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20-06-05, 05:22 AM
Guys, We're having a play at Kalgoorlie today(pooring rain here- every track bar Kalgoorlie is wet!) and have heaps of form, but not much results(many older Kalgoorlie meetings weren't covered by NSWTAB).
Anyway, we can get the results, but how do we enter that into the database, and what are the possible problems associated with it- if we stuff something up?

Charlie Brown
20-06-05, 03:45 PM
I'm new to this forum and I hope I'm doing this corectly.

The results files are standard DBASE files. Any software that understands DBASE files can be used on these files. eg. EXCEL (if you installed the DBASE drivers) You can add extra lines of results and save the files. I believe you will need to Force Results Re-Index before you can use the updated files.

If you stuff something up, just restore your original files from the zips you downloaded.

Neale should be able to confirm this.

I don't know how you enter Dead Heat information. Neale, any suggestions?


Slow N Easy
20-06-05, 04:14 PM
Hi Charlie B

With large files how do you get beyond the Excel limit of 65536 lines.
Would the DBase drivers allow you to do this?

Cheers MEL

Charlie Brown
20-06-05, 04:36 PM
Sorry, I forgot about Excel's limitations. I use Excel on the smaller files. On the larger files I use Visual Foxpro, but any database software that understands DBASE files can be used. (Not just Microsoft Software)

If you send me an Excel Spreadsheet with the extra past results, I will append them to the latest files and return them to you.


Slow N Easy
21-06-05, 02:30 AM
Hi Charlie B

Thanks for reply and offer. I dont have any files/updates to append.
It was curiosity as I have tried to look at the large bases in past and didnt know how to.

If you were to append price updates, lets say Yuckies for Kalgoorlie, surely it would need to be redone each time Neale's updated DB files were downloaded.

The master database (Neale's) is the best place for this to be done as it would be a once off effort.
Sorry Neale Im not trying to increase your workload, but here is a thought.

If someone really wanted say Kalgoorlie data included and had access to it. (Albeit not NSW divs) Would it be possible to collate the data in a format acceptable to you and submit it to you, for check and inclusion.

Hey Yuckie sounds like I am trying to put you in for the job, thats not the case. It would be dissappointing if you did all that work and then it dissappeared at Nealles next update.

Have fun MEL

Charlie Brown
21-06-05, 09:20 AM
Mel, I was going to send the updated results to Neale if Yuckie agreed. Then we would all benefit and Neale's workload would not be increased.


Slow N Easy
21-06-05, 01:34 PM
Hi Charlie

Thats a fine thought, welldone. You are quite a few paces ahead of me. I was only thinking it would be a waste to do the work and lose it at next update.

Cheers Mel

21-06-05, 09:54 PM
great Idea, lads.
I suppose most WA results from a few years ago (apart from the WA Metrops) weren't included in the NSWTAB databse- because NSW didn't field those meetings.
Now that they've discovered we'll back every venue, every nation,every day, day & night, 24 hours, it's on for young and old.
I have form going back to 1998 for every metro, provincial and country meeting this side of the pacos(where is that pacos?), but our results only go to 1999, I believe.

If we can, together, fill in the gaps, then this will help immensely.

For Wa results, go to the magnificant website. I've not seen a better one for the eastern States:


Charlie Brown
24-06-05, 09:58 AM

There arn't any exotics in the Kalgoorlie results! Does this matter?


25-06-05, 03:49 AM
Exotics don't REALLY matter, as long as we know the placings, CB.

It would be handy, but beggars can't be choosers, I guess.

Thanks for your efforts.