View Full Version : Where do I find an ASH for sale from?

26-07-01, 07:16 AM
I am on the lookout for an ASH gelding to compete in ASH classes, but mainly open hack and rider classes. Where do I find one of these little gems? I have looked in TVS but is not really much about. Anybody know of someone I could contact who perhaps knows of any?
Email me at sdhentywilson@students.latrobe.edu.au

P.S. please dont delete this message "MR Moderator man" - dont worry I am not advertising - just asking for advice!!

26-07-01, 10:26 AM
Looks horribly like a horse wanted ad to me. Have you looked in The Virtual Saleyard? Have you put a wanted ad in TVS?

27-07-01, 12:53 AM
Try putting wanted adds on all the classifieds sites.
Also contact the ASH society in your state, and ask their advice.
Good Luck.
(maybe the weekly times & Horse Deals too)

s (Guest)
27-07-01, 04:04 AM
get in touch with the ASH Association. they're probably on the net somewhere if you do a search. they can probably send you a list of members/breeders etc in your area.
Make sure any ASH's you see advertised are actually registered ASH's - I've encountered lots of people saying that their small TB's are ASH's but in reality they're not. they may have been eligible as foundation stock, but they're still not ASH's. So ask to see registration papers etc.

good luck.

Sue (Guest)
27-07-01, 05:45 AM
Is a first cross ASH eligible to compete? If the horses name is not on the studbook website, does this mean it is not fully registered?

cgh (Guest)
27-07-01, 02:31 PM
I'm not sure about competition eligibility, but if you're buying a stock horse to compete, there's no point if it's not registerable (just made up a new word there :7) as far as I know, you can't register a horse now if both parents are not in the studbook. This is all online.

therefore, if you can't find a horse in the studbook it's either not eligible or the owners/ breeders have never paid the rego.

Jessica (Guest)
28-07-01, 05:02 AM


They may have some information regarding upcoming sales specifically for the ASH's.

28-07-01, 05:24 AM
This place has beautiful ASH's