View Full Version : Who else loves Cyberhorse?!!!

Carlie (Guest)
02-08-01, 09:48 AM
Don't worry Bill, we'll never leave Cyberhorse. Checked out the eques forum but it's too complicated. I love Cyberhorse it's so well formatted and quick. So keep up the good work. i suppose your not told it very often but your doing a wonderful job. Thanks! :)

aussie (Guest)
02-08-01, 10:42 AM
yep i love it to! I love everyone! *grin*

Alyra (Guest)
02-08-01, 10:45 AM
I have to admit, the layout/format of the eques forum was a bit much for me...here it is easier to read!

02-08-01, 02:24 PM
Well thanks for your kind comments everyone. We've just been to a "horse's birthday" party and met some lovely people. Its nice to come home and find that someone still loves us. All I can say is that building a forum isn't easy. Anyone who wants to try is welcome, but there are so many things you have to get right.

Lynette (Guest)
03-08-01, 02:36 AM
I love Cyberhorse too. Keep it going for us, Bill - most of us play nicely together.

I've been coming here nearly every day for ages, and go through withdrawals if I can't get access to the computer at home to dive in if I have been too busy with meetings at work to come in during my breaks.