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19-04-05, 07:14 AM
I am confused how the settings for No. of 2nd and 3rd place Standouts affect the selections criteria and as the Default settings are positioned at 6.00 what does that mean?

Also with the (Pro Gold) package there is a SP Price, SP Rank and SP Overlay Index windows that can be altered, however there is a Last Start SP already in the basic package how do they differ? And how does the SP Rank differ to the Predicted Position Rank?

What does the SP Overlay Index mean and do?



Far Canal
19-04-05, 08:51 AM

Good question....I'm also waiting with bated breath.

Cheers mate.

F C.

Super Impose
19-04-05, 10:41 AM
geez, Far C!
Instead of being Pro- active, you remain cynical and sarcastic.
As a long term user, surely you could guide our mate to where he can get the correct answer, instead of sitting on your hands, throwing away loose (half-wit)remarks about the program.

If you're not going to be helpful- perhaps you should find somewhere else to show off your literary skills(NOT!)

19-04-05, 10:44 AM
Well Oneshot you may not have read my reply to your post on Saturday in the "Wish List" topic. It answered most of these questions as follows...

system criteria are documented at:

and overlay criteria are documented in the April 2002 Support Bulletin at:


Last start SP refers to a horses last start Starting Price. It is different from the SP overlay criteria which refer to upcoming start SPs. And SP rank here is for favouritism ranking at upcoming race and is diferent from predicted ranking (by definition one is based on a market price and the other on a predicted or rated price).

19-04-05, 10:53 AM
Hi Oneshot
While it may seem confusing at present, the following may assist:
1. The settings for 2nd & 3rd place standouts do not affect the selection criteria. These standouts refer to the positions as determined by the Predicted Position Rank and are only applicable to exotic betting.
2. The SP Price, SP Rank, and SP overlay Index are used in System Analysis.
eg If I was looking to evaluate a system where I was looking for any/all horses which had,say, an SP ranging from $3.0-$5.0; was always 2nd Fav; and was a 100% overlay, I would insert the following into the System Analyser:
SP Price: $3.00-$5.00
SP Rank:2
SP Overlay Index=100
If you need further info re these I suggest you go to Neale's Website where more details are available.
One further point. The Overlay Index relates to SP prices and their relation to the Predicted Position Price, So if you had a horse that was 4/1 or $5.00 as per the Predicted Price, then for horses who were 100% overlay or more (as indicated above)ie $10.00+, you would, by running System Analyser, obtain only results for horses with this qualification.
I hope I am making sense.

21-04-05, 12:29 PM
Thanks Neale I hadn't read your reply to my thread on Saturday I searched through some old threads and your website and found some answers.

Brian thank you for the clarity in you explanation it was just what the doctor ordered it makes more sense now. It is amazing when you know what you are doing the results mean more as you can understand what is going on sort of.

Superimpose thanks mate.