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22-06-05, 05:06 AM

I have had my computer crash on me continuously
with the blue screen and all. The only thing
that I have changed is Bet Selector upgrade to
the latest version. I am NOT SAYING that it is
bet selector that has caused it, in fact I think
that it is the remotest chance but would like
to hear from others that use XP if they had any
problems. The computer crashes even when im not
running BS. It may be hardware related but since
I only changed BS recently I thought I start there.


Far Canal
22-06-05, 05:59 AM

See if I can help before I go....

I am an XP user and have had no problems....but then again I run disk cleanup, disk defrag, and anti virus protestion every week.

I don't know if you realise it, but on your system you have 'System Restore' what it does is reverse your puter to a date SET BY YOU to precede the date of your problems and bridges the problem, or problems you are having ....give it a try ole mate and hopefully it'll solve your problems.

Here is an interesting address for all windows users....can solve a multitude of problems as it is a windows forum....



Far C.

22-06-05, 11:39 AM

Non problems with xp at all.


22-06-05, 01:27 PM
Only recognised I had a problem after spending the afternoon with a mate who'd recently installed Bet Selector and with Lap Top's side to side was showing him through the hoops. Well, as best I could anyway as I'm only a novice myself!

Anyway, we both appeared to have similar lap tops with 40 GB something or another, 512 MB of RAM, pentium 4 CPU 2.6 Ghz (and we're both old farts who really understand precious little of what this all means).

Being competitive types, when running things like Test System on Bet Selector we were only miliseconds apart, but his puter kicked the ##### out of mine when it came to View Last System Test or View System Rules. His was there in miliseconds, mine takes forever to load Word in order to View results. Until seeing my mates today, I accepted this as being par for the course.

My mate doesn't know what de-frag is, yet I do this regularly. He's got no idea about deleting history, off-line content, and thinks a cookie is a biscuit! He's got all sorts of clutter I don't.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Can't let my mate get away with this!!

Slow N Easy
23-06-05, 10:54 AM
Hi Barrywh1

Just bringing your request to top of pile as I see you havent had any suggestions.
I know enough to be dangerous so dont take too much notice of me.

Some time ago my computer was overrun with Ad spyware and slowed to a grind when I was online. I downloaded Ad-Aware SE Personal from Lavasoft, and Spybot to get rid of the crud. Both are free programs which can be set to update on a regular basis.
You may not have this problem but since you said you were a novice it is worth a mention.

cheers MEL

23-06-05, 11:12 AM
Barrywh1, Mel, Far C & Co

Good advice so far and I would add the following...
This web site has the best and most willing fixers of any problems that I have found. Just register, select your topic & give your problem a catchy name and they will be back to you in hours...

Another thing that I do regularly is type the following into my search files box
then I delete them all and type the following into my Start Run box
and delete all those, do a restart and its surprising what a difference it makes.

Having said all that I do find mine is a little slow bringing up the word doc with results of BS tests etc certainly more than millisecs.

This may be because I have never cleaned out my Price directory as was recommended on this Forum some time ago.

Good luck with it


23-06-05, 01:30 PM
Hi Barry,

there's not a lot that can be done. As Mike has indicated, you can clean out a lot of clutter from the Price folder, but that's still not going to provide a perfect solution. Earlier versions of BS never cleaned up after system runs, whereas the latest few do. However, this still doesn't clean up all the clutter that was left from the previous versions. If you know what you're doing, you can get into the price folder and clean it up manually..... but it's very easy to stuff things up if you don't know what you're doing, so be very careful.

The simple fact of the matter is that the more files you have in any one folder, then the slower it becomes to a) browse to the folder, b) find a file in a folder, and c) open a file from that folder.

My price folder has over 44 THOUSAND files in the folder. Even on the latest and greatest pentium 4's with hyperthreading and RAID disks, it takes ages to simply open the folder.

Neale, if you're listening, when you fix the two digit month problem, you really need to look at a sub-structure for your files. A simple sub-folder for each year with a sub-folder for each month would speed things up enormously.


PS. There's an old thread you may wish to read on the subject of old files in the price folder....

23-06-05, 02:30 PM
Thanks for those responses.

From what I can gather, it appears that the speed issue relates to the size of the database. By comparison, my mate has a only a tiny fraction of the races to test than I have. This explains the time difference when opening Word to 'View System Test' or the like.

But, every dog has it's day. I'll just sit back and wait until he's got a few thousand races under his belt. And, I'll watch him build up lots of clutter in the background. Then I'll go for the jugular!!

And maybe then, he'll realise that a cookie isn't a biscuit afterall!!


23-06-05, 10:45 PM

Slip back to February and read the topic 'SPEED' author 'John Morgan'....there's some good stuff mate, that jugular could be in your hands sooner.


Far C.

25-06-05, 01:52 PM

the comp now crashes on start up it doesent
even get to the welcome sgreen so it isent
bet selector but that means its time for re-install
so see you in a few days I think


25-06-05, 11:29 PM
Possible power supply fault or even the heat sink on your CPU is not cooling sufficiently.
The 3.3V rail for example (important as it powers the CPU).

If you can have a look in your BIOS settings and find a page for Hardware Monitor or similar, this should show the voltage on the various rails.
Have a look at this site; there is some info on power supply http://www.quepublishing.com/articles/article.asp?p=31105&rl=1

Laurie de Loser
27-06-05, 05:57 AM
Hi Chris

Hope you have more luck with your request for sub folders.

I have been going on like a broken record for 3 years or so on this theme.

From Neale's replies I think he just doesn't beleive this will have any effect. I sent an email to him for a similar data intensive program (stocks & shares) with tens of thousands of files where the author split it into sub directories for a perceptable (spelling??, does this word exist even) speed increase but to no avail.

I even put the request in the "wish list" thread in the last few weeks. Harp, harp.


Laurie de Loser

28-06-05, 12:28 PM
I was experiencing a similar thing using GTX.

I found that the Nortons Anti virus program was causing the problem because it often has issiues with large files.
I then swapped over to AVG anti virus ,which is free & now its running perfectly , no more crashes & its now really fast.

If that doesent work I feel it would be an idea to take it to a de-bugging specialist ,see computer virus removers in the directory, they will be able to clean most of the junk , they tell me one of the first things they do with their clients is swap Nortons to AVG.

Also check that you are not running 2 anti virus programs at once , which some people do , this will often confuse the system to run at a slow speed for these type of programs.

It could also be the processor , the de-bugging people will be able to tell you if it is.

Tiny's Finito
28-06-05, 11:33 PM
Have you tried deleting all the .CSV files outta the c:\price folder?
each time you do a system test for each system- a CSV file is created.
they're easy to find in windows search:

click on documents or spreadsheet files(in XP you get this menu)
type in *.csv

get ready to be blown away by the sheer number of csv files in your C:\price folder.

hope this help your quest.