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04-08-01, 01:52 PM
Now what have I been saying for years guys? The Breed ring is the best!!!! Haven't you all been listening to me? Well still as Buckskinpassion because I can't remember the password for Remi. Oh well you all know who I am as long as it has Buckskin in front.
Change of plans now for Minto, I am now taking the new Aussie pony - Monnie and the Galloway Buckskin - Jessie. The will only both do "lead" so should be a nice quiet day, plenty of time to catch up and gossip!

Pookies Girl.....I loved your joke on the other thread, I can't believe how damm pathetic people can be, the comments they wrote, Oh well maybe you should of just told us "Naice" showies, we appreciate you!

sugar n' spice (Guest)
05-08-01, 12:22 AM
Hello! it's nice 2 know that someone else loves the breed ring!
Good Luck in the next show season...I'm sure you'll do well.

Sherin (Guest)
05-08-01, 04:14 AM
I have a Palomino Quarter horse and I love the breed ring too!! We always do really well in there, as apposed to the open ring. I also love watching the stock horses, especially the working classes. As my mare is a "farm horse" I wish there were more working stock horse classes open to any breed. We have found the odd one and done really well in the classes.

Kate H
05-08-01, 05:30 AM
Welcome to the Naice Showies thread sugar'n spice and Sherin.
Where abouts do you both come from seeing as how sugar'n spice was talking about the EFA HOTY and HC show?
We are nearly all situated in the Hawkesbury region, but we do welcome outsiders, particularly when they come and introduce themselves at a show.
You can always find me....I'm the lady in blue, with a bright blue hat and pointing a camera. LOL LOL LOL
Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I finally had to make the decision to put Mum into a nursing home and she went straight from hospital to a Chesalon Nursing Home at Harris Park on 2/8/01. It was such a shock to think that it was the closest that she could get into, but in hindsight, it is OK. This particular nursing home is closing down in 4 mths time and re-locating to the brand new complex on the Hawkesbury Campus on Londonderry Road. Of course Mum now automatically gets to move to the new place, so the 4 mths of commuting will fly by (I hope). I am looking out for a rally good two horse float (would prefer an angle load but know they are as scarce as hen's teeth). And yes, Bill, I have looked in the Virtual Saleyard, but the three floats that came up didn't suit. So guys, keep an eye out for one for me as I will be hitting the show scene after Christmas, after weaning the two foals and after my knee operation.
By the way, has anyone any foaling news yet???? After all it is the 4th August!!!! Did you see that the TB industry will recognise a foal that is born before the 1/8 as OK as long as the mare was severed after September 1 the year before??? Wow, already read that one TB mare foaled 17 days early and that the foal is doing alright.
See you all at Minto
Kate H

06-08-01, 03:48 AM
Thank you Kate H for the welcome. I'm from Horsham in Victoria and only do a few small local shows and gymkhanas. My hubby is not horsey and would have a fit if I started getting aspirations of going to HOTY, Royals etc. I entered the virtual horse show on the net and got an email from the secretary regarding my entries and my hubby nearly died - I think he thought I was off to some big show miles away!! He was most relieved to discover it involved no entry fees, no travelling, fuel, wear and tear on the car or him having to fend for himself for a day. Best type of horse show he reckoned!!

sugar n' spice (Guest)
06-08-01, 09:40 AM
Well Hello Kate!How are you?Thanks 4 the welcome!!!!!You know me I live on the "Central Coast Of N.S.W." You have pointed the camera at me a few times....(hehehe).

Love sugar n' spice xxx

XPY (Guest)
06-08-01, 10:42 AM
Well hello everybody..including those who are new.
It has been a big weekend with the little boy...who is now clipped and looks wonderful...even though Dad saw him for the first time today and said "I thought he'd have more weight on than that" (he still looks as though he's in racing condition - but I'm working on it).

We drove three hours to be shod and have a riding lesson. A long way you may say, but I wanted to go to my old instructor and I will do the trip on Tuesday. Some of the Hawkesbury people may know my instructor, Merrilyn Mulchahy, as she used to live in teh area.

