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Super Impose
01-06-05, 11:06 PM
I love Bet Selector(bleating the obvious!)
It's thrown up, what I've since found, the best bet of 2005!

at 1:30 EST today- Sandown Race 3 number 5- This is Me

Meets the favourite, topweight, 6kgs better-with the claim for in-form Apprentice B Melham, 6kgs better than when they last met!
As always- I've checked the video of that race.
This bloke was drawn wide, and due to a woeful ride by Garry Murphy- sat 4 wide all the way- whilst the eventual winner- today's topweight and favourite (Februarytwelve) had a cushy run up front!
yet, for ALL our bloke's bad luck- he still fought on-coming home like a locomotive to be beaten less than a length!
If it wasn't for Bet Selector- I would have missed out on this thing- He's paying about 8 to 1 at present with my online bookie.

I'm on....and You should be too.
I don't often tip, but you guys have been good ambassadors for this program, and with the $$$ you'll win on this thing- EVERYONE here will be able to buy BS Gold PLUS!! and Neale will no doubt throw in his "super systems"-won't you, Neale!(?)

Tiny's Finito
01-06-05, 11:52 PM
Morning Super et all,
I've made a couple of phone calls to blokes in the know.

your bloke is on!

the word is: they are going to knock it off with the bookies- ON TRACK just prior to the jump.
So, if you want value- either get on early-on course, or back it on Unitab or NSWTAB, as knowing these blokes-if there's value on TabCorp- they'll plunder that also.

They'll do a "ring sting" at about 1:29pm.

You've heard it from the horse's mouth!

I expect more tips as good as this, now Super.

Keep them coming!!

01-06-05, 11:57 PM
Which online bookie gave you 8 to 1?

The best I can get online is 11/2!

e-mail me at yuckman eleven( 11) at hotmail dot com, please.

02-06-05, 11:42 PM
didn't quite come off this one.

Any excuses?

Super Impose
03-06-05, 05:21 AM
no excuses!
The horse wasn't up to the task.
I still stand by my reasons for spruiking it-for the reasons my first post re-iterates.
Obviously-Going by the NSWTAB plunge- I put my money where my mouth was- and so did quite a few others.
Still one loss doesn't make a career, and If you employ a staking plan(mine is 5% of my bank total) the loss won't kill you.

the BS system I employed to pick this one has a 75% s/r over the last 5 years- averaging one selection every 6 weeks.
Both the system and the BS program have made me a contented person.

I run 11 main systems(31 overall) and am lucky enough to make a living from the punt.

Obviously, I don't NEED to tip horses to you guys, but when one comes along- such as yesterday's- I feel obliged to share the information.
You aren't obligated to back my tips, and when I do tip one on a public forum- such as this- I can't stop you from "spreading the word"- as one of our forum members did.
I don't mind what you do, but remember this- there are some Major punting players who hang off these forums- surveying everything that's being discussed. If each of these backs the horse, and tells 3 others-who do the same- then your final dividend is eroded somewhat.
I like the good-honest open discussion of this forum-and that Is why I tipped ONLY to you guys.in a genuine hope we could keep our tips "in-house"

not to worry- there'll be more where that one came from.
Hopefully a different result, also!

03-06-05, 06:00 AM
Thanks for the tip Super Impose. Got me away from my desk so I decided to go and put some money on it and watch the race. I thought he was going to get up for a moment there but seemed to get boxed in...

I couldn't believe how the NSW TAB dived in the last minute, once I saw that happen I thought it might have got up. Certainly looked good on paper.

Look forward to the next hot tip :)


A. Punter
03-06-05, 06:35 AM
m-o-r-o-n !

03-06-05, 12:56 PM

Without looking at the race, knowing the horse, or the
people let me say this .......

scam ..... everyone get on this, spread the word,
sure thing, betting plunge ...... come on
first if I had a bet that was such a sure thing, I and
any of YOU would not tell a soul WHY????? its obvious
price!!!! betting plunge?? my rear end and also with the
time for it ...... what a load of hog turd

This forum like all others are light entertainment and a learning tool
I bet that that even the great tipping comp has
NOT got enyones real serious bets in there WHY??? the price!!
if one of us was good enough to get a few winners on regular
bases and post them we all would be hanging on line for the next one
and bet it driving the price down. If this was such a warm and sharing
enviroment why is there so many comments like "well here is one
that in not part of my betting systems" and alike

By the way I do believe there are betting plunges and such
going on but likely in this case it went on a nother horse
in that race. all that took this generous gift put in the
sucker money to fund the other horse ..... now that makes sence

Sory , but that is the way I feel

14-06-05, 07:00 AM
>m-o-r-o-n !


Tiny's Finito
14-06-05, 09:48 AM
I seem to have been castigated for my(un-successful) attempt at helping our mate- Super Impose.

If you read my post- I got the "good oil" on this horse- they did back it on-course- if you check the bookies stats(11/2 into 7/2) and I got on it on the NSWTAB($9.60 into $4.80 in nthe final minutes).

Surely you blokes who saw that race know that the jockey(an apprentice) rode a shocker.
3 and 4 wide for most of the journey doesn't help.

I did a substantial amount on that nag, too.

It was Super Impose who claimed it was the "best bet of the year".

If you read my post, you'll see that I just confirmed that some of my colleagues would be backing that horse, also.

These blokes have about half a dozen genuine bets each raceday- many of them have 1 at the most.
I have NOTHING to gain by getting the "good oil" for you- except to say of all the racing forums I subsribe to- this forum (until now) has the least malice toward other members.

As many of you know- I run my own tipping service, which, naturally- I don't spruik AT ALL on these pages- unlike others who I won't mention.

Those of you "older heads" know never to write when you're angry- wait 5 minutes and then respond to any argument.

regardless of all the vitriol aimed my way- I'll still post from time to time- but my time is limited- I'm currently in Brisbane for the winter carnival- you'd probably be happy(!) to know I took a loss here today as well!

14-06-05, 01:22 PM

Regardless of what I think of your post, trust me that
I was not happy that the horse lost nor am I happy that
you are losing or lost in Brisbane.
This forum is about us getting heads together and coming up
with systems, ideas, and advice that benefits all of us.
I agree with Poster, but dont harbour resentment about your
post. As long as your coments are worth while
Im sure you are welcom here. I personaly did not think that
your post had any value but that is my opinion and some
will not agree and that is ok