up and down and down and down and down of racing :)

Michal M

Far Canal
08-02-05, 03:22 AM
Thanks for that you fellas....theres still a bit of mud between me ears, but I'll chew it over for a day or two and I'll stick with what I'm doing till the mud clears...

Cheers mates,

Far Canal