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Hackie (Guest)
27-07-01, 04:01 AM
I have just purchased a PH Royal saddle from Sydney and it's on the way down. I was just curious to see what other people thought of this breed of saddle, I have ridden in one before and loved it. I have had County saddles through all my showing years but had a knee re-construction twelve months ago and need more support in the knee without the big knee rolls in say a dressage saddle. I would be interested to find out other peoples thoughts and opinions on the PH Royals.

gill (Guest)
27-07-01, 04:35 AM
I have a PH royal and find it really good. If I ever buy new saddles again they will be PH royals. They take a bit longer to break in and sit down on the horses back but I love mine.

27-07-01, 05:12 AM
I wanted to buy one and missed the opportunity to have her (the Horse) measured at Canberra Royal.
I was looking at Horseland at Mossvale and Karen showed me a Capprelli which I have two of already but not the size I wanted 16 1/2 ", anyhow I spotted a saddle sitting on a stand and it was really nice , A St James show saddle, which the guy that makes it had worked for PH for years.
So to cut a long story short he came out to horseland and measured up and soon we will be getting our new saddle!