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12-08-09, 09:27 AM
07:44 12Aug09 AAP-Another horse falls ill on Hendra outbreak property
(Eds: Adds update of another horse falling ill)

BRISBANE, Aug 12 AAP - Another horse has fallen ill on a central Queensland
property quarantined due to a Hendra virus outbreak.

Tests have confirmed a prized Anglo filly from J4S Equine Nursery at Cawarral,
east of Rockhampton, died from Hendra virus on Saturday, with two other recent
horse deaths on the property also attributed to the virus.

A further 23 horses quarantined on the property and its neighbour are being
tested, as well as 11 horses that left J4S in the three weeks before July 28,
when the first horse died from suspected Hendra virus.

One horse had been traced to a NSW property, while others have been traced to
properties on the Darling Downs, Sunshine Coast hinterland and central

The nursery's owner, John Brady, said another mare had fallen ill and would be
examined by a vet on Wednesday.

"We're a little bit concerned about her," Mr Brady told ABC Radio.

"There's a lot of pregnant mares here and it's coming on to foaling season, and
so we don't really know, it's just too early to tell, but I will be asking the
vets to have a look at her today."

Horses identified with the virus will be destroyed.

Meanwhile, 13 people are awaiting results of their tests for the virus.

The initial testing will not necessarily confirm Hendra virus infection, but
will instead establish a baseline for comparison when further testing is carried
out within two to three weeks.

Queensland Health says it will remain in close contact with those people during
the process.

The virus is a serious but rare disease which is believed to be transferred from
bats to horses.

Horses can pass on the virus to humans, but health authorities say there is no
record of human-to-human transmission.

A Hendra outbreak in August last year killed Brisbane vet Ben Cunneen, the first
person in Australia to die of the disease in 10 years.

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