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rappie (Guest)
06-08-01, 08:25 AM
im hoping some of you wise people can help me ...

Recently, the girl i was sharing the paddock with left with the promise to fix all the fences/stables etc so that i could get someone else to shar with me. Needless to say it hasnt happen, and ive found myself with a bit of an embarrasing shambles and a depressed and lonely pony who keeps going walkabout.. :(

Ok -5 acre paddock, divvied up into 4. Most of the perimeter is 3 strands of plain wire, star pickets and solid corner posts. There are also 3 strands of the plastic type electrie fence tape on all the fences.
Anyway, the other horse that was there knew exactly when the fence wasnt turned on and would barge through it - and hte other girl used to forget to turn it on, so it now has a whole lot og knots in it and doesnt zap at all. Generally my horse leaves it alone, but its in no state to share with someone else. Here's where i need the help.

Seeing that I can't afford lovely permanent steel pipe fencing or post and rail, and the paddock isnt really mine to do that to - should i finish the wire fence and have a standoff on the perimeter? And then leave the tape paddock dividers as is?

Next question is how much does a mains powered electric fence transformery thingy? What type of electric fence should i use? tape? wire? will one strand be enough if it is on a standoff? how much is it?how do i join it at corners?

I need the nitty gritty "effective-budget-fencing-for-dummies" guide....the how's, why's and wherefore's (and cost too please).
Destructions would be good too :)

eternally grateful

07-08-01, 05:16 AM
Hi Rappie

I'll try and answer a few of your questions.

Firstly, if the stand off has a current through it, it doesn't matter if it is wire of tape. In your situation I would use tape as it is easier to work with. Tape should conduct electricity through knots.

Wire only works if it is strained properly. You will need to use a good set of fence strainers (use Hayes brand) and learn how to use gripples. Learning to strain properly is a bit of an art.

If you are using tape, you can buy a ratchet sort of strainer. Any fencing supplies shop should have them. You can tie them (with string, wire, whatever) to a fence post, thread the tape through and start to wind. Whenever you need to tighten your fence, you simply turn the ratchet.

Put some caps on your star pickets - they can cause nasty injuries. You can buy them for abouv $1.00 each at a fencing/rural supplies store. You can also use the little flowerpots that tube stock come in, although you may find these harder to get hold of.

Mains powered fence chargers can be quite expensive, depending upon the size.

I would recommend that you go to somewhere like Elders or your local rural store and ask for some good advice. Most of them are only too happy to help.

07-08-01, 07:16 AM
Hey Rappie....
I use tie wire...you know the stuff that comes in different guages from the hardware store? I have it going throught bits of poly pipe (again cheap stuff from hardware store) and my portable zapper that i got from mitre 10 that has 2 d cell batteries...cost me $130 for the zapper unit, about $10 for the 4 rolls of wire (about 80 m a roll...) and $10 for two rolls of the poly...and the cost of batteries...works a charm...unless they have rugs on...in which case..dont matter what you have (other than mains powered one..hehe gotta love that!! :) )
Good luck...

moose (Guest)
07-08-01, 07:34 AM
Just a quick on on tape...it does not have a neverending life span...depends on situation about 6 to 12 months. We too are in the process of re fencing our 10 acres with a combination of post & a rail with electric wires. So have a few tempoary fences of the white plastic tape. in the wind/breeze the tape moves where it is held by the insulators off whatever type it eventually wears the thin metal fibres out...breaking the power supply...once this happens to all threads the tape no longer zapps. If the wires in the tape are silvery colour they last longer than the coppery coloured ones.

The gripple doohickies are wonderfully easy. The polly pipe stand offs are good, where I used to aggist had them. When at the fencing company...look at their wire versions but they may not be suitable for you. I have also seen people with used tennis balls or milk cartons on steel pickets. We have a mains power unit but I have a small batery powered one like mentioned above to deter the dogs from sleeping & walking in my rose bushes...it works a treat!

Good luck.. feel free to ask any other learner fencing questions!

rappie (Guest)
07-08-01, 11:51 AM
ok - things are getting clearer now....slightly :)

I'm sorry I can't remember names and my puter is being retarded-
to the strainer-person - were you talking about straining hte standoff wire or tape? as opposed to the actual fence?

To the tie wire & polypipe person - I'm going back to read a previous thread on this, but i dont 'get' the roll of polypipe bit...am i just thinking of the wrong thing? Can you explain a bit more pleeease?

I might try to find a supply of the little seedling tubes, we have a few garden supplier aorund here....i have decided to wire the dividing fences as well, so i may be able to salvage some of the tape (though i think the tape is holding the knots together, but ill see!)

but thankyou so much!


Improvise (Guest)
07-08-01, 01:31 PM
another suggestion for capping the star pickets - try empty soft drink cans painted white - just make a hole in the top of the can and ram it onto the top of the star picket with the rounded end of the can at the top. Cheap, effective and quite neat and tidy to look at.

07-08-01, 10:47 PM
Re straining. If you are straining wire, you will need to use wire strainers (Hayes brand are easiest and best) and use gripples to hold the tension. You will also need to secure the wire around the fence posts. I was mainly talking about the actual fence with regard to wire.

I would use tape for the standoff as you don't need to use wire strainers. Just buy a ratchet strainer, tie on the tape and off you go. Much easier to use.