My little man really needs some outings...very anxious at what's around him so now he's got every scary thing being thrown at him!

Kate, missing me? I hope everything is turning out right on the home front.

Well, I'm buggered and it's time for a beer!

Cheers everyone for the week ahead.

cgh (Guest)
06-08-01, 01:54 PM
hi to Sherin, Kate H, BSR et al :D :D Sherin, I love the stock classes too, and might see you around, though I tend to do the aggies on south coast of NSW plus ASH branch shows.

Kate H - glad to hear that your Mum has found somewhere comfortable - it's a huge decision, but I'm sure it's for the best, especially when she's in her fabulous new premises :7

Bucksinpassion, I like your new name - I think you should keep it :)

I'm off to Luddenham for a campdraft training day next weekend (well, I hope....) which will be very exciting as it's the first time for the horse and me eeek! we'll be walking and trotting and trying to learn some cut out skills, but I'm mainly interested to see if he's got any cow in him, which he should have if breeding means anything.

SNH (Guest)
06-08-01, 11:33 PM
Good to see you're back again Kate. We've been missing you. Hope things are settling down now.

taamir (Guest)
07-08-01, 02:35 AM
Hello everyone!
What a super day Sunday was in Siddenee...took the fat arab out for his first bush ride in months and had a fantastic ride. Fitness training is back on for both of us.
kate - sorry about your Mum. At least she will have someone around all the time - I will light a candle (as they say) for you both.
Looking for a float is tricky - I have just spent $3000 on upgrade/repairs on mine and now I am mobile again. My mechanic and panel beater and auto electrician have been fantastic and its a much better float for the work. I bought it for $500 last year with some rego but it has been a hell of a project.
Good luck
Marcia & Taamir

J (Guest)
07-08-01, 02:37 AM
Where abouts is the virtual horse show?


Jo (abbyjo) (Guest)
07-08-01, 02:53 AM
Well there seems to be another Jo posting so I will stick with the abbyjo in brackets. Glad to see you back online Kate, have missed you, I hope your mum is settling in.
Not much riding done by me on the weekend due to the naughty arab pulling a shoe. I welcome the warm weather though and all the horses are dropping coat like mad, even the daggy thoroughbreds in the paddock. Bring on spring. Have a good week everyone and see you at Minto.

buckskinremi (Guest)
07-08-01, 03:11 AM
Hi guys
well how was everyones weekend?
Mine was good took the baby to her first show since I have owned her, got a third and that is Ok. The best thing she was great never played up once.
Well looking forward to Minto, will take the new Buckskin Galloway and the baby I think???lol totally undecided.

Kate...... it is a hard decision doing what you have done, but I think it will be for the best and I am sure mum will like it once she gets to know everyone. Will speak more on Sunday.

Ok guys a call is out I am trying to locate a Salt and Pepper colour false pony tail. I really don't want to buy a new one so if anyone knows where I can buy one second hand that would be great.

07-08-01, 03:20 AM
Can anyone tell me if to clip a buckskin or not?

buckskinremi (Guest)
07-08-01, 03:36 AM
Hi Daniel
I show Buckskins and all mine are clipped, every year and sometime twice.
BUT just remember they go a yuk colour so if you plan to show yours do it about 2-3 weeks before a show. I have ones that are dun colour and when they are clipped they go white but the golden ones go dapple grey, but within the 2-3 weeks they look great.
I have just had one clipped and the others will all be clipped within 2 weeks.

I also feed alot of Molasis and Livemol and that helps the coats lok beautiful and shiny.

Good luck nice to se another Buckskin owner.

Shannon (Guest)
07-08-01, 04:31 AM
Hi Sherin, I'm from Horsham as well! Well 10 minutes out of town. Probably will bump into you at a few local shows?
Would love to see your horse on the vitual horse show site - where abouts can I find it?

SNH (Guest)
07-08-01, 05:42 AM
Hello Daniel, where've you been? Haven't seen you here for a while. I had just the best ride yesterday on the old mare, might even consider bringing her back for a show or two in her ridden classes and give you a run for your money! How's the pony going? Have you got yourself a hack yet?

