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Caitlin (Guest)
07-08-01, 01:45 AM
It's great to hear everyones' foaling experiences. Welcome all the newcomers and a big congrats to CC on the exciting purchase of Myshamelessfantasy. What an investment - I'm sure you'll have lots of fun and do well with her. I am in SEQld - Chambers Flat.
Dg2 you'll miss your girl while she's away. I used to hate sending mine away because I'd miss her,especially only having the one horse. But it's worth it in the end. You guys must be getting ready to come up here for the Ekka soon. If I decide to make the trek in I will come and look you up. What are the dates you'll be there again or are you there for the whole show?
Dragonlady how's the leg and how's the mare hunting going? Heard of anything promising?
I love the names everyones come up with. The ones I thought of have already been suggested - Shameless Sirprize and Shamelessly Stylish. For a Chance baby, how about Takeachance on me (probably already taken?)
Have you heard how your horses you sold have settled in Qld?
Music wise I like Country too - Alan Jackson,Tim McGraw,Mary Chapin-Carpenter,etc.
JS,the 98 year old gentleman sounds like a real treasure. Good on him.

Caitlin (Guest)
07-08-01, 01:47 AM
Sorry,that question was to you Magnet about the horses going to Qld.

twkash1 (Guest)
07-08-01, 02:29 AM
Talking about horses going away my boy (Kash) went to his new home yesterday I felt like such a traitor. He has been such a part of my life for the past 7 and a bit years I know that I have only leased him but that is not the point, I think it is harder when they are Stallions cause you have them pretty much how you want them to work for you and it always worrys me that the people think they can do a better job than you can and only confuse the horse OH well I am tough and will get through this has not been a real good year for me.....thats enough of that..
cc congrats on buying that lovely filly.....roll on the foals this year............anyone bringing semen (sorry about spelling)
anyway catch you all later...

black duck
07-08-01, 03:17 AM
Magnum, I have used taken a chance, I will put your names in my log book, and im sure you will see them advertised one day, thanks heaps!!,D/L waiting for my e-mails,thanks to all for the(chance names) Black Duck.

07-08-01, 03:45 AM
Welcome & congratulations CC. I know Fantasy quite well, bet you just love her already. Keep us up to date on what you're doing.
Another healthy filly on the ground. Don't worry if she's solid, we now have more & more solid classes available & the more people show them , the more we'll have. Solid mares are quite valuable for breeding colour later, so don't be too disappointed.
TWKash, it's so hard when you leave them, but I'm sure you were careful about his new home & sometimes circumstances force us to do things we'd rather not. Next year will be better, promise.
My leg's OK, thanks for asking, but the numb foot thing still has me worried & my big toe seems to be disconnected. All the other little piggies work now, but the big one just flops, tendon damage I suspect, damn! Still horse hunting & never did get any return calls from the people I rang???? How rude! Have another one in mind, but more on that if it works out. Must admit, still have "Mello on the mind" though.
Keep the Chance names coming folks, I've got one due early Oct out of Tia Kahlua. Fingers crossed, Chance seems to put a lot of white in his foals so far & my flasks are usually "White Russian"s, so there's a name, or if I'm really lucky "BLACK Russian".

07-08-01, 03:51 AM
Congrats! CC and Welcome.

Everyone has been busy typing away. It took me ages to read everything.

My Beaver Doc paint gelding (now safely at his new home and very much loved) had the sweetest nature, must be from his father.
I love Beaver Doc. He isn't far from us at Chance Lodge, i make a point of saying hello to the Grand Old Fellow every time we go there. Smulder as I called him was Chestnut Sabino with a flaxen mane and tail. he had that cute Beaver Doc look too.

I forgot the Dixie Chicks. I like Randy Travis too and dont wince but I have every Reba McIntyre CD ever made. I even called a horse after one of her songs. "Something to Miss"

twkash1 (Guest)
07-08-01, 04:47 AM
hi dragonlady LOVE black russian's:D:D}>}> yeah my foot has taken years to come right the hardest lesson is to know that these things are never as good afterwards am not saying that to put a downer on anything it is just fact... But you learn to cope and with your friends you will get on very well...catch you