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17-07-09, 11:57 AM
I think hubby is going to shot me soon. I keep coming up with inventive ideas for my arena.

Latest thought is, I can't afford to do it professionally and don't want to throw so much money away by putting in sand that just gets churned up so I am thinking to do a 20x20metre on the closed end of my arena with sand over the top of the ground and see how it holds up. If after a while it looks to be working ok then I can do the rest, if not then I haven't wasted so much money.


17-07-09, 12:16 PM
Like as a round yard??? sounds good... at the very least you'll have a part-arena to do circle work in

17-07-09, 12:38 PM
Yes, exactly although it would not be a round yard but I am thinking of ways I could kinda turn it into a round yard with piping.

Can't use electric tape, Casper won't go near it, he has been zapped by it and is very wary of electric tape (a good thing but a bad thing).

Hubby is inventive so I have put his mind into action to come up with some type of 'boom' gating to section it off so I can do confined circle/round yard work on a sand base but also have my arena.

17-07-09, 12:58 PM
Lol, getting creative :) I like it :D

You could set up something basic with star pickets and 2.4m non-structural studs... I wouldn't use to yard a horse but it would make an excellent temp barrier/fence to the "round yard" section. And then you could have two "removable" sections (on either side) that you can slide the studs across to open up the track to the full arena....

Now you have my brain working overtime! :( :)

17-07-09, 01:05 PM
Personally I wouldn't use star pickets, just too dangerous to get spiked on if I came off....*shudders at the thought* but yes that is the general thought. It would be more of a visual barrier. Certainly not for use with a horse that is going to push through but by the same token if he did the worst that happens is he gets through and buggers off to the other end of the arena which will be gated anyway.

I was thinking PVC piping to span the distance of 10metres each side as you can join them with collars but will have to come up with some type of support as well so they don't bow. They are light, easy to rig up and remove.

Oh to win lotto and have it all done properly.

17-07-09, 03:11 PM
You could make "jump stand" type things with the non-structural pine (i love that stuff... so versatile :) ) I thought the poly pipe only came in 6m sections???

Quite easy to make a support/stand you cut your upright to length req... then cut 1 length at 50-60cm and 2 lengths at 40-50cm. (bigger measurements for higher upright).
Screw the longer short bit on one end to create a T (the top of the T will be the base :) ) but you will need to do it so that its not flat side to flat side, it should be narrow side (upright) to flat side (base) This makes more sense when you look at the wood :D
The the two shorter short bits then go on either side of the upright, at the base, butting up against the first base piece. You can then screw them into both the upright and the original base bit. Creating a nice, stable stand. If you get creative you can also screw an offcut in between the two ends so that there are no "loose ends"

The top of the stand could then support the poly pipe via several methods...

"keyhole" method with a flathead nail... Bang a large flathead nail into upright so that 1 cm of shaft still protrudes. Drill a hole the size of the head of the nail into poly pipe... attach...

You can use a similar method with coat hooks. Screw coat hook onto upright... Drill hole into poly... hook together.

Or... rope, wire, jump cup type arrangement... even just screw the poly directly onto supports, but that could be hard to dismantle when needed...

17-07-09, 03:21 PM
Yeah PVC piping does come in 6m lengths but can always cut to length or join with collars.

Hubby thought to use 1 x 100mm pipe and have a 90mm pipe inside to make up the additional 4m by sliding it out. Just need the support system. Thought of using the 100mm pipe and cut out a U for the 'rail pipe' to sit in but make a base of some sort.

Lots of ideas for us to play with. I love getting inventive. The saying 'necessity is the mother of invention' is so right.

I am a very visual person so need to see something to understand. Hubby gets frustrated when he tries to explain something to me and I just stand there with a blank look.

I will let him read your idea, he will be able to make out what your idea is better than I can. I can picture my ideas but not someone elses. Brain fart in progress.

17-07-09, 04:13 PM
Lol I'll do you up some diagrams then :-) Give me a bit I'll do an option with wooden upright and one with poly upright for you... I DIY all the time :D

17-07-09, 04:31 PM
http://photos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs128.snc1/5520_1182038517298_1418260974_30520542_1875201_n.j pg

All wood upright...

http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs128.snc1/5520_1182038757304_1418260974_30520543_6210727_n.j pg

Poly and Wood upright :D

18-07-09, 02:51 PM
PVC piping can get expensive - what about plastic chain? Mind you I havent looked at the cost for ages. A really simple one is just a white wooden peg banged into the ground about knee height with the plastic chain. This is a great visual barrier and should break if needed.

I hope to get my arena done one day *sigh*. I too am trying to keep it simple and affordable. We will be getting a small bobcat in to do some work soon, so Im going to push to get my 20mx40m area flattened (it was partly done years ago) but making sure it is not hollow to hold water. Then I will put rustic poles around the edge (we can cut them ourselves off our place - ok, ok hubby can cut them) and top with sand.

BUT be choosey on the sand you use. Make sure it is a COARSE type - has rough edges and even small bits of gravel. Round gain sand will never settle and shift all the time - plus it can blow away. My girlfriend got caught out with this and has had no end of problems with her arena surface.

18-07-09, 06:15 PM
Level ground surface, put down base of cracker dust (often used as roadbase), it has no pebbles or other sharp stuff. Then lay coarse sand over top. Fine sand no good, blows away, and turns into dust. Roadbuilding contractors near you may be able to help. Make base slightly higher in middle, sloping off to sides and ends, so it drains. May need to add a wide, deeper drain from lowest corner. Advice from bitter experience.

19-07-09, 01:26 PM
Thanks shadowmystic, got the idea now thanks.

Yeah I have been doing my research on the coarse sand. Friend has regatta sand which is a mixture of sand and fine bits of blue metal, not sure I like it but anyway lots of research.

Well I was debating as to whether to do a knee height fence or a full height fence. After yesterday I am thinking knee height. OWWWWWW my poor leg. One side of where my arena is the boundary fence and it has some really soldid timber posts all at every 3 metres. Came too close to the fence and bent my foot back and took some serious skin off my leg. It had to be the foot that had been broken before. Needless to say, no riding today :-(.

Will think long and hard about which way to go..