07-08-01, 06:09 AM
i have haven`t been online for ages
my mare going okay taking her to minto penrith and liverpool and the state + nationals and the saddle horse one? the ponie is going great he is so cute did jumping today on him my horse is to scared to do it but hopely his mane well grown soon so i can plaite him and get him out there no no hack to busy right know but one well come up soon having to much fun with my horse and the pony

07-08-01, 06:12 AM
hey buckskinremi
thanks for all your help he is a golden buckskin only like 12.1 or something but he is cute he who at sydney as a colt (yearling) got champ there too then got gelded and put in the paddock now i have him
can you like feed them whatever you like do they go smut like pallies
okay thanks for all you help

Helen (Guest)
07-08-01, 07:29 AM
You can feed Jacob whatever you like. He's a good colour and Buckskins aren't judged on colour anyway - only conformation.

07-08-01, 10:55 AM
hello helen
who is this?
thanks for your help yeah jacob is got good conformation and movement he is so cute!!

07-08-01, 01:51 PM
Hate to burst your bubble Helen, BUT there are actually some judges and I say only some, that do judge the buckskins on their colour.
I have came across ones that will not place or even look at a dun/white buckskins and then I have came across ones that will not look at a black buckskin. Wrong I know but it does happen, just like the Buckskin judges that won't look at ponies, they only look at the big horses.

Helen (Guest)
08-08-01, 12:02 AM
If those judges don't know the rules that is their problem. Buckskins are not supposed to be judged on colour (I'm on the judges panel & an ex longstanding Committee member and have been a Buckskin member for over 20 years). Anyway Jacob is a lovely colour so shouldn't have any problems with those that don't know the rules.

pookie'sgirl (Guest)
08-08-01, 01:07 AM
Hi Buckskinpassion/Remi (and everyone else),

I might have a false tail that you might be interested in - I will bring it along to Minto on the weekend. I haven't checked out the comments on the joke yet but from the vibe I got from your response there must be people out there with absolutely no sense of humour - I'll check it out now.

08-08-01, 01:51 AM
Are you showing on Sunday? I need to bring the new Galloway to try and get qualified and Angela has an outing on and can't come.
I can't do it because I will have a heart attack in the ring, (honestly).
Jessie will only be doing led mare,she has only been broken in three weeks so I think ridden will be out. BUT I will bring along a saddle and gear just in case there are no others, it will be a easy qualifier -maybe???? You could handle her if you can ride Pookie you can ride Jess!!!! lol
Can you let me know by Friday arvo if you could do it, or anyone here maybe. I may be also bringing the new Aussie pony so that maybe one more led also, I want to see if she has put on more weight before I decide on Monnie though.

Helen, I know it is wrong but it is like with any ring there are bad judges and good judges. Anyway I am just glad we have a new buckskin person, and another "Naice" showie to meet and goss with!!! lol

Kate....... How is mum settling in, and how are you going? I can't wait to see you on Sunday.

Where is JB, he has been quiet this week, actually so has all the "Naice" showies.

Sarah W (Guest)
08-08-01, 01:52 AM
Hi all,

I love the breeds rings, where I spend most of my time :-)

Always wanted a Buckskin from the day I saw The Man From Snowy River at the Movies. I think I could see myself charging down the back hill ;-)

pooiesgirl (Guest)
08-08-01, 02:03 AM
Send me an email at work and we'll work something out. Would be happy to help you out at Minto as Pookie is still on hols and I'm not planning on doing anything until Penrith as I don't want to clip him this year and he's still a tad woolly.

SNH (Guest)
08-08-01, 02:41 AM
BSR, JB's out there, I passed him on my way to work thismorning!

Sherin (Guest)
08-08-01, 10:00 AM
Hi Shannon, nice to find a "local" in here. The address for the virtual horse show is www.virtualhorseshow.net/
Find the show schedule and click on either the palomino or quarter horse class and there we will be. Hope to catch you around!