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Lynda (Guest)
17-07-01, 04:15 AM
Our Pony Club is submitting to Sport & Rec for a grant to upgrade a riding surface on our dressage arena and I was reading with interest the post on surfaces and I am seeking information that anyone can provide on surfaces particularly the euclomulch. We are situated about 2hrs south of Canberra and are looking at a surface that will be suitable for all weather.

I have looked into Pro Surfaces just to buy the surface, which we could afford, but due to transport costs from Melbourne it is not viable.

Shahron or anyone else, I would be interested in any information you might be able to provide on euclomulch. Do you know if this euclomulch is easily obtained e.g, is it a special mix or would timber mills have it?

Any other advise from anyone would be appreciated.

We have had the disaster of putting pine sawdust down which was good in the beginning but now the surface is unusable when we get wet weather and it has been so wind blown. In the short term it was good long term bad. This is why we are trying to upgrade.

Lynda (Guest)
19-07-01, 02:58 AM
Is someone able to give me some advice.