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26-02-05, 10:55 AM

There's quite a few out there!

Racepert (http://www.racepert.com/racepert/default.aspx)

Tobe http://www.twonix.com)

Real Time Ratings (www.cowleys.com.au/)

IntaRacing (http://intaracing.com.au/)

Racemate (http://www.racemate.com.au/)

Dr Huang (http://www.raceprediction.com/race/default.htm)

Trouble is they're all prone to hyperbole and it's hard to sort through the advertising/promotional "noise" to hear the quiet whisper of real profitability and performance-matching-claims-made!

Some of you might have firsthand experience with all or some of the above. Can you give us feedback please?

Your comments about usefulness, response to queries/requests, ease-of-use, profitability, comments about purchase or licence costs etc etc would all be very useful to me in particular and to all in general.

Grey Fox
27-02-05, 07:21 AM
>There's quite a few out there!
>Trouble is they're all prone to hyperbole and it's hard to
>sort through the advertising/promotional "noise" to hear the
>quiet whisper of real profitability and

That in itself should tell you something!

I don't use ANY of these program, because they are all based on the same false premise -- that they are highlighting, or targetting, the 'smart money' -- trust me, there is no such thing! You only need to check the results in the Sun Herald each Sunday to see the number of betting plunges that go astray. What all of these programs are finding are anomolies in the betting, but that is usually just a momentary anomoly which will be corrected in the next call, there is no guarantee that the anomoly is caused by 'smart money' going on at a particular moment. And there are already too many arbitragers around who are watching for these anomolies and betting into them, so they are already beating themselves.

If you just want to track the prices of your selections on the main totes there is already a FREE service right here on this website which allows you to track the dividends of the three main totes on one screen -- it is called RTO (Real Time Odds) and is available free to all subscribers. But if you want to try and catch the 'smart money', then try to pin down the software suppliers to ACTUAL win percentages and Profit on Turnovers, and good luck!

Just one final question -- if there really WAS such a thing as 'smart money', don't you think that the bookies would know about it and neutralise it?

Bye for now,
Grey Fox