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01-04-05, 01:53 PM
Evening all. & no I am not talking about my weight, rather the weight carried by the horses. Does the BS program automatically allow for apprentice allowances when fields from Virtual Formguide. I am assuming not, as the downloads are available a couple of days before raceday, so not all jockeys are known. Does this mean I have to manually update weight in the BS program? & of so, I can't figure out how to actually do that. Could someone plse advise.
Chris, does your ScrPPP program update weight to carry when updating scratching & track conditions? P.S Excellent program, many thanks.
Also I am assuming that when updating results either from the now defunct Racemate updates or the Bet Selector system, that these weights are the actual weights carried in the race. Could someone plse confirm that. Reason I am asking is that I am playing around with a weight based selection system, so need to know that the data I am working with is accurate.

05-04-05, 01:02 PM
I'm interested in the answer to this one as well. Any takers?


whip it
06-04-05, 01:25 AM
As far as I know BS does not allow for apprentice allowances. You have to manually enter this information. To do this click Run - Price Predictor - Select Meeting - Load Data Tables - Select Race - View Past Form/Edit Ratings.
Located in the middle at the bottom of the Grey shaded area Titled All:
Enter the apprentice allowance in the white box to the right of it.

As for actual weights carried in our result updates, I doubt any changes would be made in BS.

whip it
06-04-05, 01:32 AM
Well strike me down BS does allow for apprentice allowances.
But if there's rider change and you want to edit the allowance now you know ho too!

06-04-05, 10:29 AM
Thanks for that. I know know how to adjust the weight. I did get a reply from Neale which stated that BS does not take apprentice allowances into account as he reckons the drop in weight is offset by the inexperience of the jockey. Probably a good point, but that is debatable. Some may be of the opinion that an apprentice may be perfectly capable of riding like a pro. The best quote I ever read regarding jockeys is "it is called a horse race not a jockey race". Basically the point was that the horse does the vast majority of the work & the jockey just goes along for the ride. Agree to a certain degree, but still think that the tactics the jockey employs have a lot to do with the outcome. Food for thought anyway.

Slow N Easy
06-04-05, 01:54 PM
Hi Zombience
Let me ask you a question or two.
You dont need to answer any of these questions here, but do privately consider how much work you are willing to put in and what rewards do you really believe you can achieve.

1. Are you only interested in adjusting for apprentices allowances?
2. Do you rate the senior jockeys and make adjustments for their relative abilities?
3. Do you make allowances for overweights?

Perhaps as an alternative you may consider the exceptions rather than just dotting the I's etc.

1. Are there any significant positive/negative jockey changes?
2. Jockeys/apprentices have significant form swings too, do you allow anything for this? When they are on a roll they are very hard to beat. But sometimes they cant find much confidence for extended periods.

All of the above and more can influence the race it's just a matter of deciding what is the most effective means to get your best result
with the least effort.

Apart from overweights, you could attempt to cover each situation by adjusting the jockey ratings.

I know which path I would be thinking about, but you have to work on it to get the gain. Exceptions, Exceptions!!

You can adjust the jockey ratings on the past form screen to the left of apprentices allowances. The box is marked "jrt" and all are currently 5.0. Change this figure, keep your eye on the top far right boxes "pos", "Len", "Price" then press the "Update" button above the "Comment" box.

Stick with what you decide but do try to take more notice of the exceptions.

Have fun MEL

06-04-05, 02:49 PM
Hi Zombience,

Since all jockeys are weight liability to the horse, Price deduct 5kg for all jockeys.
For me i rarely modify the "Jrt" field unless i'm forced to. For example, if i think the horse has a good chance of winning, and its last 3 starts are on wet tracks (given that the last 3 starts are low ratings) with imp : Y, the horse is still ranked below the top 5, then i will deduct 1.5kg giving Jrt:3.5, which in effect, minus 1 length from the Price screen. I rarely go lower than 3.5kg for Jrt. Too much deduction may end up over rating the horse.


12-04-05, 03:31 AM
I dont know whether you guys are aware that Price Predictor also rates jockeys.
By entering JOCKEY into a blank sysyem page in System Selector then
running a system test on JOCKEY you can obtain ratings that can be used in Price Predictor.
Just remember when entering the rating that it is always a negative.
Price Predictor rates every jockey at the default level of 5 but this can be adjusted up or down using the jockey ratings. I pesonally do not bother using them,but lately I am having second thoughts.