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25-02-05, 11:10 AM
Hi All,

I have come to conclusion that may be more education is in order.

Does anyone know of any books relating to racing (Australian) and how I can get hold of some . Past present ok.

Except Peter Bent books , the fine publications they were .......
I have them all


25-02-05, 12:03 PM
Hi Michal

You may try horsemans bookshop. They have a lot of second hand horse racing books. Last i checked, they had a copy of Don Scott's Winning More. They may even be able to obtain some of the harder to get books if you request for it.

Their website :

25-02-05, 02:27 PM

thank you I had no idea something like this
existed and it seams exactly what I was after.


Grey Fox
25-02-05, 02:51 PM
>I have come to conclusion that may be more education is in

That applies to us all -- you are never too old to learn, especially in this game!

>Does anyone know of any books relating to racing
>(Australian) and how I can get hold of some . Past present

A couple of books that I can thoroughly recommend if you can get hold of second-hand copies are:

Australian Horse Racing and Punters Guide by Rem Plante
Try to get the metric version (1974) rather than the original 1969 - 70 version which was in Imperial measurements, but take the older one if you have to -- an absolute must for new(er) punters.

Winning More, by Don Scott
Scott took the basic rating method that Plante and Clif Cary advocated and improved it. His method is now probably too well-known nowadays, but still worthwhile reading and getting the hang of his weight/class rating method.

Horse Racing Theory and Practice by Paul Segar
Different from the first two because Segar is a time-based ratings man as well as weight/class ratings whereas Scott publicly ridiculed using times (privately he did in fact use times as part of his ratings, but that is another story!).

Commonsense Punting - A Mathematical Approach by Roger Dedman
Absolute MUST if you want to win -- he explains the maths behind betting, including exotics.

And now for MY 'wish list' -- if anyone has a copy of Hats In The Ring by Hats Aitken, or Gallopers and Gamblers by Pat Craven that they would be willing to either sell or lend me, could you let me know?

Bye for now,
Grey Fox

25-02-05, 03:20 PM
Hi Grey Fox

Not sure if this is the book your after. Horshman bookshop has a copy.

Gallopers And Gamblers- A Guide to Thoroughbred Racing in Australia, by Pat Craven, published Australia 1997, square folio hardcover in dustwrapper, illustrated end pages with contents listed, a title for the punter, bookmaker, owner, trainer, breeder or just the racing enthusiast. Covers every aspect to the industry and the horses themselves. 168 pages, bibliography, coloured photos, racecourse illustrations, new copy, $48+ post.


25-02-05, 05:33 PM
Grey Fox

I have got Hats in the Ring in my collection, contact me off list with your address and I will send it over on loan.


Far Canal
25-02-05, 11:21 PM
If it is Aussie statistics your after then Roger Biggs ( Tasmania) books are what you could be looking for, check 'em out here....http://home.iprimus.com.au/atreus/MWMBooks.html

Mine are out on loan in Sydney at the moment so I won't rave on too much, but the stats are taken over tens of thousands of runs.



26-02-05, 08:17 AM
Grey Fox
I have Gallopers and gamblers .
Will send for loan.
I think my name is on the list.
If not just post back and we will work something out.
Cheers GregB

Grey Fox
27-02-05, 07:48 AM
>Grey Fox
>I have Gallopers and gamblers .
>Will send for loan.
>I think my name is on the list.
>If not just post back and we will work something out.

Greg, you are apparently unregistered so I can't contact you directly, and a search of the forum didn't come up with anything either, so I would suggest that you register for the forum -- it is free and pretty painless -- then you will be able to contact me and anyone else offlist and not choke up the forum with private postings like this.

I appreciate your offer very much, but it would be better for all if we took this offlist. I am not prepared to post my email address on any public forum, and I strongly suggest that no-one else does either, because it is too dangerous.

Bye for now,
Grey Fox.

28-02-05, 10:20 AM
Grey Fox

Have just registered.

Cheers GregB

11-05-05, 02:39 PM
I recently purchased a copy of Hats in the Ring on eBay for a cheap $5 bucks and noticed there were others for sale at the time. I have been searching for Peter Bents, The Thoroughbred & Exotics Betting (formerly Form Analysis and Exotics Betting)but not been able to pick one up. Does anyone on this list have a secondhand copy they want to sell ?


12-05-05, 12:07 PM
Hi Peter,


while I dont want to part with my copy this is the website that
is still up and running also contact details including a tel NO.
for Peter Bent. Try to call him directly.
As you may know he sold the books directly to
public and they are not awailable through any book stores that
I know off.

Hope this helps