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26-07-01, 01:59 PM
Hi guys,
I'm sure i knew this but have forgotten (its all the seasons iv had off)...
What are the advantages with EFA affiliated show? What major events do they quallify you for? Barastoc, royals, ROTY???
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Sharni (Guest)
26-07-01, 10:57 PM
I asked and this is what our commitee was sent - we joined,

EFA Club Insurance Program
As an affiliated EFA Club the option exists to participate in a nationally coordinated insurance scheme covering areas such as Public Liability, Directors & Officers, Voluntary Worker and Industrial Special Risks at a far lessor rate than the Club would otherwise be able to achieve.
Note: Please ask your EFA Co-ordinator for a registration form

Should a situation arise whereby your Club requires disciplinary action to be taken, upon receipt of a complaint from an affiliated Club the EFA is able to instigate disciplinary procedures against the member in question for a breach of any EFA or National Saddle Horse rule.

Swabbing of exhibits is carried out only at EFA Affiliated competitions at the expense of the EFA. Clearly the budget does not permit this at every competition and Swabs are conducted at random. To conduct a single Swab costs in excess of $100 plus the time for an EFA representative to attend and supervise the process.

Barastoc Horse of the Year Qualification
Only EFA Affiliated competition are eligible for class winners to use their performance as a qualifier for Barastoc Horse of the Year.

Official Competitions
Affiliate members are able to access a structured framework in terms of being able to promote that their competitions are EFA Affiliated and therefore receive credibility from use of the name and the benefit of promoting a competition at which competitors will be able to receive grading points in both Dressage and Showjumping.

Grading Points
As alluded to above, EFA Affiliated competitions provide grading points to members. This feature of a show allows an affiliated Club to draw on a much broader demographic of competitors. A competition may be run for both grading and non-grading competitors thereby encouraging more entries.

EFA rules
Through the FEI and the EFA National Branch rules are formulated for the benefit of the sport in terms of regulation and standardisation. That each Branch of the EFA has members it enables the hierarchy to be funded appropriately and develop the rules under which our sport operates.

Calendar of Events
As a new initiative the EFA will be placing a calendar of events on its web site for its Affiliated Clubs/Associations. This will take some time to establish but in the next EFA News Affiliate Members will be offered the service. As the information is forthcoming to this office then the Calendar will grow. Clearly this will benefit both event organisers by promoting events and competitors who wish to enter.

The most important aspect to remember in regard to affiliate membership is that it is not imposed upon any club or association. Each entity has the opportunity of assessing the value of being an affiliate member and the opportunities it presents and makes a decision accordingly.

BL (Guest)
27-07-01, 04:33 AM
Thanx for that. So I can quallify for Barastoc (goodie). Does anyone know if it will qualliy me for ROTY? It would make sense if its and EFA run event.
thanx again
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Sue (Guest)
27-07-01, 06:03 AM
If you are a member of EFA and you get enough wins in open hack an open rider, you will qualify for HOTY and ROTY (repectively). Not sure how many wins you need though.

27-07-01, 08:56 AM
I thought you had to apply to the Barastoc HOTY committee, to be a qualifying show. I didn't think it was an automatic thing???????